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A Guide On JITO Education Loan

Jito Education Loan


The Jain community which is known for its prosperity and business acumen, also recognises the financial challenges faced by some members of the community who possess great academic potential. Therefore, influential individuals within the Jain community decided to extend a helping hand to these deserving students, aiming to create equal opportunities for all by starting the JITO education loan. 



JITO or the Jain International Trade Organization, is a registered company that provides financial assistance for studying abroad to students from the Jain community through interest subsidies. It comprises businessmen, industrialists, knowledge workers, and professionals in India and abroad who operate the JITO Education Loan Programme (JELP). The JITO Administrative Training Foundation (JATF) supports students by subsidising their interest payments to banks or NBFCs within the JELP scheme.


JITO Education Loan Details


  • JITO education loan scheme provides interest subsidies on loans taken from banks or NBFCs.
  • Students must register for the scheme within three months of loan sanctioning or before 31st March to be eligible.
  • JATF offers interest subsidies on the previous year’s interest payments, ending on 31st March.
  • The application period for interest subsidy is from 1st April to 31st July.
  • Interest subsidy is available only during the time of studies and not after course completion.
  • A subsidy is provided for the entire duration of the master’s degree, regardless of the loan repayment period.
  • JELP offers a 2% subsidy on the loan amount for abroad education loans.
  • The committee assesses applications based on their set requirements, and their decision is binding.


JITO Education Loan Programme Eligibility


The JELP has strict eligibility criteria limited to students from the Jain community. Therefore, it is crucial to review the complete eligibility criteria to determine your eligibility for the scheme.


  • The student applying for the interest subsidy must be a part of the Jain community.
  • The student’s age should not exceed 30 years.
  • The applicant must have obtained more than 50% marks at all academic levels from the 10th standard onwards.
  • The loan amount taken by the student must be more than INR 50,000 for the entire course.


JITO Foreign Education Loan Application Process


This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step application procedure for the JELP scheme. It is important that you carefully review the instructions and promptly fill out the application form to avail yourself of the scheme’s benefits.


  • Visit the official website of JATF and download the prescribed registration form.
  • Fill out the registration form as per the provided format and submit it before the deadline.
  • Upon submission, students receive a registration number as an acknowledgement.
  • Any necessary corrections or updates are communicated via email.
  • Complete the registration process within 3 months of the bank loan sanction or before 31st March to be eligible for the interest subsidy scheme.
  • The registration process is free of cost, with no charges involved.


Steps To Claim Interest Subsidy With JITO


Once the registration process is completed and confirmed by the relevant authorities, you can proceed with the application procedure to claim the interest subsidy under the JELP scheme. Here are the step-by-step instructions for claiming the interest subsidy:


  • Registration Confirmation: Once your registration is confirmed by the authorities, you can proceed with the application process for the interest subsidy.
  • Application Start Date: The application procedure for claiming the interest subsidy begins on the 1st of April each academic year.
  • Subsidy Claim Form: You have two options to obtain the subsidy claim form. You can either download it from the website or request it via email at jelp@jatf.in. 
  • Submission Deadline: The duly filled application, along with all relevant documents, must reach the JATF head office in Mumbai on or before 31st July of the academic year.
  • Required Signatures: Ensure that the application form is signed by both the applicant and the branch manager of the bank from which you obtained the education loan.


Lenders For JITO Education Loan


Students seeking an interest subsidy under the JELP scheme can avail of an education loan from the Oriental Bank of Commerce, as it is a partner of JATF for the JELP scheme. Oriental Bank of Commerce provides loans of up to 20 lakhs for overseas studies and 10 lakhs for domestic studies, at special interest rates under the Jito education loan. We have given interest rate details of this scheme below: 


  • Male candidates are charged an annual interest rate of 10.75% on loans up to Rs. 4 lakh, while female candidates are charged 10.25% interest.
  • For loans up to Rs. 1 lakh, male students pay 5% interest, and female candidates pay 4.5% interest. JITO contributes the remaining interest of 5.75% for males and 4.25% for females.
  • For loans exceeding Rs. 4 lakhs, male candidates pay an interest rate of 11.50%, while female candidates pay 11% interest.
  • Regular payment of interest during studies reduces the interest rate by 1% for both male and female candidates.


Repayment Procedure


The most noteworthy aspect of the scheme is that students who receive the interest subsidy through  JITO education loan for their overseas education loans are not required to make any repayments once the scheme concludes. This initiative is completely free of cost and aimed at empowering talented students from the Jain community to achieve remarkable academic accomplishments. The ultimate objective is to assist students in overcoming financial barriers and ensuring they receive the quality education they deserve. The JELP interest subsidy provides financial support without any obligations or conditions attached. 


Documents Required To Secure This Loan


  • Loan sanction letter from the bank
  • Copy of fee receipts (if available)
  • Letter of acceptance from the university or college
  • Course fees and other financial details (scholarships, fee waivers, funding)
  • Results of pre-admission exams (GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS, SAT, etc.)
  • Marks sheets from 10th standard onwards
  • Income tax returns or income proof of parents (self, if applicable)
  • One passport-size photograph, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, and latest electricity bill
  • Copy of passport for students going abroad
  • Certificate of being a Jain follower/Religion Certificate


Basic Difference Between Jito Education Loan And SEED 


  • SEED project is a loan, unlike the JELP scheme which is an interest subsidy scheme.
  • The loan sanctioned under the SEED project is interest-free, but it needs to be repaid.
  • The entire loan amount must be repaid within one year after completing the course.
  • Failure to repay on time will result in an interest of 12% per annum on the remaining amount.
  • Repayment can be made in one or more instalments within one year after completing the course.
  • Applicants should have more than 60% marks from the 10th standard onwards.
  • 50% of the total cost of education must be arranged by the applicant.
  • Maximum interest subsidy is INR 1 lakh for graduation and vocational courses, and INR 3 lakh for post-graduation.
  • An interview is required, and if the student is already studying, parents or legal guardians can attend.




1. Is JITO only for Jain students?

To be eligible for the interest subsidy, the applicant must be a devoted follower of the Jain community and abide by its faith and principles.

2. What is the interest rate of a JITO education loan?

The JITO education loan is an interest subsidy scheme, not a traditional loan scheme. It offers a 6% interest subsidy for loans below Rs 4 lakhs and a 2% interest subsidy for loans above Rs 4 lakhs.

3. Is JITO education loan interest-free?

The Jain Jagruti scheme is among the education loan schemes that offer interest-free loans, while the JELP scheme by JITO provides interest subsidies to students who have availed of education loans.

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Jito Education Loan

A Guide On JITO Education Loan

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