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Most Common English Slang Words

Most Common English Slang Words

Learning a language in the classroom is all quite well and fine, but you don’t really start learning the language until you know the slang. This is nowhere more true than in Britain, where slangs are so widely used and can differ greatly based on where you are in the region. People use slang to make the sound less formal. Common slang words in English are used mostly because it relaxes the mouth and helps people to talk in a more relaxed manner. It’s much simpler to use English slang words than ‘perfect English,’ which is presumably why it’s so popular! This blog will bring you some of the popular English slang words, so stay glued!

1. Kudos

Another term of respect, of appreciation

Kudos for coordinating this party. This is great!

2. Cheers

Used to salute or raise a toast while drinking with mates (raise your glasses and clink them together)

Cheers to all of you! Happy birthday to George!

Cheers is the most common among popular English slang words and phrases.

3. Lit

If something is really nice, fun, or thrilling, you might tell it’s “lit.”

Dude, the party was lit last night.

4. To flex

It’s another way to mention that somebody shows off.

Nowadays, teenagers have begun to use these slang words in English “weird flex but OK” as a snarky and mocking reaction to someone who boasts about something deemed questionable, bizarre or odd.

Andrew is attempting to flex with his latest no-name phone.

5. Lowkey

Lowkey is the reverse of highkey which can be seen as a means to indicate that you liked or achieved something privately, modestly or softly.

I had a low key rooted for Daenaerys to stay on the iron throne.

6. Shook

If anyone is shook, it means they’re stunned or extremely surprised.

“Babe, look at my highlighter”

“Omg, I’m SHOOK”

7. To clap back

To reply to the critique of another individual.

Lisa is able to clap back at someone who claims she doesn’t have a good British accent.\

8. Hangry

When you’re too hungry that you become very angry. 

Right now, I’m so hangry I might have five burgers in one go!

9. Bottom Line

The main point

The bottom line is that we really don’t have enough resources to make things functional.

10. Diss 

When a person disrespects someone else

Stop dissing her in the back. Have some respect!

11. Dig

To actually like something

Hey, I dig your latest style. Where did you purchase that T-shirt?

Some Conversational English Slang Words

Words in Dictionary

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1. What’s up guys? – Hi, what are you doing guys?

“Hey, Bob! What’s up?

“Nothing much!”

2. I feel you – I understand you and I have compassion for you.

“I feel you.  It was very unjust.”

3. I get it – I understand.

“I get it now! Thank you very much for describing that.”

4. Same here – I think the same

“I’m having a rough time preparing for this test. Same here!

5. My bad – My mistake. 

“My bad! I did not have any intention to do it.”

6. Oh my God! –  Use to describe excitement or surprise

 “Oh my God! You scared me!”

7. You bet – Certainly; you’re welcome!

“Thanks for the jacket, Jack!”

“You bet, John!”

8. No worries – That’s alright. 

No worries about the mess. I’ll clear it.”

9. No biggie/No big deal/No sweat/No problem – It’s not a problem.

“Thanks for tutoring me, Harry!”

“No biggie, Sam”

10. Full of Beans

When you have a lot of energy

At the party today, all the children were full of beans. I couldn’t get either of them to calm down!

11. Blatant

Anything that’s very clear or obvious

She’s blatantly very annoyed, everybody can make out except you.

12. Piece of cake

If anyone boasts or feels that anything is incredibly convenient to do, they’d use it.

What did you think of the exam? I thought it was quite tough. No, it was a piece of cake! This one is one of the most common english slang words.

13. Blimey

It is an expression of surprise

Blimey, look here at all this chaos! I was just going to quit the house for an hour, and look what you did!

14. Smashing

This means there’s something tremendous and fantastic.

I had a smashing time in Goa, it was so much fun!

15. Cram

This means to study hard in a limited period of time

Before the exam, I was so busy with my family that I had only a couple of days to work on all the revision work!

16. Faff

This one is one of our favourite english slang words. When someone procrastinates, or wastes time wondering around

Come on, we’ve got to go now. Stop faffing around, we’re going to be late!

17. Splash Out

When you’re spending too much money, I wanted to give Jessica a special treat for her anniversary, so I splashed out on a very romantic mini-vacation.

18. Bee’s Knees

Something or someone who’s fabulous, phenomenal

You should check out my new audio system, it’s the bee’s knees!

I don’t like Harvey very much, he thinks he’s the bee’s knees!

19. Gutted

If someone is really sad and disappointed

I’m so gutted that I failed my entrance exam, again!

20. Peanuts

When something is cheap and low price

I hate my job. I’ve got to work a lot of hours, and I get paid peanuts.

You should buy your clothes online. You can find some great stuff for peanuts!

21. Wind up

If you do something like a ‘wind up’ that means you’re trying to make fun of somebody – you may be called a wind-up merchant if you do that.

But if you’re ‘wound up,’ it means you’re furious.

Kevin really is a wind-up merchant, but the girl he picked up was so trustful!

I was just winding her up for fun, but she took the offence and got really mad!

22. Row

This means a debate or an argument

Yesterday, my friend had a big row with her mother. He’s really sad!

23. Donkey’s Years

This one is one of the quite an used english slang words. If someone says ‘I haven’t seen you in donkey’s years, it means they haven’t seen you in a very long time.

Hi David! What a pleasure to see you here. I haven’t seen you in donkey’s years! How have you been?

We hope you’ve enjoyed the list of english slang words and have surely picked up your favourite slang word for english.

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Most Common English Slang Words

Most Common English Slang Words

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