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Is Studying Abroad Expensive?: Expert Guide and Tips

Is Studying Abroad Expensive?

Is studying abroad expensive? Everyone is certainly drawn to studying abroad, not only because you get to discover a new culture and country, but also because of the learning, exposure, and experience you get when studying at a foreign university. It has been generally noted that most hopes of studying abroad are dashed by the misconception that studying abroad costs a lot, and it is not possible for anyone to afford it. Why is studying abroad so expensive? Gone are the days when studying abroad was a privilege that could be afforded only by the upper portion of society. It can now be made extremely affordable with the right research and information. While studying at a few universities is relatively costly, not all good universities are expensive. Depending on the course, institution, place, and length of the stay, the price of studying abroad varies a lot.

All should be able to turn their dream of traveling the globe into reality and living in another place. Here are some specifics that will answer the question ‘why studying abroad is expensive?’ and set you off studying abroad on the right foot.

The Average Expense of Study Programs Abroad

There are several reliable figures floating around. Is studying abroad expensive? The all-encompassing total cost of studying abroad in a foreign nation hovers around $18,000 per term or $36,000 per entire academic year, according to reports from the International Institute of Education. Some metrics use the scope as a more valuable indicator, learning overseas in the U.K., for example. It normally ends up costing $8,000 to $21,000.

Is studying abroad more expensive? When you take the different additional variables, the net cost will end up being either smaller or higher. To take another fundamental example, studying abroad in a cheap country like India will end up costing a total of only a few thousand dollars, whereas studying abroad at a private university in Europe would cost several thousands more. This is why it is necessary to extensively study the variables surrounding your particular path in order to produce your own estimation.

What Does it Cost to Study Abroad?

Is studying abroad expensive? It’s not only about wondering how much it costs to study overseas, but what is and is not included in the overall expense of the program? Here’s our best effort to reveal what the price of studying abroad entails and how expensive is it to study abroad.

  • Tuition: First and foremost, tuition is the main cost of most research programs overseas. Tuition can vary depending on the curriculum and the form of sponsorship the host institution gets, whether it’s from your university or a service supplier. Some countries (including those in the European Union) have excellent public education programs, and even as a foreign student, they can charge you very little. Others which end up costing an arm and a leg, such as the U.S., U.K., and Australia.
  • Accommodation: This price would be included in the upfront package costs for certain study abroad packages, even whether you live in a homestay or dormitory with meals delivered. Otherwise, you’ll want to get on the ball early, find an inexpensive place to rent in your host city, and find out how much you’re going to need to pay for other expenditures that are required.
  • Transportation Charges: Flight expenses will be the last big burden to take into account. You may want to take into account that you are going to use public transport on a regular basis and also do some travel on the side when you are overseas, outside the main flights to and from your research destination abroad. 
  • Medical Support: You would have several point persons to turn to and help keep you on the right track in cases of medical emergencies, fraud, misunderstanding, etc. This service will range from asking you the best dumpling or empanada joint in town to holding your hand when at the hospital you have an IV inserted in your shoulder. It is impossible to apply a dollar sum to their 24/7 assistance, but in situations where you desperately need it, you can find it priceless in terms of the expense of studying abroad.

There are a variety of alternatives to consider that will make it much more affordable to study abroad.


Many colleges and universities have divisions of career counselling and student counselling that are more than helpful in providing information about different scholarships that can be used after your current study path. Going and talking with them about your ambitions to study abroad is always useful because they have a lot of experience studying abroad and will prove to be very helpful in providing you with the best opportunities for scholarships.


A fellowship also provides you with instruction in a specific skill set while studying abroad, in addition to offering scholarships. This can be a perfect opportunity to develop your talents, while at the same time getting a high education on a low budget!


Governments also have incentives for studying abroad that can be used. The best thing is to track all current affairs and be constantly on the lookout for appropriate grants or open-up funds. Note that competition is still high to get these grants, so keep building a solid portfolio so that your chances of getting these grants are also higher.


You certainly didn’t wake up one day and decide that you’re going to go abroad to study. For most students, at a young age, this is a long-term dream that they imagine. So why not take advantage of the time you have to leave and save up before you leave? Is studying abroad expensive? Along with your studies, you should still get a part-time job or do some freelance work so that you can save up for your international studies. Not only will this be a great opportunity to gain experience it will also make you more grateful and serious about your studies.

Tips for Saving

Private Schools vs. State-Run

Language schools located on State-Run University or Community College Campuses are comparatively less costly than private colleges, regardless of where you study. You can not, however, select a school based solely on the cost of tuition alone. Note, it is not inherently the case that a higher tuition cost school offers a higher quality education, just as a lower tuition cost school does not necessarily indicate a lower education quality. In the overall selection process, what is most important is selecting the curriculum that best suits your personal needs.

Urban vs. Rural

Is it expensive to study abroad? Life costs are inevitably more costly in urban areas than in rural areas. A more economical alternative for a student with a tighter budget is living in rural areas. Yet, there are some experiences that can not be had in the metropolitan areas when living in the countryside that are available. Choosing an urban area is undoubtedly useful for many people who enjoy the fine arts; many museums, concert centres, and theatres can only be found in metropolitan areas. This form of individual will certainly be able to make the most of their free time in the city.

Cost of Airfare

It can be very costly to fly abroad during the summer, since it is the peak season for travelling and studying abroad. Flying during a certain season is a smart way to cut back on airfare prices. Also, airlines also have discount deals at such highly trafficked airports as Heathrow in London (UK) or Los Angeles Airport in California (US), in order to compete with the many carriers that fly there. You can shop around online to find out what dates could be discounted for your unique travel route. Avoiding direct flights is another way to lower the price of airfare. Generally, planning a travel schedule with a switch somewhere on the way to your final destination is easier.

If all of this seems to be a lot of numbers, it will be because it is. Before studying overseas, there’s a lot to find out, and no one can deceive themselves into believing that the financial specifics are especially fun. But the main thing is that it is worth the risk of training overseas, like every pound. No matter how much it costs to study abroad, not only can the experience have a tremendous effect on you as a person and transform your outlook irrevocably, it will also open up a world of opportunities through the worldwide interactions and contacts you make, as well as the final stamp you get on your resume.

Is studying abroad expensive for you? If you are confused about managing your study abroad expenses, then get in touch with UniCreds. Our consultant will plan out the ideal solution for you and help you have a seamless studying abroad experience!

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Is Studying Abroad Expensive?

Is Studying Abroad Expensive?: Expert Guide and Tips

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