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Everything About How To Get A Job In London?

How To Get A Job In London?

London has a range of multicultural crowds living in the city. It is always suggested to jump at the opportunity of living in the big smoke, until it’s too late! But how to get a job in London as a foreigner? London has always been a magnet for Europeans and people from all around the world searching for an interesting internship or a permanent job whilst staying in the best melting pot of the world. This large number of foreign immigrants has also made London incredibly competitive from a professional point of view, where highly qualified and well-prepared graduates are competing hard to get the work. This has made finding a job in London even more difficult. But that’s not meant to deter you from going after what you want. Let’s see how to find work in London and the steps you need to take for the same:

Careers in London require the following from the candidates:

Put a Great CV Together

The job market in London is massive, but so is the applicant pool. To make sure you stand out while figuring out how hard it is to find a job in London you need to make an outstanding CV.

Although CVs in London are identical in style to those used in the U.S., it could be useful to use a London-based provider to help tailor it according to the companies in the region. There are a number of CV advisors across London, and most of them can assist with your resume online. Such well-reviewed choices include Career Consultants and the CV Center.

It is important to remember that it is uncommon in Britain to submit a “resume,” so the title of your document “CV” appears to be a safer choice. Although there was a distinction between a CV and a resume at some stage in history, there is really no separation today. 

Decide The Industry You Want To Work In

The scope of London is huge. The giant city of the UK boasts companies in every conceivable industry. As a result, finding a job in London should be fairly an easy deal. Although employment can be found in a variety of sectors, it is necessary to consider if yours is prevalent in the region. This is useful in order to better determine the probability of having a role that suits your professional ambitions and skill set.

Although other sectors are fast on the rise, the financial industry is and has traditionally been the most prominent. From banking, underwriting and trading, the financial sector operates from the city of London, or “the square mile.” More than 400,000 workers work in the city every day, and that figure is gradually rising.

Other major industries in the bustling UK city include apparel, electronics, private healthcare, advertising, pharmaceuticals, retail, tourism, legal, property and manufacturing. There is a plethora of resources open to prospective Londoners in each of these areas.

To Get A Job In London, Begin Looking Online Now!

With the amount of jobs available in London, it’s no wonder that there are a number of places devoted to its listings. Although wide work portals like Monster, LinkedIn and Indeed list a lot of jobs, there are also several smaller online destinations to assist with the quest.

Reed holds over 80,000 listings across sectors and London Jobs is targeted at non-locals seeking to pursue work in the area. Gumtree lists all forms of jobs, including those in the service, hospitality and retail industries. All types of positions are listed in The Guardian, but the majority are in the advertising, marketing and PR sectors. All these portals will be of great help to you while you’re struggling with the answer of how to get a job in London?

Start Networking

Networking is really essential in the UK, since many positions are filled by word of mouth (WOM) and seldom advertised. Careers in London depend hugely on WOM. But make as many connections as you can. Join the LinkedIn professional networking platform to interact with people in the same sector. If you have the chance to travel to London during your job hunt, you might want to schedule your visit to any of the big career fairs, such as the London Job Show or Skills London. If you can’t make the timing work, consider joining in any professional events, many of which can be found online at places like Eventbrite or Meetup. 

As you’re getting to know how to find work in London, another choice is to enter or build a meet and greet community of like-minded individuals. Networking will be one of the most critical aspects of finding a job. More than 50 per cent of business positions go to someone inside the organization or by a recommendation to the employee.

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Prepare For The Interview & Get A Job In London

Interviewing in London may feel like interviewing in the U.S. There are no major variations in customs or societal values. Your interviewer would expect you to be on schedule and well informed with a wealth of background information about the business, the job and the industry as a whole.

While finding a job in London, you must consider the dress code each time you prepare for your interview. The dress code is a key difference, particularly for women.Although it’s fairly popular in the U.S. to take a business-casual look at interviews, it’s more typical in London to dress in a formal business fashion. Like any interview practice, it’s not universal. Don’t wait to remind your contact about the dress code in advance.

Tips You Should Keep in Mind While Finding A Job In London

Most firms in London accept speculative applications, so go for it. Often consider writing to a particular person; search the organization’s websites or contact the company to find out who they are.

If you know more than one language, make sure you have it in your CV even if it doesn’t appear important to your work – being multilingual is really beneficial in multicultural London.

Make sure you note that you are lawfully qualified to work in the United Kingdom. Many businesses in London will need complete CVs and cover letters for even lower-level employment, unless they have their own online application process. 

Companies are typically overwhelmed by applications; don’t feel upset if you don’t get recognition. If you haven’t heard about your application a few weeks after the closing date, it’s safe to contact the HR department.

When you’re planning for an interview, think of any difficult work-wise circumstances and how you’ve managed them. Also, plan some interesting questions that you need to ask to prove that you are involved in the job.

If you don’t get a position, you should email the HR department and ask for feedback if you have entered the interview stage.

Self-Employment & Freelancing In The United Kingdom

If you have the right to work in the United Kingdom, this involves the power to establish your own company or file as a self-employed freelancer. You may need to review the visa conditions as you may like to apply for a business visa.

If you establish a business in the UK with your own trading name, you can select whether to be a single trader or make an unincorporated business or to register a business as a limited company. Becoming a limited company implies that you will be working as a director and have your corporation profits handled independently from your personal income. However, you may have additional administrative and United Kingdom tax reporting provisions.

We hope all your doubts regarding how to find a job in London are cleared by now, so it’s time to gear up!

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How To Get A Job In London?

Everything About How To Get A Job In London?

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