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How To Sell Used Books Online?

How To Sell Used Books Online?

Running out of shelf space for your new books? Perhaps it’s time to part with the old ones. We understand it’s a challenging decision for avid readers like you, but inevitably, some books on our shelves only get read once or twice. After that, they tend to become decorative pieces gathering dust. Why not pass them on to someone who would truly appreciate them? Selling books online is a practical way to do just that. There are many websites where you can offer your used books. There are many places that will compensate you for your old textbooks and other genres mentioned below. In this blog we will discover how to sell used books online.

1. BookScouter 

BookScouter focuses on textbooks, so you may use their ISBN search feature to see whether any of the other fiction or nonfiction books are eligible for discounts. (In high school or university classes, classic novels or books that aren’t called textbooks are often mandatory reading.) BookScouter will inform you how much different websites will pay for your used books, so it’s a good place to start if you’re curious about how much your books are worth.

2. Half Price Books

Although online/mail-in trades are not permitted, there are over 120 Half Price Books locations throughout the United States where you can drop off your books, music, videos, collectibles, electronics, and other products. Simply carry your books to the shop, and a bookseller can evaluate them and give you a deal. Appraisals are dependent on the state of your goods as well as supply and demand for that particular commodity.

3. Amazon

Used book retailers have some choices on Amazon. The first choice is to take advantage of their trade-in scheme. All you have to do is look up your book’s ISBN, see how much Amazon can pay, and answer a few questions regarding its condition. Amazon will give you a mailing sticker, and you will be billed in the form of an Amazon credit after they accept the book. (Not in currency, but is there something on Amazon that you can’t get?)

You can even create a vendor account to list the books yourself, but this will require a little more time because you’ll need to create a new product listing for each book you choose to sell. Still, it’s a viable choice, particularly if you’re serious about selling a large number of high-demand books.

4. Powell’s Books 

Powell’s can appraise the books if you carry them in to one of their physical locations. You should, however, sell to them digitally, unlike Half Price Books. They like to purchase books in good shape, so if you enter your ISBN, they’ll give you a pricing estimate as well as a shipping sticker. You have the option of being charged by PayPal or receiving store credit.

It will be a shame to throw out your old books (gasp!) (and definitely not a good option for the environment). As a result, you have three options: offer, donate, or reuse your books. Fortunately, there are a plethora of excellent websites and retailers who will gladly pay cash for your used books. Here, we’ll go through the ins and outs of the best sites to sell your used books, as well as a few donation opportunities.

5. e-Bay 

Another platform for selling books online is eBay. eBay stands out as a global e-commerce giant, facilitating the trade of various products, including used books. With a vast user base of over 180 million individuals, eBay provides access to a diverse pool of potential book buyers. What’s particularly attractive is that eBay allows you to initiate your first 50 sales without incurring any fees. Following this complimentary phase, you can continue listing additional books for a nominal fee.

6. E-Campus

E-Campus has become a popular online bookstore catering primarily to students at the school and college levels. Many students favour E-Campus for their book purchases and it also provides a convenient platform for selling your previously owned books. The website offers lucrative opportunities for selling used textbooks, ensuring you receive an attractive price for your books.

7. BookChor

BookChor stands out as an excellent platform for selling your preloved books. Simply input your book’s ISBN number to explore the offers it has to offer. If you’re looking to earn some quick cash, this website is a fantastic choice. It allows you to list books for as little as 80 Rs, a reader-friendly price that often leads to swift sales. Rest assured, you’ll receive a fair value for your books on this platform.

8. Textbooks.com

Textbooks.com stands as a well-known platform for selling your books online. It boasts the most extensive online cash-back schemes and a convenient free shipping policy. On this platform, you’ll discover a wide array of eager buyers seeking second-hand books. Textbooks.com facilitates the direct sale of your old books to college students, offering competitive price rates for your textbooks. 

9. 99Bookscart.com

If you’re looking to sell books online, 99Bookscart.com is a solid choice. You can list your used books on this platform, typically fetching 45-50% less than their original price. Just remember to adhere to certain terms and conditions, such as refraining from selling damaged or pirated books. 

