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Is Robotics and Industrial Automation a Good Career Path in 2022

Is Robotics and Industrial Automation a Good Career Path in 2022

Robots belonged exclusively to the silver screen not too long ago and had absolutely no place in our culture. Over the last few years, though, things have changed dramatically. Today, robots manage different activities traditionally done by humans, such as assembling objects (cars, appliances, gadgets), conducting procedures, etc. This is a negative thing; some would claim since robots overtake humans and take away jobs. In actuality, it’s an argument of where one door closes, another opens. This is because robots still have to be built, programmed, and controlled – and this needs people. More precisely, people with robotics and industrial automation knowledge.

What is industrial automation and robotics?

In the management of multiple types of equipment and machines in the industry, industrial automation and robotics relate to the use of control systems, computers, and information technology. The ultimate goal is to replace manual labor and improve performance, speed, and overall productivity.

What courses are available?

Courses under robotics & industrial automation typically include part-time/full-time graduate studies, academic degrees or diplomas in manufacturing engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, and advanced manufacturing process technology. The following specializations may also be followed by more advanced courses:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer-aided Manufacturing
  • Robot Motion Planning
  • Robot manipulators
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems

Does robotics & industrial automation have good career prospects?

Career opportunities are booming in robotics and industrial automation. According to the International Data Corporation, in terms of global investment, robotics-related services are pegged to reach $135.4 billion in 2019. This is a big sum, and students pursuing this engineering division are likely to get jobs that are well-paying!

What’s the job environment like?

Although certain positions in industrial automation require you to work in an office, you might even be shipped out to work on machines in the field or in a warehouse, which means greater knowledge of safety risks at all times, and it would be important to know what to do if anything goes wrong. This is, of course, the preparation that you normally get on the job, but be mindful that your job will require more than just looking at a computer screen. Of course, this can be a positive thing because it helps you to be more interested in automation on the practical implementation side.

industrial automation and robotics

What work prospects are there?

In India and abroad, there is an array of employment prospects. Your opportunities for employment will depend on your interest, field of experience, skill sets, and other variables. In general, however, the key fields of employment for students of robotics and industrial automation are the development of integrated systems, robotics maintenance, intelligent automation, computer intelligence, and artificial learning.

One of the major fields for students of robotics & automation is the industrial field. About every assembly line relies on robotics to get stuff done, right from cars to FMCGs. As medical operations now depend on the accuracy & steadiness of robots, healthcare is another destination for robotics students. Students of robotics & automation are now breaking into the realm of space research.

Some of the most common job descriptions for robotics and industrial automation include:

  • Engineering Technician
  • Robotics Technician
  • Automation Technician
  • Instrumentation Technician
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Electro-Mechanical Technician
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technologist
  • Manufacturing Production Technician

There is enormous variety in these fields. Therefore you are actually thinking along the right lines if you are thinking about doing a course in this area. In India and abroad, there are various colleges & universities that you can choose from that will give you the skills you need in this field to build a future for yourself. Enroll in an industrial automation and robotics course today!


1.Is robotics a good career?

Robotics ranks high on the scale of job satisfaction, skills utilisation and good work environments. Employees in robotics are among the happiest workers in tech. Hence, robotics is a great career to pursue if you are passionate about it.

2.What are the five major fields of robotics?

Robotics comprises five major fields. They are; operator interface, mobility or locomotion, manipulators and effectors, programming, and sensing and perception.

3.Is there a future in robotics?

Robotics is a field that is steadily charting an upward course in the past years and is projected to do so in the coming years too. There is a bright future in robotics due to technology advancing by leaps and bounds.

4.Is it hard to get a robotics job?

Landing a job in robotics requires traditional university learning and it is often hard to get a hands-on experience working with robots in classes. But universities these days have high-tech facilities for students studying these programmes and that gives them an edge and makes them ready for jobs in the field. With the right education and experience, it is not hard to land a job in robotics.

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Is Robotics and Industrial Automation a Good Career Path in 2022

Is Robotics and Industrial Automation a Good Career Path in 2022

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