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Highest Paying Jobs In New Zealand

Highest Paying Jobs In New Zealand

If you’ve traveled for business to New Zealand, booked an adventure sports trip for your gap year there, or just enjoyed those stunning backdrops in The Lord of the Rings, you know how beautiful the natural scenery of the island nation is. When contemplating living overseas, the ability to travel on safari, ice tours and whale-watching boat journeys on a daily basis is an enticing motivator. Natural wonders are not the only factors that New Zealand is regarded to be one of the greatest nations to work. The citizens are polite and welcome, and a balanced work-life is encouraged by most employees.  We realize you’re looking for the right mix of outdoor adventure and a promising job opportunity that awaits you in your field since you’re here. Keep reading, because we’ve put together a handy list of highest paying jobs in New Zealand:

Highest Paying Jobs In New Zealand

Chief Executive 

Companies often maintain less of a gap between staff and chief executive wages than anywhere in the world, in addition to a positive work-life arrangement in New Zealand. CEO salaries were $17.2 million a year at 350 top US businesses. The main firms in NZ, on the other side, usually deliver top executives between $2 and $4.5 million a year. Highest paying jobs in NZ can always give you a lifestyle that is financially secure. However, you’ll have to work hard to secure this job, and even more so to maintain it. A significant move to being a CEO is to obtain a range of expertise within the business. Although you can work your way up within a single business, keep networking and keep your options open for the opportunity to improve your career.


This is also the most exclusive profession on our chart, one of the top positions of the highest paying jobs in New Zealand. There are a small number of jobs for one employer only, and over several years, people prefer to keep the job. Prospective judges must possess a bachelor’s degree in law and have experience as a lawyer or barrister for at least seven years. You will ought to submit to the Attorney-Judiciary General’s Appointments Unit or be nominated. It takes an unprecedented interpretation of the law to make judgments on trials and impose penalties on those who are guilty. In their job, nominees who hope to be appointed by the governor-general must also demonstrate impeccable logic, reliability, justice and dignity. For those in the legal field, a judgeship is a prestigious honour and professional objective, but competition is fierce.

Radiation oncologist

Communication and relational maturity are two important qualities for physicians. This is extremely true for radiation oncologists, who work with patients who are severely sick and frequently need complicated care regimens. Though it is a demanding task, watching patients recover and contributing to ongoing studies for further results can be incredibly rewarding. The need for radiation oncologists is growing as the population increases and ages. In New Zealand, those who hope to work abroad can find their specialized skills are very welcome. You will use the self-assessment method of the Medical Council to decide the route to enrollment and employment in the health services of the region. It can be highly lucrative, but the salary scale differs by background, place and hours employed. Trained oncologists will receive upwards of $600,000 at the highest rank.


As a pathologist, you’ll have to work your way up the food chain, but even trainees working with a DHB arrive at about $100,000 per year. After a 5-year medical degree, you can begin practice, but if you hope to specialize in a certain field, you will require more schooling. You may need to apply to enrol with the Medical Board, as with the aforementioned health professions.

Pathologists examine and diagnose illness samples taken from patients. They are an important component of medical care and can also engage in prevention and cure trials and direct public health policies. Having a passion for highly detailed work and outstanding data processing and analytical thinking abilities is important. For those wanting to work abroad, one of the highest paying jobs in NZ of pathologists is promising. The rising population ensures that experts in the area, particularly forensic pathologists, are in high demand.

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Ship’s Master

It is no wonder that some of the highest paying jobs in New Zealand are in maritime jobs. Based on experience, a sailing profession often provides several possibilities for career advancement. Even the top position as master of a deck, with complete accountability for the ship, staff, passengers and freight, will begin as a seasonal or part-time job on smaller vessels. After a few years, for improved pay and flexibility, an accomplished ship master will pass on to tug master or harbour pilot jobs. Usually, there is no standardized qualification for college, but you may need to satisfy health, eyesight and color vision assessments. You would still need to have first aid, firefighting and survival techniques qualifications. A certificate of competency by Maritime New Zealand is required. For anyone searching for fun and incomparable experiences every day at college, this is one of the best professions. However, be prepared for long hours, extreme and often unsafe weather, and possibly spending months away from home, depending on the assignment.


Accountants are practitioners and are responsible for making sure they are in good order for financial statements. They work and review documents, balance the accounts, have insights and propose goals for both persons and organizations. Ultimately, an accountant’s job is to ensure that their customers increase their earnings. In just about every sector, it is an important position, making it one of the highest paying jobs in New Zealand.

Training as an accountant in New Zealand takes between two and six years. In either accounting or a business-related subject, you will need to start with a degree. You would require three years of technical practice from there, as well as a Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand degree.

Investment Banker

For a broad variety of companies, investment bankers operate to secure money, mostly in affiliation with banks. They help orchestrate complex financial deals, such as investments, mergers, and sales. To detect threats and issue shares, investment bankers also leverage their experience in analytics and capital markets. Typically, to start a career in investment banking, you would require an undergraduate degree and an MBA. You would also have to invest time improving the experience, often through things like an internship or training scheme.

For the past ten years, wages in New Zealand have steadily risen on average. It’s worth learning how much you should expect to earn in a new profession for those seeking to step in or start a new job. With that in mind, this was a list of highest paying jobs in New Zealand.

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Highest Paying Jobs In New Zealand

Highest Paying Jobs In New Zealand

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