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How To Find A Job In Russia?

How To Find A Job In Russia?

Are you curious what kind of work you will find and how quickly you can get it in Russia? Your timing couldn’t be better. The number of positions available to foreigners has increased, offering them the ability to work in a variety of roles and to make some money. As you can see, Russia provides many job opportunities for foreigners. Also, you will improve the probability to get a job if you study Russian.

Russia’s economy is rising, and companies that start or develop in the biggest Russian cities have several choices for growth.

So, let’s discuss the Russian work market for foreigners to make you understand where you can find your dream job. So that you’ll be willing to work and settle in Russia in no time. Let’s find out how to find a job in Russia?

How to find a job in Russia : Documentation required

In order to work legally in Russia, a working visa is necessary. To assist you, we’ve included details about the citizenship conditions for employment in Russia.

Usually, the recruiting firm sends a formal job offer for jobs overseas. If you are already in Russia, you must return to your home country in order to complete the visa preparation process. However, note that this visa only requires you to work for the organization at which you first apply for the job.

You don’t need a job visa if you already have a temporary residency, such as status as a student or teacher.

In addition, if you have a job in Russia, make sure that you have a Russian contract and an English contract. This is a legal requirement in Russia that would be required if you are ever brought to court.

how to find a job in Russia

How to find a job in Russia : List of job search Sites


The use of this website is increasing as Russia is getting more international.  Though the website’s blocked on the Russian territory, you can still use it by switching on any proxy app such as  friGate. Both employees and employers continue to use this job searching website.


This is not a popular resource in Russia, since most Russian citizens don’t know about it and thus do not publish opportunities here. Foreigners, who already live in Russia, sometimes do publish part-time jobs here. 


This Russian work platform provides a substantial range of jobs to educated professionals.


Often, remember to look for a job in Facebook groups.


This platform is the most successful Russian work search website, and attracts more than eighteen million monthly users. There are a lot of vacancies for English speakers which you can check out right now. Some of the vacancies require other language speakers.


This website has limited English interface and no English speaking work listings. However, if you know Russian, you will find a decent job here.


This is the Russian edition of Facebook. It is close to Facebook with theme groups and communities. If you display creativity in your job hunt, you can come across some amazing part-time positions or full-time jobs, depending on your native language. Search for groups with people who learn your native language.  In almost every group there are public discussions which may have a job thread. To teach a language, you may give a letter of intent to the owners of the group.

How to find a job in Russia : Common interview questions and tips

Be prepared to be interviewed several times for one role. First, you’ll speak with HR by phone to settle upon a time and place. And afterwards, candidates are eligible for a job interview.

Be informed about your personal and professional ambitions, and your strengths and weaknesses in the field. Find knowledge about the organization and remember it for potential usage. Use all appropriate interview training content and/or preparation methods as Russian HRs typically use European and American interview experience. 

Cultural points for interview

Don’t be late. In Russia, you would be treated as an incompetent worker. Best to arrive early and wait the rest of the way.Wear appropriate clothing. For men, a suit and tie is acceptable attire; for women a formal skirt and blouse are customary. Please be respectful and calm in the Interview.

The resume is the same for all countries. Though, here’s a hint. When building a profile on HeadHunter, you can take the opportunity to save the CV as a document which can be submitted to prospective employers. This would leave you more fulfilled.

How to find a job in Russia : Why Work in Russia?

Whatever city you choose, you should know the most advantageous aspects of living in Russia for improving your business. Finally, here are a couple of the many fantastic advantages of working and residing in Russia.

Russia is the major European market for consumer products. Opening a new office is going to bring you an increased number of customers. Highly successful yet affordable labour. This will be of great help to your company.

Excellent biodiversity of the country is another reason. Russia is mostly filled with forests which results in fresh air. There are lovely seasons such as hot summer, gold fall, white winter and fresh spring.

In Russia there are several enjoyable cultural activities to participate in including saunas, surfing, hunting, and the list goes on. You’ll also find a wide variety of extreme experiences including scuba diving, paragliding, horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding and much more.

The country is extremely spacious. You’ll be surprised by how wide the streets are in Russia, and how high the buildings are. Many expats state that everything in Russia is massive – well, the territory is big, so Russians aren’t shy in using it.

How to find a job in Russia : Top Cities to Work

There are many lovely locations in Russia where everyone should visit. In order to find jobs, you need to go to the most populated towns.

  1. Moscow

This is the capital of Russia and it is the prime destination for foreigners finding jobs. There are a vast range of multinational firms investing in Russia, and global entrepreneurs crowding Russian startups. When finding jobs in Russia, a person’s first preference should be Moscow.

Pros of working in Moscow:

A wide diverse culture.

Moscow has the highest work demand for immigrants.

There are a number of expatriate-oriented restaurants and bars.

Most of the people speak English.

Beautiful new architecture and big Soviet houses.

Cons of working in Moscow:

A packed city, like a dense, noisy city at rush hour.

A big city, you’re more likely to live far from your place of work and spend time on transportation for at least two and a half hours per day.

  1. Saint-Petersburg

Russians relate this to the historical look from the XIX century as the cultural capital of Russia. It has good work markets both for foreigners and Russian residents.

Pros of working in Saint-Petersburg

Beautiful and inspiring environment.

Lower operating costs relative to Moscow.

Cons of working in Saint-Petersburg

Considerably lower compensation for the same job than in Moscow

Windy and wet weather most of the time

Fewer citizens know English compared to Moscow.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog, here are some Interesting facts about Russia!

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How To Find A Job In Russia?

How To Find A Job In Russia?

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