5 Surprising Ways To Score A College Discount

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July 30, 2021

Studying at University means living on a tight budget for many students. Due to this, you are always on the lookout for ways to diminish costs so that you can save money for miscellaneous expenses like next semester textbooks, unexpected outlays, or fun trips with your friends. Fortunately, there are incredible ways to score a college discount and make it easier to straighten a tight budget. 

There are businesses in the market that offer awesome student discounts where they welcome you as a loyal customer at a reduced cost. You can buy electronic gadgets at lower rates, enjoy your favourite apps at lower prices for a monthly subscription and even dine out for less. You end up saving some real cash on your everyday purchases. It is quite simple to secure these deals, sometimes by showing your student Id or verifying your college credentials digitally. 

Check Out These Surprising Ways To Score a College Discount

1. Deals Offered On Digital Platforms

Being a student means you are always on your smartphone or laptop. Your day-to-day activities start with your phone, whether it is texting your friends or attending online classes, scrolling social media pages, or listening to a podcast. The time you spend in front of a screen is increasing tremendously. There are several digital deals offered to college students. Let us check some of them down below! 

  • Youtube: Love watching your favourite YouTubers and getting lost in the Youtube world? Want to do so without those irritating ads? Youtube Premium offers a free one-month subscription for students. And then a discounted plan for the following month.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: For students learning designing, Architecture, Media, Filmmaking, and whatnot. Adobe software is a crucial part of their day-to-day academics. Adobe Creative Cloud is available with a student plan, you can use it for classes or personal work. Eligible students save more than 60% by paying $19.99 a month. The added advantage to this is you can stop and resume whenever you like without a cancellation charge. 
  • Samsung: Laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets are an essential part of college life and Samsung holds some of the best discounts for college students. You get a 10% education discount which once added to your other deals can get you at least 30% in savings. 

2. Shoe And Clothing Discounts

Yes, quite surprising but a large number of retailers offer discounts for university students. Being in college means having a chic closet to save your day! As the seasons’ change, so does students’ wardrobe and amidst other essential costs, sometimes managing this cost becomes arduous. Brands like Nike, offer students nationwide a 10% off on shopping online, which can be renewed every 30 days after you have confirmed your student eligibility. 

Another great way to score a college discount is by visiting your local Banana Republic store. Looking for a new trendy outfit, the store offers you a 15% discount on an in-store purchase when you show your college identification. 

3. Food Discounts

Wondering how to get college discounts on food? Well, some of your local food franchises have awesome discounts for students only. Craving some Chipotle guacamole and chips with a tasty burrito? Visit your local chipotle with just your student ID and enjoy amazing discounts. In Addition, some restaurants even offer a free drink with purchase. 

Another food chain to offer a 10% discount on their sweet delight is Dairy Queen. Followed by the famous fast-food joint i.e Burger King. With your student ID, you can obtain up to 10% off!

4. Movie Ticket College Discounts

College life is all about friends, fun, and trips, well apart from credit scores and rigorous classes. To de-stress and enjoy your favourite movies, theatres like Regal Cinemas, Cinemark, and AMC Theatres offer awesome student discounts. This is a great deal for the movie buffs who are always up and excited for a new movie

5. Work At Your University

Many universities offer paid internships and federal work-study programs that have common methods of offsetting your tuition directly. This is a way to score your college discount by cutting down your tuition fee. Check out your college list and see which universities provide discounts on school fees if you are a part or full-time employee. For example, Chapman University of California has a scheme that does. The on-campus job will help you immensely to reduce the tuition fee rates. 

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The above-given ways to discount college costs will contribute to your college budget acutely. By securing as many discounts as possible, you will be able to stick to your budget and sometimes even save extra cash alongside. It is also important to note that these college discounts change from time to time. Companies can anytime have a change their schemes. While 10% or 15% might not sound much, these deals can really add up over time and have a positive impact on your periodic budget.

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