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A Comprehensive Guide to Choose Your Career After 12th

Guide to Choose Your Career After 12th

As it has been aptly said, it is not what you accomplish; it is what you conquer. That’s what determines your profession. To face all the obstacles coming your way in the most successful way, you simply need a hard-working spirit, self-confidence, and utmost commitment. If you want to choose your career after 12th, this detailed comprehensive guide will be of use to you. Today education has become very critical for shaping and developing a good and prosperous career. Students are generally in a dilemma about after-school education as to which career path they should select. And they wander here and there. 

The first step in how to choose your career after 12th, is to start selecting the right course and college which is a very important decision because the right selection will lead to a delightful career and the wrong one is equal to ending up in studying a subject or a sphere that doesn’t interest you. Moreover, the option you choose for your career after 12th will be the one that will decide your future. There is very little scope for changing your career after joining a graduation course and even if you do it, you will still end up wasting the most important and productive years of your life. 

The contemporary and highly competitive world is giving a tough time to choose an after 12th career. Today, students have plentiful options as there are several courses all of which look almost equally fruitful and interesting. This wide range of courses accessible today has further complicated the decision-making process for students. Gone are the days when you used to choose your career after 12th as an engineer, doctor, chartered accountant, and in other such core fields was the only good opportunity. Students today have far more options available than ever before. They are far more open to experimenting with new fields and are building careers as tea tasters, graphic designers, professional photographers, ethical hackers, content writers, and many other such fields that were completely unheard of a few years back. 

Let us now shed some light on some of the industry’s most respectful and prestigious career opportunities that will give you an idea of how to choose a career after 12th.

  • After 12th Career Options for Science Students

To choose your career after 12th you typically study physics and chemistry with either mathematics or biology (Botany and Zoology). Some of the career options for you include: 

PCM Options

  • B.Tech: A common course for PCM students is the Bachelor of Technology. In various fields such as computer software engineering, electronics and communication, automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and more, you have the option of being an engineer.
  • BCA: Bachelor of Computer Application indicates that for the four-year program, you are studying computer science. It is ideal as a career choice for candidates looking to develop careers in the digital and data world.
  • B.Arch: A Bachelor’s degree in Architecture is a graduation course of five years that provides them with knowledge of the science behind the building. In order to get admission to recognized colleges, all candidates also need to pass NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture).

PCB Options

The most common educational choice for students studying PCB is 

  • MBBS: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. The five-and-a-half-year course of medical studies prepares students for a medical surgeon’s rigorous requirements.
  • BDS: To become a dentist, students would have to complete a five-year Bachelor of Dental Surgery course. It is the first preference of many students who want to become physicians, minus the burden of a surgeon or medical practitioner.
  • B.Pharma: It’s essentially a four-year course, and after completion of which, one can begin practicing as a chemist. For medical firms, applicants with a B.Pharm degree are favored as a Medical Representative (MR) with a decent pay package and other benefits.
  • B.Sc Nursing: It’s a four-year course, and the Indian Nursing Council has approved it. By cracking any of the entrance tests performed by different states, you can get admission to the B.Sc Nursing course.

How To Choose A Career After 12th For Commerce Students

  • B.Com: This is one of the most common graduation courses for business applicants who have completed 10+2. A three-year course with many subjects such as Financial Accountancy, Finance, Business Organisation, Business Statistics, and others.
  • BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration may be selected by candidates who are more interested in management. The course is considered to be the right step for students wanting to join a Master’s program in Management.
  • CA: Accountancy is a rigorous course, and many students are willing to work hard to become certified Chartered Accountants. A Fundamental Course in either Chartered Accountancy or Cost Accounting may be analyzed after 10+2.
  • CS: Company Secretary is a course for students who, from a financial and investment perspective, are interested in studying taxation. Students can acquire knowledge of company relations and all the legal aspects that are important.

Career After 12th For Arts Students

  • BA or BA (Hons): Bachelor of Arts is still the most common choice for applicants who have passed their 10+2 Arts Stream exams. Candidates may either gain admission to BA in their favorite subjects by direct admission or through marks earned by colleges at the entrance exams.
  • BJMC: Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication is an undergraduate journalism course and is suitable for applicants who hope to enter the media industry in the future. It is a three-year degree course with a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC).
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): For students who want to develop a career in the visual arts, it is a highly successful career. It can be a stepping stone for careers in the interior design of houses, vehicles, hotels, government buildings, and more.

If you already know what and how to choose your career after 12th, then you should start preparing for entrance exams and get ready to fill University applications. However, if you are someone who is confused about selecting his/her career, keep these points in mind as you go-ahead.

  • Know Your interests

Since the decision to choose your career after 12th is such an important one, you will get a lot of advice from your family and friends. However, it is crucial that you choose a direction that aligns with your interests and aptitude. If you are interested in a traditional career, such as an Engineer, Doctor, or a Business Professional, it is best to go with a course in the same stream. But, if you are a bird with different colored feathers and want to pursue a career in music or the arts or want to become an actor, select a career after 12th in a field with your creative pursuits or a stream that allows you to follow them.  

  • Follow Your Passion

At first glance, your passions seem just like interest areas, only stronger. But this is quite an understatement. Passions are areas of deep interest, but they also incorporate your values and abilities into something that becomes a burning, lifelong desire.

Following your passions, whatever they may be, is one of the best ways to choose your career after 12th. You can get input from your close friends by telling them what you believe, your interests, passions, abilities, and values are. They might just help you decide which career path would be the right one for you.

  • Know your abilities

Generally speaking, abilities are what you are able to do. Understanding what areas you have skills in and which areas could work is a great way to start the elimination process when you want to choose your career after 12th.

However, don’t discount the fields where you lack ability just yet, you’ll be able to build those up more during your studies, University is a place to learn, after all.

  • Choose the right course

These days there are numerous courses that one can take up to suit one’s career path. You have the option of a degree course, a diploma course, a weekday course, a weekend course, or even distance learning for students who are working part-time. Thoroughly understand the course particulars, syllabus, and teaching methodology and then take a decision. Try and reach out to alumni or seniors studying there currently to get an idea of what it would be like.

  • Know the prospects

Now that you know what your interests are and how you can train yourself to pursue those interests, it becomes important to evaluate the future prospects of the field that you have chosen. Though pursuing your interests should be the primary motivator, the financial viability of the career path should be given its due importance as well. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and have got all your answers for how to get a job after 12th?

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Guide to Choose Your Career After 12th

A Comprehensive Guide to Choose Your Career After 12th

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