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25+ Best Things to Gift your Parents from your First Salary

things to gift your parents

A simple text – “Your salary has been credited”, is going to bring you the unimaginable and never-experienced-before happiness. At this moment, you will be on top of the world, on cloud nine, thrilled and overwhelmed (insert dozens of more idioms and synonyms here) for sure. That feeling when your first paycheque gets credited in your bank account can never be precisely put into words and only experienced. This exciting life-changing moment is the sign of you becoming independent. Welcome to the salaried gang bud! Wondering things to gift your parents from your first salary? We got you!

Now there are hundreds of things you could do with your first salary. You have the option to invest them, spend lavishly on things you have always wanted, go on a trip, etc. However, these can be done at a later stage, right? The perfect way to spend the first salary would be by buying first salary gift for parents. That’s right, your parents. They are the ones who prioritized your needs, cut short on their expenditures just so you could live a good life. They invested in your education and not in their needs so that you could reach this present stage. Parents are the true heroes of every individual’s life and hence gifting them an incredible gift from your first salary would be a wise decision. Above all, the immense joy on their faces when you give them something from your first salary is worth everything. Remember, humble beginnings have the happiest ends. 

To help you in choosing the right gift for parents from first salary, I have curated a list of the best options. It was around a year ago when I was in this exact situation and couldn’t figure out what to give my parents. It was then when I decided I’ll create an exhaustive list that will help everyone else explore the best options. Are you curious to know what I gave my parents as a gift? Read on till the end to know that secret. 

Best Part – The best part of this entire blog is that none of the ideas below promote any particular brand or website. So you can be assured that the entire list is genuine and curated with utmost effort just to help you. 

Here is the exhaustive list I have been talking about for so long. Excited to know the options? So am I to tell you. Let’s get started with the list of cheapest but useful things you can gift your parents from your first paycheque. 

1. Jewellery For Mom

The first paycheque definitely calls for spoiling your mom. Gift her some classic minimalistic jewellery and make her feel like the queen that she is! Jewellery and glitters are undoubtedly women’s favourite things. This gift from your first salary is the best way to honour her incredible support, unconditional love and unparalleled care for you in the last 15-20 years. You can never reciprocate her unending effort but you can give her the joy of jewels.

You can go with a necklace, earrings, or bracelets depending on what you want to get. Remember to consult another woman (maybe your sister or a friend) while choosing the gift or simply take your mom to the store and let her choose. 

2. Watch 

This is a classic gift for your dad and he is definitely going to love it. The idea of putting on the watch and keeping it with him for as long as he wants is worthwhile. Whenever he looks at the watch, it is going to fill him up with pride. The same goes for your mother as you can get a pair of watches for them.

3. Wallet For Dad

Another awesome thing that dads love apart from watches is their wallets. So, opting for a wallet as a gift for him would also be a great idea. Dads generally pretend to be this tough-hearted person who doesn’t express much. But the moment he receives these gifts from you, he will be overwhelmed with joy. 

4. Purse for Mom

If you are choosing a wallet for your dad, you’ll have to give your mom a purse because you don’t want them to quarrel about who got a better gift, right? There’s a range of things women love and fortunately purse is one of them. 

5. Cookware

If your mom is a lovely chef or the queen of her own bakery, this gift idea is made for her! Your mom has fed you with delicious food all your life. While appreciating the food is a must, appreciating the art is also much needed! Gift her some of the best aesthetic cookware to make her day! This way she will spend the majority of her time using things that you give her from your first salary. 

6. Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Now that you have officially entered your adult life, you must know how difficult cooking and cleaning are! You finally understand the effort your mom took to clean the house and keep everything tidy. If you are looking for something to help your mom in her daily chores then an automatic vacuum cleaner would be a great option. This is a life-saver when no one in the house has the time to vacuum the house. 

7. Dream Vanity Set for Mom

While taking care of you and your siblings, your mom must have lost her sense of desire. She must have been submerged in your upbringing and now is a good time you try to help her realise her likes. Gift her a dream vanity set to remind her how beautiful she is. She can finally have a moment to herself and indulge in the best of self-care.

8. Family Vacation

I am sure as you grew up, more and more family trips might have been cancelled because of your classes, exams or assignments. Now that you are free from those barriers, it is time to take a break and enjoy family time. Make it a point to spend maximum quality time with your parents. After all, your love and time are all that they desire. You could go to a hill station or a beach depending on your parent’s likes and dislikes. 

9. A Spa Session

Relaxation is the ultimate gift of God and your parents certainly don’t get enough of that. Of all the things you can possibly give your parents with your first salary, you should give them a day full of relaxation and rest. A couple’s spa date is a wonderful way to express your gratitude to them. It will help them feel rejuvenated like never before.

10. Personalised Mug

Personalised gifts are amazing options at present. Get a picture of your parents printed on a mug and give them this customised memorable gift. Don’t forget to attach a heartfelt thank you card that will make them feel even more special. Personalised gifts are one of the useful things you can gift your parents from your first paycheque.

