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21 Jobs You Can Do Anywhere Without A Degree

Jobs You Can Do Anywhere Without A Degree

Let us see some of these jobs in detail with its prospects, earnings and other requirements. You may be skeptical about applying for a job without a degree. But the truth is, these jobs are great sources of income and will do wonders for you if you want to start earning from an early age. The jobs you can do anywhere without a degree are easy to find and even easier to land.

Jobs You Can Do Anywhere Without A Degree 

Here are some jobs that do not require a degree and can be operated from anywhere. 

Personal Virtual Assistants

There are many solopreneurs in the world managed to become millionaires. A Solopreneur is a single person who has their own successful business(es). Becoming a solopreneur would mean that they have to manage all aspects of the business alone and more often than not require help with administration and organisation. 

This is where you come in, a virtual personal assistant’s role would be to organise a solopreneur’s meetings, schedule their appointments and use their organisational skills to administer the tasks to be completed or targets to be achieved throughout the day by their client. There are many platforms where you can find solopreneurs who require help with administrative tasks such as PeoplePerHour, Virtual Assistant Jobs and FreeUp.

Most importantly, a personal assistant who operates virtually does not need any degree but they may be required to have some years of work experience in order to land this role with a high paying individual or organisation. 

Get Paid To Go To College 

This is one of the best jobs you can do anywhere without a degree. Most colleges and universities help students financially by offering them a part-time or full-time role on the university grounds in turn for paying for their college tuition fees. Colleges and universities have several departments, associations, clubs and committees that constantly require volunteers or employees to carry out the daily tasks. 

You do not need to have any degree to become a part of these departments in college. Moreover, if you spend a considerable amount of time and gain experience within the university, they may offer you a full-time permanent role as well. 

Customer Service Representative 

A customer service representative is a person who caters to customer complaints, feedback and helps customers to resolve their issues. You do not need a degree to be able to become a CSR, but what you do need is patience and a good command over your language. The best part about being a CSR is that you can specialise in your mother tongue and do not have to necessarily know other languages. 

The position of a CSR is open to people from all languages. This is because most companies wish to cater to a large audience which usually includes speakers of other languages. In order to understand customers’ grievances thoroughly, you will find many opportunities to become a CSR within a company and you may be allowed to operate in multiple languages as well. 

Data Entry 

Jobs You Can Do Anywhere Without A Degree

Inputting data for businesses may not be the most rewarding job. However, you don’t need any degree or work experience, and you can start at $10 per hour. The work of a data entry executive is simple and is confined to noting correct data in the correct place. Most students become a data entry expert to earn extra cash on the weekends. 

The work of a data entry executive is not very different from a Bookkeepers’. Bookkeepers handle an organization’s general ledger by recording transactions, producing financial statements, and checking financial records for accuracy. 

Become A Stock Photographer 

Content is the backbone of all brands big or small. Without content, a brand will not be able to reach or connect to its audience. In order to form a bond with the customers, brands often create a brand message that is broadcasted through various media channels such as social media and display advertisements. The primary requirement of such brands or businesses is communicating using visual cues such as images, colours and specific designs. However, when a business is small and does not have a lot of capital, they often rely on stock images to come up with a brand theme. 

Moreover, a stock photographer earns based on his/her creativity. If the idea of becoming a stock photographer excites you, it’s because it is one of the best jobs you can do anywhere without a degree. 

Affiliate Marketing 

To earn money through the marketing of other brands such as Amazon and Tupperware you need to have your own channel through which you can reach a significant number of people. Brands are often looking for people with a high number of social media followers to collaborate with in order to achieve brand objectives and increase their target base. This is called affiliate marketing or influencer marketing. Affiliate marketers are paid based on commission and often can earn by advertising brands on their social media channels on a regular basis. You do not need to have any experience or degree to become an affiliate marketer. However, what you will definitely need is brand awareness and heavy presence on the internet. 

List Of Jobs You Can Do Anywhere Without A Degree 

  1. Accounting Clerk 
  2. Bookkeeper
  3. Affiliate Marketer
  4. Consulting 
  5. Editing & Proofreading
  6. Content & Copywriting 
  7. Event Planning 
  8. Photographer
  9. Physical Trainer or Instructor
  10. Survey Master
  11. Product Reviewer 
  12. Online Virtual Assistant 
  13. Travel Blogger 
  14. Wine Taster 
  15. Beta Tester For apps, software, music, games, etc. 
  16. Customer Service Executive 
  17. Theatre & Acting 
  18. Project Manager 
  19. Translator 
  20. Travel Agent 
  21. Solo Entrepreneur (Solopreneurs)

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Jobs You Can Do Anywhere Without A Degree

21 Jobs You Can Do Anywhere Without A Degree

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