10. PustakKosh.com

PustakKosh is more than just a platform for selling used books; it also offers the option to rent out your books. This means that if you’re not looking to part with your books permanently, you can rent them for a specific time and charge a rental fee. This website is particularly popular among school and college students seeking to either rent or purchase used books online. 

You’ll discover a wide range of books from major publishers like Arihant, Oswaal, and NCERT at very affordable prices on this site. So, if you have academic books from previous years that you won’t be using again, consider selling or renting them to fellow students through this convenient platform.

How To Sell Used Books Online in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Check Your Books

  • Inspect your books for any damage and make repairs as needed.
  • Clearly describe any major damages like a cracked spine, damaged cover, missing pages, or water stains when listing the book online.
  • Mentioning damages is crucial to avoid potential returns and negative reviews.

Step 2: Determine the Value

  • Research the market to find the right price for your books.
  • Check other listings for similar used books on various websites.
  • Consider using platforms like Bookscouter that calculate book values based on factors like the publication year, original price and usage duration.

Step 3: Choose the Right Platform

  • Select a suitable online platform for selling your books.
  • List your books on multiple platforms to increase visibility.
  • Consider factors like the platform’s reputation among buyers, commission fees and payment methods.

Step 4: Write a Detailed Description

  • Provide a comprehensive book description to attract potential buyers.
  • Include the author’s name, an abstract and perhaps a few pages from the book in the sales listing.
  • Write a concise 50-word summary of the book’s subject matter without revealing spoilers.

Step 5: Handle Packaging and Shipping

  • After receiving an order, prepare the book for shipping.
  • Some platforms offer packaging and shipping services for a fee, while others require sellers to handle it.
  • Arrange a reliable delivery partner for shipping and consider offering discounted prices to sell books faster and increase online earnings.

Recommendations On How To Sell Used Books Online

If you’re searching for a spot to sell used books and have noticed a few options online or nearby, keep these suggestions in mind. It can assist you in avoiding any charges or complaints while selling books.


Buyers would be unhappy if you misrepresented the condition of the book, and they will report you to the website where you sell it. If the book has some shelf wear, mention it.


If you plan on doing a lot of bookselling, you can get some mailing envelopes and other packaging supplies. Be sure you’re using a water-resistant material, and if it’s a book that can display bumps and dings, such as a good hardcover, wrap it carefully. Don’t neglect to write down the tracking numbers as well. You may get a mailing mark from the bookselling platform, so you will be liable for ensuring that the book arrives at its location, and you may need the tracking number to connect with the post office or shipping business.


Know that you can still donate your books if you feel that selling your books is too much hassle, whether you don’t believe you’re making enough money back to merit the time, or if you have a book that just won’t sell. Many organisations are still in need of books, or you may donate a book to a nearby Little Free Library. Alternatively, you should contribute your books to prisoners. If none of these options appeal to you, we have a few suggestions for repurposing your old books.


Is it worth selling second-hand books?

Discovering the art of selling used books offers a fantastic opportunity to generate extra income from books you no longer want to read. Furthermore, selling books, especially textbooks and sought-after novels, can be a great way to finance the purchase of new reading material.

How do I determine the value of my used books before selling them online?

Take a look at how they’ve determined the pricing for their secondhand books. Certain online platforms, such as Bookscouter, assess the value of your used book based on various factors, including its publication year, initial cost, duration of use and more. 

Are there any specific tips for taking appealing photos and writing effective descriptions for my used books?

Begin with an engaging hook. Use a third-person perspective when crafting the book description. Create wording that immediately evokes emotions. Provide enough plot details to pique readers’ interest.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when selling used books through online channels?

When selling used books online, it’s crucial to avoid common mistakes to ensure a successful transaction. Be accurate in describing the book’s condition, avoid overpricing, provide comprehensive descriptions, consider shipping costs and prioritise responsive customer service. 

Are there recommended times or seasons when it’s best to sell used books for higher profits?

Late July and early August serve as the most ideal times to sell your used books. 

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How To Sell Used Books Online?

How To Sell Used Books Online?

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