11. Invest In Your Parents’ Future

I shouldn’t be saying this here but it is true that gifts are small-term pleasures. If you really want to make a difference in their lives, investing in their future is the best way to do so. Use your first paycheque to set up a retirement fund for them and invest in it diligently. Let them know that you are there for them and they have nothing to worry about.

12. A Pair of Couple T-shirts

Your parents definitely are a great couple. They must be your inspiration and I know you have always secretly wanted your love life to be exactly the same. As a token of love, you could give them a pair of couple t-shirts and let them know how much you adore them. 

13. Dinner

This glorious day can be celebrated not just by gifting but as an event as well. Taking your parents out on an elegant dinner date would be terrific. 

14. New Spectacle Frame

Spectacles are the companions everyone has after the age of 40. Hypermetropia is commonly seen in aged people and hence you could give them an expensive branded spectacle. 

15. A New Dress For Mom

Clothes are such good options for gifts (provided you know the person’s choices). Giving your mom a nice outfit would be fantastic. If you are an Indian, you must give your mom a saree. Trust me every Indian mother just can’t get enough sarees in their wardrobes. 

16. Formal Suit For Dad

If you are considering gifting clothes to your parents, you must give a thought to a formal suit for your dad. This way when he puts that suit on and goes to a party, he can proudly say that you gifted this with your first paycheque. 

17. Night Lamp

Night lamps make a good gift for parents. These lamps will provide that sense of sleeping under the stars in the great outdoors.

18. Yoga Mat or Yoga Wheel

Health starts taking centre stage as we grow old. Your parents must be definitely practicing Yoga or meditation to ensure they stay fit and healthy. A yoga mat or a yoga wheel could serve as a superb gift. 

19. Netflix Subscription

We all know that Netflix is turning into a necessity with every passing day. I bet even your parents have moved on from television to mobile streaming. You can give them a Netflix subscription which they can enjoy together while you are at work earning your next paycheque. 

Depending on your parents’ likes, you could consider choosing between Amazon Prime or Netflix.

20. Bluetooth Speakers

Most parents enjoy listening to songs of their adulthood or like radio. You can give them a Bluetooth speaker to ensure they have the best experience while they are listening to anything and everything.  



21. Coffee Machine

If your parents are coffee lovers and just can’t start their days without some good old coffee, you must give them a coffee machine with your first salary!

22. Family Name Sign

Getting a lovely name-plate designed to hang in front of your house would serve as a splendid souvenir of your contribution to this family. 

23. Wine Cooler

If your dad is a wine lover, he would simply love this gift. A beverage cooler that will chill his favourite wines to perfection without breaking the bank will definitely be amazing. 

24. Electronic Gadget

In case any of the electronic gadgets (for example washing machine, oven or AC) in your house stopped working recently then you could replace that.

25. Matching Fit Bits

Another great alternative for couple-gift would be matching fit-bits. Like I already mentioned, health must be your parents’ priority and they will be glad to have a gift that is of huge help to them. 



26. Theatre Tickets

Talking about events to celebrate this great moment, going out to watch a movie together would be a good way to spend quality time. You could club a movie and dinner to make the evening absolutely memorable.

27. Engraved Necklace

Your parents’ hearts will ache the minute you pull out of the driveway to head back to work or walk into the airport. Remind them a piece of your heart is always home. An engraved necklace would be a good choice in this case.

28. Dining Set

A beautiful dining set would remind the entire family of your contribution to the family while you all sit down at the dining table every day. 

29. Mobile Phone

Last but not least, why not give them a mobile phone? Today everyone carries a mobile phone around. If your parents are carrying an old phone with dozens of issues related to storage, picture quality or touch; you must get them a new one. Moreover, today phones become obsolete within 3-4 months of their launch and that’s how dynamic this space is. So, think about it and if it seems good to you, give them a phone. Finally, yes this was the option I chose. The happiness on their faces when they received it was out of the world. 


Last Words

Your parents took care of you for decades. They saved on their basics, so they could buy your luxuries. They toiled hard so you could reap the benefits. While no amount of money can repay your parents’ efforts for you, buying a gift from your first paycheque will serve as a meaningful gesture and a thoughtful gift that will surely bring a smile to their faces. 

When it comes to the first salary, it’s family first. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog! 



1. What to do when you get your first salary?

Develop a financial habit when you get your first salary. Most of your first salary will be spent on gadgets, your favorite food stands, etc. However, be careful that these do not become a habit, and start saving now. By saving, you can pay yourself before you pay others. After all of this, you ought to establish a saving goal.

2. What can I gift to my mother with my first salary?

You can gift your mother a nice watch, or a not-so-expensive gold necklace that can add to her grace. However; you can even invest in her future by starting a retirement fund for her. 

3. What can I gift to my father with my first salary?

A unique gift to give your father is starting a joint account with him and collecting cash in the same where he can spend that money on himself whenever he wants. We know how fathers and mothers always earn for their children and barely spend on themselves. This security money will give him the freedom to spend it on himself (don’t let him buy you gifts from that money!)

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things to gift your parents

25+ Best Things to Gift your Parents from your First Salary

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