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How To Maximize Your Gap Year – 14 Tips

Maximize Your Gap Year

The Coronavirus has caused a lot of uncertainty among students who wish to study abroad. Many universities around the world have announced that they won’t be holding in-person lectures. Instead, they will opt for a blended learning format, which has elements of online and offline lectures. This decision has prompted many students to wonder if they will get the most out of their course under such circumstances. Therefore, they’re taking a ‘gap year’, so that they will be able to attend lectures in person and get the full campus experience.

However, the question is – what will you do during your gap year if you’re unable to leave your house? Well, read on to find out some amazing ways on how you can maximise your gap year. 

14 Ways To Maximize Your Gap Year

1. Learn A New Language

If you’ve always yearned to learn a new language, now is the perfect time to start! One of the best ways to stay motivated is by choosing a language that is relevant to you. This could be the language of the country you wish to study in or perhaps the language your relatives or friends are familiar with. Whatever the reason may be, you’re more likely to stick to learning a language if you will use it in the future.

Check out the infographic below –

How To Maximize Your Gap Year - 14 Tips

Source: Statista

2. Start Your Own Blog

Starting your own blog is a lot of fun! For starters, it is a great way to improve your writing skills (which will help you at university). Another advantage of starting your own blog is that it can be an excellent tool for you to pen down your thoughts and have them shared over the internet. Life today is extremely fast-paced and it’s very easy to not find time yourself. This can result in poor mental and physical health. By starting your own blog, you have the freedom to write about anything and even have it appreciated by readers on the web.  

3. Complete A Virtual Internship

Your gap year gives you an amazing opportunity to rack up some valuable work experience. Ever since the lockdown has been imposed, virtual internships have been gaining a lot of popularity. This type of internship is a great way to enhance your resume and gain connections, all while staying safe at your own home. There are numerous roles for which you can virtually intern, across many different industries. These include software engineering, sports management, content writing, fashion, business administration and much more. 

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4. Work Locally To Save Money

Since you’re going to have a lot of free time on your hands, you should consider working somewhere. Your local supermarket or restaurant (when they re-open) is a great way to earn some extra money and also work experience. There are a lot of advantages to working locally. This includes improving time management, customer service skills, interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills – all of which are highly sought after by graduate employers.

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5. Volunteer To Help During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The world is in need of more people to help out with the Covid-19 crisis. Volunteering to help during the coronavirus pandemic is one of the most beneficial things you can do with your gap year. You can help out in many ways, such as – 

  • Helping with health care.
  • Shopping for vulnerable people in your neighborhood
  • Initiating vaccination drives in your neighborhood
  • Offering telephone support for elderly people

This is a great way to explain your gap year on your resumé.

6. Become An Au Pair

For those who don’t know what an ‘Au Pair’, it is essentially a fancy word for a ‘Nanny’. This is a great job to do especially if you are fond of being around children. Au Pair jobs provide money, food and accommodation, thus making them an excellent choice for students taking a gap year. This job allows you to immerse yourself in a new culture all while being kind to your wallet.

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7. Take A Camp Job

How To Maximize Your Gap Year - 14 Tips

Do you remember that one summer you went to band camp? Well, why not take up one of the exhilarating jobs there? A camp job allows you to work with like-minded individuals to create a fun time for the children as well as yourself. In order to shine at this job, you will need a love for the outdoors and a little bit of creativity.

8. Journalism Experience 

Perhaps the most perfect answer to your gap year boredom is Journalism. This is a great way to amalgamate tangible work experience with learning the ins and outs of a new culture. The best part about this is that due to the internet, you can achieve a lot by doing your work at home. Try to channel your creativity into productivity and build your writing/photography portfolio with exciting pieces from around the world.

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9. Music

Music often starts as something exciting we did as kids but later are forced into through mandatory music classes in school. Add a bunch of exams and assignments, and your love for music becomes almost negligible. However, now that you have a lot of time to yourself, why get involved in music and see where that takes you? Perhaps it could even lead to a full-fledged career! 

10. Try Out Scuba Diving

How To Maximize Your Gap Year - 14 Tips

Scuba diving is hands-down one of the best experiences you will ever have! Trust me, I’ve done it! Scuba diving allows you to see a part of the world that very few have access to. You can also learn how to dive safely while contributing to research and conservation programmes working to save the beauty of underwater life. If you really start liking regular scuba diving sessions, you should get your PADI Open Water certificate. 

Make sure you are not flouting any lockdown rules when scuba diving.

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11. Coaching Sports

Sports coaching is a great way to keep yourself fit during your gap year. Moreover, you get the opportunity to inspire passion to those who wish to attain the same love of sports as you. Coaching also gives you a chance to mentor the youth in your community and feel fulfilled by your contribution to community development. 

12. Take Up Teaching

Access to quality education is a major concern all around the world, especially India. One of the main reasons for this is a lack of teachers. You can fill this void by teaching some basic courses to students in your community. You can also join various trusts and foundations whose sole purpose is to educate youngsters. This is arguably one of the most fulfilling jobs in this blog.

13. Work Exchanges

If you wish to work away for a year yet find yourself not quite wanting to volunteer or go through the process of getting an official work visa, a work exchange programme is a great alternative. You get to receive tangible benefits for your hard work and boast professional work experience on your resume.

14. Do An Online Course

You may have opted to take a gap year because your university is deploying only online lectures. But this doesn’t mean an online course should be your enemy. You can find many online courses on thousands of subjects taught by some of the world’s best minds. The best part? Most of them are completely free to attend. This also gives you some major talking points in your personal statement and university interview. 

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Maximize Your Gap Year

How To Maximize Your Gap Year – 14 Tips

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