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McGill University Scholarship For International Students in 2024

McGill university scholarship

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The desire to pursue higher education is critical to many students as they want to kickstart or further their careers and become reputable professionals. This has increased the number of international students, with many opting to study in Canada. McGill University, a respected institution for its research-based studies, is among the top universities in Canada. University studies are costly, and often, many institutions require international students to showcase the ability to fund their studies. However, McGill University recognises that the cost of studying in Canada can be high for international students and has put up various financial aid options to help them facilitate their studies and stay in Canada, among them an education loan for Canada students and McGill University scholarship schemes.

Different McGill University Scholarships Offered

McGill University scholarships for international students are evenly distributed into various categories to serve many students. There are scholarships for entrance and continuing students, undergraduate and graduate students, course-segregation alternatives, and multiple patrons. It is essential to countercheck the qualifications and requirements for McGill University scholarships for international students to determine if you’re eligible.

Overview McGill University Scholarship 
Rendered toUndergraduate students
Graduate students
Students undertaking specific courses
Patrons:Internal and external funding programmes
Canadian government
EligibilityInternational students
Students under specific courses
RangeScholarship amounts vary from 2000 CAD to different amounts as some cover all programme expenses.

Scholarships For Undergraduate Students

Among the colleges in Montreal, McGill University has proved to be a good destination for international students. It attracts many entry students from about 150 countries, and undergraduate programs are the most sought-after. McGill University undergraduate scholarships are the most popular financial aid option. They come in various amounts and cover different expenses, including tuition fees and living costs in Canada.

McGill University Undergraduate Scholarships For All International Students: 

NameAmount (CAD)
One-year Entrance Scholarship3,000
Major Entrance Scholarships3,000 – 12,000
Dr. Soo Kim Lan Entrance Scholarship2,000
Mccall Macbain Prestige Entrance Scholarship10,000
Arthur and Crystal Lau ScholarshipsNot specified
McGill Faculty Major Entrance Bursaries10,000
Sham Chellaram Entrance ScholarshipNot specified

McGill University Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students In Specific Courses:

NameAmount (CAD)Department/Faculty
Chandra Madramootoo ScholarshipNot specifiedFaculty of Agricultural and Environmental Science
CAE Scholarship in Engineering ExcellenceMin. 2000Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
A.S. Lamb ScholarshipsNot specifiedFaculty of Education
Hope Barrington Scholarship2,000Faculty of Arts
Leslie Family Scholarship in Engineering2,700Faculty of Engineering

Scholarships For Postgraduate Students

Unlike undergraduate scholarships, most McGill University scholarships for master’s and doctorate students are course-biased. This is ideal because graduate students have already chosen their majors and specialise in specific areas. These programmes prepare students for the highest-paying jobs in Canada as they help candidates meet the qualification cut.

McGill University Scholarships For Masters And Doctorate Students (All Included): 

Name Amount 
McGill University International Entrance Scholarship3,000 – 12,000

McGill University Scholarships For Masters And Doctorate Students (Course-based): 

Name Amount (CAD)Department/Faculty
John Bonsall Porter ScholarshipNot specifiedEngineering
Norbert Schoenauer And David Farley Fellowship In Architecture4,000Architecture
Lionel Pelham Kent Scholarship2,500Management
Lorne Trottier Engineering Graduate Fellowships15,000Engineering
Sheila Wellington BMO Financial Group Award6,000MBA

McGill University Scholarships Benefits

McGill University scholarships have a wide range of benefits to students. Not only do they relieve the financial pressure to fund their higher education, but they also increase the number of intakes in Canada. These scholarships help fund various student expenses, and while others specify what they are covering, there are McGill University fully funded scholarships for international students that cover all costs.

Scholarship Eligibility

Applicants must meet all the McGill University scholarship requirements to qualify for scholarships. With a reasonable McGill University acceptance rate, the institution often admits many students, making the scholarships highly competitive. There are overall requirements for every scholarship but specific for individual ones.

McGill University Requirements For Undergraduate Scholarships For All International Students: 

Name Requirements 
One-year Entrance ScholarshipAcademic excellence
Major Entrance ScholarshipsA minimum average of A (97%) or equivalent in the last two years of full-time study or rank among the top 1% in your class 
Dr. Soo Kim Lan Entrance ScholarshipAcademic excellence
Mccall Macbain Prestige Entrance Scholarship-Students pursuing bachelor’s degree for the August 2024 semester
-Students with a bachelor’s degree earned in the last five years
-Students with a bachelor’s degree earned over five years ago but are under 30 years
-Minimum English proficiency score and academic degree qualifications
Arthur and Crystal Lau Scholarships-Must be studying a full-time undergraduate degree
-Must be taking a program in the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition or Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
McGill Faculty Major Entrance Bursaries-Must be a first-year student coming from medium to low-income families
-Must display financial need
Sham Chellaram Entrance Scholarship-Must be studying a full-time undergraduate degree
-Must display high academic standings
-It is the ideal scholarship for Indian students in Canada as it best suits applicants who are permanent residents of India and Hong Kong

McGill University Requirements For Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students In Specific Courses: 

  • Good combined GPA for Winter and Fall semesters according to the programmes
  • Completion of a minimum of 27 graded credits 
  • Enrolled programme qualifications content, including English proficiency

McGill University Requirements For Scholarships For Masters And Doctorate Students: 

  • Must be enrolled in a postgraduate programme at McGill University
  • Must demonstrate financial need
  • Must display academic excellence
  • Must submit funding report and academic progress

Application Process For Scholarships

McGill University scholarships for international students aren’t awarded upfront as application and review are necessary to qualify the ideal candidates. All scholarships are applied for through the McGill University’s official website. The application process involves:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Navigate to the Financial Aid tab
  3. Consider the various options available
  4. Select one that you want 
  5. Update your financial aid profile
  6. Submit your scholarship application 
  7. Make an appointment with McGill’s Financial aid counsellor
  8. Whilst in the meeting, discuss your financial aid budget
  9. Finalise your application


Does McGill University Have a Full Scholarship?

McGill University offers multiple scholarships, including full scholarships.

How hard/easy to get a scholarship for an international student

It is challenging to get McGill University scholarships because of the high acceptance rate and limited number of scholarships.

What Is the McGill Entrance Scholarship?

There are multiple entrance scholarships for McGill University, specifically for undergraduate students. We have highlighted them earlier in the article.

How Many Scholarships Does McGill University Give Out?

It is dependent on the type of scholarship and amount. Some only qualify one candidate, and others can give as many as five applicants.

How Much Scholarship Does McGill University Offer?

Scholarship amounts range from CAD 2,000 to unspecified quantities.

Can I Apply for Multiple Scholarships at McGill University?

You can apply for various scholarships but only earn one at a time.

What Is the Deadline for McGill University Scholarship Applications?

The deadline for applying for scholarships varies because some are available only for a specific semester, while others run through the entire academic year.

How Competitive Are the Scholarships at the McGill University?

McGill University scholarships for international students are highly competitive because they are few. 

What Documents Are Required for McGill University Scholarship Application?

Depending on the scholarship, you must submit different documents, but your offer letter and academic papers are constant.

How Can I Apply for the McGill University Scholarship?

You can apply for scholarships on the official website.

Are There Research-Specific Scholarships at McGill University?

Yes, some scholarships are geared towards research programmes.

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McGill university scholarship

McGill University Scholarship For International Students in 2024

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