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All About The ISIC: International Student Identity Card


ISIC stands for International Student Identity Card, and is a widely accepted student ID card for students studying overseas. It provides full-time student status and offers numerous concessions and discounts when you pursue higher education abroad. Having this card enables students to access monetary and other benefits that they would not have received otherwise. From the viewpoint of an Indian student, the cost of studying abroad is significantly high. However, once you possess the ISIC student card, you’ll have the opportunity to save on various expenses, thereby reducing your cost of living.

What Is An ISIC Card? 

The ISIC card serves as evidence of being a full-time student and provides access to a wide array of student discounts. These cards are issued by the ISIC Association, a non-profit organisation registered in Denmark. Introduced in 1953 with the aim of promoting intercultural understanding and expanding educational opportunities, the card is now acknowledged by academic institutions, student organisations, and governments in nearly 130 countries. With over 5 million cards purchased annually, it remains highly popular among students worldwide.

Who Can Get An ISIC Card?

To be eligible, you must be a student attending a school, college, or university on a full-time basis and be at least 12 years old. The card does not have an upper age limit, but you must provide evidence of your full-time student status. If you are on a study break, it is essential to verify with your local issuer to ensure that you still meet the qualification criteria.

How To Avail Of This Card? 

The process of applying for an ISIC card is straightforward and does not consume much time. You have the flexibility to apply through either online or offline methods. Typically, students opt for the online option due to its convenience and shorter processing time. You can easily follow the step-by-step guide to complete your application.

  • Go to the official website.
  • Click on the “Get your Card” link.
  • Choose “Order Card” for the Virtual ISIC card option, or opt for the physical card once the Virtual ISIC card is issued.
  • Provide your personal details.
  • Upload all necessary documents and a blue or white background photo.
  • Submit proof of being a full-time student, such as a college ID card or letter of acceptance, along with an ID proof.
  • Select your payment method and pay the required fees.

You can also consider buying a card from a nearby ISIC office. These offices are located worldwide, but it’s advisable to check for one in your vicinity. Before visiting the office for the purchase, ensure you have all the required documents readily available. 

What Is The Price of An ISIC Student Card? 

The cost of obtaining an ISIC card is just INR 999 (with applicable delivery charges). It’s a remarkably low amount, possibly less than what you’d spend on a weekend party with friends. The card is valid for one year, which aligns well with the duration of many courses abroad, lasting one to two years. Therefore, the total cost will typically range from INR 1000 to INR 2000.

It’s important to note that processing the application takes approximately 3-4 weeks. To ensure enough time for any necessary adjustments, it’s advisable to apply well in advance. If you miss the chance to get the card while in India, you can still apply after arriving in your destination country for your studies. 

ISIC Membership Card Discounts

The international student identity card is the ultimate money-saving tool for your study abroad experience. With this card, you can access discounts on various daily essentials such as utilities, dining out, partner organisation travel, entertainment, and much more. The website even offers a search feature to help you find the most suitable coupons. Additionally, you’ll enjoy discounted entry to listed tourist attractions. It’s the perfect way to stretch your budget while exploring new places. 

Uses And Benefits

The international student identity card offers a plethora of advantages that students worldwide depend on to obtain significant discounts on products, bills, travel, and various other expenses during their overseas studies. When preparing for higher education abroad, having an ISIC card becomes essential, as it grants you student status in over 130 countries globally. So, once you acquire the international student identity card, you are guaranteed access to the following benefits:

  1. Versatile Currency Transactions: The card serves not only as a student ID but also as an excellent Forex card. It allows you to stack various currencies based on your study country, such as USD, Euro, GBP, etc. This versatility enables hassle-free cash loading, ATM withdrawals, bill payments, and shopping at local stores, making transactions universal and convenient.

  1. Abundant Discounts: With the international student identity card in hand, a wealth of discounts awaits you. Save significantly on food, shopping, travel, books, activities, and various other expenses during your overseas studies. Its extensive reach provides discounts across different countries and a wide range of expenditures. Almost all outlets accepting MasterCard can be used with these student forex cards.

  1. Safety from Forex Fluctuations: Dealing with foreign currency abroad can be daunting due to fluctuating exchange rates. The international student identity card offers the advantage of being immune to forex fluctuations. Regardless of exchange rate changes, you won’t lose any money. This security provides students and parents with much-needed peace of mind and substantial savings during their study abroad experience.

  1. Swift Cash Loading: The card’s standout feature is its rapid cash-loading process. You can effortlessly transfer money to your card without leaving your home. The convenience of instant loading from the comfort of your residence is a major benefit of this card.


1.What does ISIC card do?

The ISIC card stands as the sole internationally recognized student identity card, offering verification of student status, thousands of global discounts, and access to the worldwide student community.

2.How long is international student identity card valid?

The regular digital international student identity card remains valid for 12 months from the purchase date. You can easily check the end date of your card’s validity on the App or directly on the digital card itself.

3.Can you travel with ISIC card?

The card serves as evidence of your student status and can be utilised for identification purposes across numerous countries worldwide. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that certain countries might have specific regulations, and alternative forms of personal identification could be necessary. Therefore, it’s advisable to check the local regulations in advance if you plan to travel to those destinations.

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All About The ISIC: International Student Identity Card

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