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Study At Liverpool Uni: All You Need To Know

Study At Liverpool Uni

Some believe Liverpool is well known for giving the planet The Beatles, Steven Gerrard, and a lovely accent. Liverpool, though, is also a hotbed of academia and literature and was also named the European Capital of Culture in 2008.

Rich in diversity, vitality and tradition, Liverpool is one of the most loved and thriving cities in the United Kingdom. It’s also a vibrant student city, and it’s able to provide students with a healthy balance of fun and serious stuff. From diverse live music to the best in contemporary architecture, it’s a community that understands how to cover its bases. Let’s move ahead with this comprehensive guide curated for students who want to study at Liverpool Uni:

Study An Liverpool Uni: Universities

Liverpool’s student population is about 50,000. There are three major universities to study at Liverpool Uni:

The University Of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is consistently one of the highest-ranking universities in the United Kingdom and was first opened to students back in 1881. It boasts a degree completion rate of 91.4% and has produced nine Nobel Prize winners in its time. You may wonder, where is Liverpool university located? Well, the University of Liverpool provides access to anything you might possibly need.

Liverpool John Hope University

Liverpool John Hope University is over 170 years old, but there’s life in the old dog yet. If you have a keen interest in culture, sciences or technology, Liverpool John Hope could be your best choice. It is the first ecumenical university in Europe and comes with its own Artistic Campus. This Innovative Campus is host to the Creative and Performing Arts Library and the Creative Campus Library. Like Liverpool University, it is also located in the middle of the city. 

Liverpool John Moores University

Formerly identified as Liverpool Polytechnic, Liverpool John Moores University is known to be a go-to university for students pursuing work-related learning. Their World of Work Program is endorsed, among others, by Siemens, Ford Europe, Sony and Marks & Spencers. It has a degree completion score of 84%, a graduate prospect score of 61%, and two-thirds of the campuses are clustered in the city centre. 

study in Liverpool

Study At Liverpool Uni: Fees & Accommodation

Fees are what students worry the most when they go to study at Liverpool Uni, and due to a rise in tuition fees, you’d know more and more students plan to turn off the concept of higher education entirely.

This is not the case, though, with the University of Liverpool having a rise of 18% in the number of applications. This is largely down to the fact that although school fees are very high, they are also covered by a wonderful thing called Student Finance.

As far as housing expenses are concerned, the bulk of first-year students choose to reside in student halls during their debut year. It allows them to find like-minded new people, and it ensures they don’t have to worry about finding a place in a house to share with other students.  The only real problem with staying in the halls during your first year is that they cost more than renting a house share room. The bonus is that they are situated right in the middle of the city, and most of them come with 24/7 surveillance.

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Study At Liverpool Uni: Transportation

study in Liverpool
By Train

Merseyrail trains operate regularly during the day at 68 stations in and near Liverpool. With four city centre subway stations-Lime Street lower level, Liverpool Central, Moorfields and James Street-you can quickly get around the city, allowing you more opportunity to explore all that Liverpool has to offer. 

By motorbike

Liverpool is a small city centre so it’s easy to get around by bike and you’ll be able to pack more into your day. Bike parking is near most of the venues shown on the Liverpool Cycle Board. The CityBike bicycle rental system is also accessible in the city centre. Sign up and you can pick up and drop a bike from any of the several street stations.  

By Bus

Bus to and from Liverpool is a green, easy and cost-effective way to visit the destination. The bus network is operated by Merseytravel, with two major bus stations in the city centre – Liverpool ONE and Queen Square.  Many busses are fully accessible, with multiple ticket options providing the best deal for travel.

By Taxi

There’s no lack of taxis in Liverpool, making it fast and simple to get a ride if you need to get to an attraction beyond the city centre or just get around town easily. 

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Events In Liverpool

You’re not going to be short of stuff to do when you study at Liverpool Uni. With more sights than a funfair, Liverpool has a wealth of stuff to visit. There is a huge amount of art and history on display for cultural vultures. From Tate Liverpool to Walker Art Gallery, there’s no lack of paintings, sculptures and installations to make you muse and your mates.

Culture fans would surely not be bored in Liverpool, and indeed the city is regarded as the Music Capital of the World. 

If you’re opting for anything more recent, the O2 Academy Arena is a mega venue that houses the latest new rock, featuring current bands lined up, even The Kooks. Theatre enthusiasts will not be left to kick their heels in Liverpool either, with the Playhouse Theater producing some awesome plays on a regular basis. Talking about the beaches, the beautiful Crosby beach is simply only a bus ride away. Yay!

Clubs And Pubs In Liverpool

Of course, no Ultimate Guide for your study at Liverpool Uni will be complete without a list of all nearby pubs and clubs. If we skipped the butchers, that really wouldn’t be the ultimate.

Liverpool is currently home to more pubs than students, so you’re never going to be short of having a couple of drinks, cocktails and wines. But just in case you actually have expectations and want to distinguish the wheat from the chaff, we thought we’d suggest some of our Liverpool favourites to you.

These involve the Leaf Tea Store, which is essentially a hipster student heaven. It’s a tea shop by day, but it’s a social hangout with concerts, parties and beer by night. Then there’s Mello Mello on Slater Street, an independent bar that holds concerts, theatre and alternative comedy. The Ship and Miter on Dale Street for students who just love to settle down and talk over a fine ale.

If you’re the type of student who likes to play until the early hours, you won’t be deprived of choices when it comes to fun-loving clubs. The Krazy House is one of Liverpool’s most party-friendly bars you can visit.

We hope you liked reading this blog, if you did then make sure you check out our other informative blogs linked below!

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Study At Liverpool Uni

Study At Liverpool Uni: All You Need To Know

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