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Minority Scholarships For Abroad Studies

Three graduates in gowns and caps, celebrating their achievements of minority scholarships for abroad studies.

Starting on a journey of higher studies in foreign institutions opens a new path for the students and leads to a transformative experience. It opens doors to new cultures, academic horizons, and varied perspectives. However, financial barriers sometimes hinder the dream of studying abroad and pose insurmountable student issues. Thus, scholarship benefits are available for students to foster diversity and inclusivity in education. There are varied scholarship options; one of the significant ones is minority scholarships for abroad studies. Government institutions, private universities and other agencies provide scholarship opportunities for students to pursue educational excellence on a global level. Minority students remain underrepresented worldwide; thus, minority scholarships offer the opportunity to open their paths to educational accessibility. 

Minority Scholarships For Abroad Studies

Minorities are underrepresented in society; thus, educational representations are significant in bringing them into the mainstream. Therefore, there are various minority scholarships for abroad studies available for them, and they are as follows: 

Minority Scholarships For Abroad Studies
ScholarshipFeaturesMaximum Amount
Padho PardeshIt is a central government scheme to provide interest subsidies to minority students pursuing master’s and Phd degrees. Full Interest Subsidy for the Moratorium period
National Overseas Scholarship for MinoritiesIt is a state-specific scheme of Karnataka State. Provides financial assistance to minority students of Karnataka State.$24,000 for two years
CM’s Overseas Scholarship SchemeIt is a state-specific scheme for Telangana Christian minority students to pursue postgraduate and doctoral studies$24,000

Here is a detailed understanding of all the schemes:

Padho Pardesh

It is a scheme introduced by the Ministry of Minority Affairs to provide interest subsidies for minority students for overseas education. This minority scholarship for abroad studies provides a loan for overseas studies for specific courses that the banks must sanction under the IBA model. The student’s family must have an annual income of less than $ 7,000 to be eligible for the scheme. 

Once the student becomes eligible and after application, if there is a selection of the student, there will be a full interest subsidy during the moratorium period. This study abroad scholarship for minority students provides an excellent room for students to study specific education at their favourite universities. 

National Overseas Scholarship For Minorities

National Overseas Scholarship for Minorities works under the Government of Karnataka’s Directorate of Minorities, operating under the Department of Minority Welfare. This minority scholarship for overseas education is dedicated to providing scholarships to minority students from the Karnataka state to pursue a Master’s course at overseas universities. The students have an age limit of not more than 38 years, and family income should be under $18,000. 

CM’s Overseas Scholarship Scheme

Telangana’s government provides financial assistance of around $ 24,000 along with one-way tickets to minority students for pursuing post-graduate and doctoral education in foreign universities. The scheme is valid for about 50 students, whom the government will choose based on their application process for minority scholarships for foreign study

Other Government Scholarships For Indian Students To Study Abroad

In addition to minority scholarships for study abroad, there are general scholarships from which minority students can benefit. It is one of the top scholarship benefits for the students that all sections can avail of. Some of the critical scholarships apart from overseas minority scholarships are as follows: 

Scholarship NameMaximum AmountEligibility Criteria
Fulbright-Nehru Master’s FellowshipMonthly Stipend of $2,000 to $3,000Indian citizens with a relevant bachelor’s degree are eligible for admission. 
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships Up to $1,00,000Indian students under the age of 30 can pursue postgraduate studies. 
KC Mahindra Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies AbroadUp to $10,800It is available for Indian students under the age of 30 to pursue higher studies in foreign institutions. 
Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation Loan ScholarshipUp to $27,000 It applies to students who want to pursue postgraduate studies abroad. 
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master DegreeUp to $43,000Applicants from India for pursuing Master’s degree. 

How To Apply For A Minority Scholarship To Study Abroad? 

Students aspiring to study abroad for their higher studies always look for scholarships for studying abroad that can reduce their financial burden. However, once students know about the scholarships, it is essential to know about the procedure and how to apply. 

  • Research well about the overseas scholarships for minority students. There are various government scholarships and specific scholarships by the state governments. Students must explore all the sources and accumulate the scholarship data. 
  • Be clear with all the relevant information, such as what course to study, in which country, and the minimum support students will need for the scholarship. There are various scholarships for minority students to study abroad that are specific to some courses. 
  • Students must also be clear about their target country; some scholarships require specific mark details. So, students must be clear with all the marks. 
  • The application process will be accessible once the students fulfil all the requirements. So, students can fill out the form with a letter of reference for scholarship
  • There can be a requirement for the purpose of statements for scholarships and other documents, so students must fulfil all such documental requirements. 
  • Once the documentation is fulfilled, there will be a selection procedure, and the final list of students will be released for scholarship. 

Benefits Of Scholarships For Indian Minority Students To Study Abroad

There are minority scholarships for abroad studies and also LGBTQ scholarships available for students. These opportunities provide various benefits to the students: 

  • It provides financial support to the students who may face economic challenges. Thus, the scholarships may help cover fees and other costs. 
  • The scholarship provides increased access to global education, especially for minority students. 
  • There is a scope for diversity and inclusivity in the education system. 
  • There is also cultural exchange and understanding among the students and, ultimately, in society when students from various backgrounds visit top universities for higher education. 

Minority scholarship for abroad studies plays a crucial role in fostering diversity and inclusivity in education. The scholarship provides financial support to underrepresented groups of students, and thus, they can apply for higher education without worrying about financial crunches. 


Who is eligible for the minority scholarship?

Eligibility criteria may vary based on the different scholarship programmes. However, one of the essential eligibility criteria is that the student must be from a minority group and also pursue some additional academic achievements, financial needs, and other factors that might fulfill the scholarship’s eligibility criteria. 

Who is eligible for the National Overseas Scholarship for Minorities?

The primary eligibility for the National Overseas Scholarship for Minorities includes Indian students from minority communities with an undergraduate degree. Other eligibility requirements include financial constraints, age limits, and other academic considerations. 

What documents are typically required when applying for a minority scholarship for abroad studies?

If the students are applying for the minority scholarship, the first document would be proof of minority status, academic transcripts, proof of admission, and a personal statement. The specific requirements of the scholarship may vary based on various programmes. 

Are specific countries or universities offering minority scholarships for studies abroad?

There are various general scholarships available for Indian students, such as Cornell University Scholarship, Felix Scholarship, and other facilities that are university-specific for all Indian Students. In such scholarships, minority students can also apply and take advantage of them. 

Minority scholarships cover what academic fields or courses for abroad studies?

Minority scholarships for abroad studies cover various courses such as humanities, science, engineering, social sciences, arts, and others. 

Can I apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously, including a minority scholarship for abroad studies?

It is quite possible to apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously, including minority scholarships. However, it is recommended that students check the scholarship requirements and whether they are allowed. 

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Three graduates in gowns and caps, celebrating their achievements of minority scholarships for abroad studies.

Minority Scholarships For Abroad Studies

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