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How Much Does A College Credit Hour Cost

College Credit Hour Cost

The college credit hour cost entirely depends on the type of institution, country/state where the college is located and tax benefits plus grants. On average, a student can expect to pay as little as $0 to as much as $1,500 per credit hour in university. 

The Approximate College Credit Hour Cost In Different Universities

The cost per credit hour in a non-profit college for a four-year undergraduate course is approximately $530. Assuming that there is a 12 credit hour course load per semester (annually it calculates to 24 credit hours). In addition to the payment of full tuition and fees. 

The cost of credit in a private institute for the four-year undergraduate course based on average fees and tuition can be $1,537. Whereas the cost per hour credit in a community or a vocational school is likely to be even $0 when accounting for tax benefits and grants. 

The cost of credit fluctuates massively when compared to out-of-state to in-state credit hours. For instance, the University of Florida charges in-state students $266 a credit hour. Whereas for out of state students, tuition and fee per credit hour are $1,194. This accounts for almost 4.5 times more. This is noticed in a lot of US and Canadian universities where the cost of a college class differs massively between in-state and out-state students. 

The College Credit Hour Cost Spurs When Room And Food Are Included

The per credit hour cost when included with housing and meal plans increases a lot depending on where you choose to live. Whether you choose to live on or off-campus. When accounting for these two things, the cost of credit can be more than even double. 

  • $530 at community & vocational colleges in the district
  • $915 at a public four-year undergraduate course for in-state colleges
  • $1,597 at the public four-year undergraduate course for out-state colleges
  • $2,078 at a four-year private college or university.

These are all approximate costs as it can differ from university to university.

Variations Between The In-Stet and Out-Of-State College Credit Hour Cost

It was noticed that the average four years state public cost of a college class was three times higher than in-state tuition in the below-given states:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Montana
  • Alaska
  • North Carolina
  • Utah
  • Washington state
  • Idaho
  • Wyoming

Students studying at community and vocational colleges gain a considerable amount of aid from federal state and local governments. This aid on average covers their tuition and fees, making the college credit hour cost virtually zero. Which is why students who wish to study abroad choose countries like Germany, the US, Canada and admit into public universities to cut their tuition fee cost. This only requires them to pay expenses of room and board. But a local student or someone staying at home could attend a local college if they wish to save money. 


  • The government aid entirely depends on the household income and whether you have filed yourself as a dependent.
  • The tuition cost that you see on a university website is quite not the same as what students pay. Depending on your institute, you can further cut down your cost. 

Need Help With Selecting The Right College? Here Are Some Tips:

An Economical Option: Community and vocational degrees are the least expensive option for cost per credit hour. Students can even consider taking the first year of their credit hours at a public university to save up enough. They can then change into a four-year institution. Certain states in the US, like Nevada, Delaware, and New York offer scholarships to students to cover the cost of their college tuition

Premium Option: The fours year private colleges fall under the premium courses. They are very expensive but grants can be a powerful source of aid. To make sure you have all the documentation in place and don’t miss out on any opportunity, complete the FAFSA i.e, Free Application for Federal Student Aid and any other forms that your institution or state requires. Some grants have these forms in their requirements along with other necessary documents like personal statements and grade transcripts. 

Unique Option: A four-year public in-state colleges are unique options where you can go for WUE or MSEP for any kind of tuition reduction. 

Student Loans: If you choose to take student loans, consider a federal loan as these are funded by the government and the repayment policies are not strict as compared to the private ones. There are also options for repayment plans and sometimes forgiveness of loans if you are a part of public service. Though it won’t cover the entire cost for you, a private student loan with a minimal interest rate can bridge the gap. 

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College Credit Hour Cost

How Much Does A College Credit Hour Cost

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