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November 22, 2021

When it comes to college admissions in the United States and other English-speaking countries, each will have different standards that incoming applicants must meet. Many students in the United States are required to have a specific ACT (American College Testing) or SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) score. So, how about that TOEFL? Do colleges and universities have primary requirements for this exam as well? The answer is yes. It is a requirement for international students to gain admission to any English-speaking college, university, or programme.

The exact TOEFL score required for admissions is heavily dependent on where you want to study. This brief guide will assist you in determining what TOEFL scores are acceptable for various colleges and universities. We will also list the TOEFL requirements for US universities. These are not, however, the only countries that offer English-language undergraduate and graduate degrees. For more information, you can look into the TOEFL score requirements for universities in Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and some EU countries. We will show you how to find the minimum TOEFL score requirements, as well as recommendations, to help you plan for your TOEFL score goals.

What Is A Good TOEFL Minimum Score For US Universities?

A good TOEFL score is one that meets the basic TOEFL requirements for US universities where you want to study. The main goal is to obtain a TOEFL score that is equal to or higher than the minimum TOEFL. If you are applying to multiple universities or colleges, you should set your goal score to meet the basic TOEFL requirements of each. Essentially, a score that meets the highest TOEFL requirement of all of your school options.

The minimum TOEFL scores required by universities and colleges can vary significantly. Highly competitive and prestigious universities frequently require a TOEFL score of 100 or higher. While other colleges and universities require TOEFL scores ranging from 60 to 80-90. Some colleges and universities do not require TOEFL scores for specific programmes or for all programmes. So you’re probably wondering, “What TOEFL score do I need?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This guide provides a concise list of major colleges and universities, as well as their TOEFL score requirements.

Requirements For Good TOEFL Scores For US Universities 

TOEFL score requirements for graduate and undergraduate programmes are among those on the list. But before we get to the list, there are a few things you should know so that you can understand it. Not all colleges and universities have strict scores for TOEFL requirements for US universities. Conditional admissions are available at some colleges and universities. This means you may be required to take additional ESL classes (English as a Second Language).

However, if you do not meet their minimum TOEFL score requirement, the more competitive universities may reject your admissions application. Many graduate programmes will have their own TOEFL score requirement. Some of these programmes may require you to have a higher TOEFL score than is required by the university or college. TOEFL scores from the digital version of the test, rather than the paper version, are the most widely accepted. Don’t be concerned! Because the digital version of the TOEFL is the most commonly administered form of the test, most international students meet these basic TOEFL requirements for US universities.

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Understanding The Difference: Requirement vs. Recommended TOEFL Scores

Several colleges and universities frequently require a minimum TOEFL score for admissions applications. Some colleges will provide recommended TOEFL scores to assist students in determining a competitive TOEFL score. Students who achieve the recommended score or higher frequently have an advantage over lower-scoring students. This means that if you achieve the recommended TOEFL score or higher, your chances of acceptance by the university or college increase.

If you meet the minimum score for TOEFL requirements for US universities, you have a chance of getting into that college, but you may be passed over by someone with a higher TOEFL score. If the rest of your admissions application is strong, you have a good chance of being admitted to a few colleges of your choice.

How To Find The Required TOEFL Score For US Universities Of Your Choice

When deciding which schools to apply to, students must conduct extensive research. You must research not only the university’s minimum TOEFL score, but also their recommended scores and whether or not they require a specific score for each section of the TOEFL. You may need to contact the university to obtain their scores for TOEFL requirements for US universities and other information. Universities and colleges frequently have different TOEFL score requirements depending on the type of programme or degree you are pursuing. If you want to be admitted to any university’s programmes, you must first learn what they require.

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Undergraduate Programs

Typically, colleges and universities specify a minimum and/or recommended TOEFL score in order to be admitted to all of the college’s undergraduate programmes. ETS provides students with a database of all universities and colleges that accept TOEFL scores to make their search easier. Here, you can search by location or by school. 

This database lists the TOEFL scores that are required for undergraduate and graduate programmes. 

Graduate Programs

Many master’s and doctoral programmes will have their own predetermined TOEFL score requirements. Because these programmes are far more competitive, they will frequently have recommended scores for TOEFL requirements for US universities. A specific graduate programme will frequently require a higher TOEFL score than the one set by the university or college. 

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