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FAQs About The Best Masters Courses In France

Best Masters Courses In France

If you’ve come across this article, chances are you are either looking to get your master degrees in France’s top educational institutions, or you want to learn more about the French education system, or just accidentally stumbled upon it and now you’re intrigued to keep reading. Whatever the reason may be, by the end of this article you’re sure to know much more about exactly what it takes to earn a Master’s in France. You will get your answers about the duration, cost, types, etc through some FAQs about the best masters courses in France in this blog.

Best Masters Courses In France

Why Study In France?

French universities have a fantastic global reputation, especially in the fields of science and humanities. France is at the forefront of innovative academic research and techniques, offering a dynamic and exciting place to study. France is a country steeped in history and culture with exciting cities and stunning countryside that spans from mountains to golden beaches. The proximity to other European destinations to study makes it popular with students who are looking to travel during their studies.

What Are The Best Programmes In France?

As with many other countries in Europe, standard undergraduate degrees in France last for three years. The French higher education system follows the Bachelor’s / Master’s route. There are a variety of institutions in France specializing in particular fields. France is known for its business schools, but also offers medical universities and engineering universities. Whether you’re looking to study for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA or PhD, you can find the perfect place to study abroad through thorough research.

What Exactly Is A Master’s Degree In France?

The best masters courses in France are both a degree and a grade. It’s the last university grade to be established and it’s studied between the license (bachelor’s) and PhD degree. The Master’s level was added to establish a common framework across European universities: LMD (License, Master’s and Doctorate) A Master’s degree in France typically lasts from 2 to 6 years depending on your chosen university’s curriculum and level of difficulty.

How Can You Get A Master’s Degree In France?

All the best masters courses in France are granted by your chosen French University after completing Diplome National de Master (DNM), or a similar graduate-level course, usually granted after five years’ worth of studying after the license (Bachelor’s). Higher education institutions, for example specialized schools of arts, architecture and business, are entitled to give the grade of masters study in France for some of their degrees, for programmes lasting from 2 to 6 years. In conclusion, you cannot get a Master’s degree unless you meet the minimum study requirements agreed in the Bologna Declaration for a Master’s.

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Best Masters Ranking In France

In France, there are 4 of the best masters courses in France which is standard like everywhere else in the world, and there are also masters degrees created specifically from and for a university. For example arts, business, engineering etc. The masters in France and all of them of course have their own subject and duration. Below are the types of Master’s degree in France.

  • Mastère Spécialisé (MS)

This degree was created in 1985 for graduate courses, completed four to five years after A-levels. To get this degree, Mastère Spécialisé courses are evaluated based on professional needs, hourly course content and length (at least two semesters), completing an internship and finally presenting a thesis.

  • Mastère en Science (MSc)

This degree is granted to courses mostly carried out in English, during a minimum of 3 semesters, and ending with a research dissertation. These labels are granted for each course for a length of 1, 3 or 6 years. The studies are structured with this duration so that a master programme lasts long enough for the student to gather a total of 300 ECTS credits.

  • Master of Art (MA)

The degree of Master of Arts comes from the University of Paris designed to produce “masters” who were graduate teachers to their subjects. It contrasts with Master of Science because those with a Master of Arts have studied subjects in the scope of arts and humanities. It is often taught in English and requires a research dissertation.

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The main courses in an MBA programme cover different areas of business administration such as accounting, applied statistics, human resources, business communication, business ethics, business law etc. This degree is mainly for experienced professionals, but also offered by some schools to students 4 or 5 years after A-levels.

How Much Does A Master’s Degree Cost?

The French government subsidizes the universities so the cost of tuition fee is a lot cheaper than it would cost in other places in Europe or even America. It costs €3,770 per year for Master’s programmes. This tuition fee cost differs depending on the university. The other factor that weighs in on how much you’ll be paying for the best masters courses in France is whether the university is public or private. Private institutions tend to be more expensive than the public ones since they’re not subsidized by the French government.

Usually the fee for private institutions is the same fee as the one in public institutions for Non-EU students. This is the other factor that makes a difference in the tuition prices.

  • If you are a part of EU/EEA: For your master’s programme you will only be required to pay approximately €243.
  • If you are a Non-EU/EEA student: For your master’s programme you will be required to pay approximately €3,770.

Can I Get My Master’s Degree On A Scholarship?

Yes, the French Government announced that they would increase the number of scholarships from which plenty of international students can benefit from, especially in universities with higher tuition fees. There are many other scholarship portals that offer a range of scholarships for students of different nationalities.

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Best Masters Courses In France

FAQs About The Best Masters Courses In France

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