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The University of Miami Scholarships: A Complete Guide 

University of Miami Scholarships


International students from all over the world can reap the benefits of the University of Miami Scholarships. With various opportunities available, this guide will help you navigate the world of scholarship funding and give you the tools you need to succeed academically and financially. 

The University of Miami Scholarships: A Brief 

The University of Miami provides undergraduate students with a variety of scholarships to aid with the financial burden of higher education. These University of Miami scholarships recognise academic success, potential for leadership, community service, and a variety of other abilities and qualities. The University of Miami offers the following types of scholarships:

Merit Scholarships

Several merit-based scholarships are available to prospective undergraduate students at the University of Miami, depending on their academic achievements. These scholarships are offered automatically during admissions, and no separate application is required. The scholarship amount fluctuates according to the student’s academic profile.

Transfer Scholarships

Transfer students who are applying to the University of Miami are also eligible for scholarships. This University of Miami scholarship is awarded based on the student’s academic performance in their previous college or university. Transfer scholarships aim to recognize transfer students’ academic achievements and potential and provide financial support. 

DACA – U Dreamers Program

The U Dreamers Program at the University of Miami supports undocumented students, including those who are DACA recipients. Through this program, eligible students can receive financial assistance to pursue their education at the university. It recognizes the unique challenges faced by undocumented students and aims to provide them with the opportunity to achieve their academic goals.

Additional Scholarships and Resources

In addition to the aforementioned scholarships, the University of Miami offers various additional scholarships and resources to help students fund their education. These scholarships may be based on specific criteria such as leadership, community service, artistic talent, or athletic ability. Students can explore these additional University of Miami scholarships and resources through the university’s official website or by contacting the Office of Financial Assistance.

Notable Scholarships at the University of Miami 

Below are a few notable University of Miami scholarships

  • Stamps Scholarship 

The University of Miami has partnered with the Stamps scholar program to provide students with multi-year scholarships and help them stay motivated. Moreover, the main aim of this University of Miami scholarship is to assist the students in attaining their educational goals. 

Summary CoverageRequirements 
For undergraduate degrees. 
Courses offered are Accounting, Art, Business Studies, Marine Science, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Health and Fitness. Etc. 
Total tuition fees are covered. The cost of textbooks, a one-time allowance and access to a $12,000 enrichment fund is also covered under this scholarship. To earn the Stamps scholarship, the university evaluates you based on your academic grades, letter of recommendation and other standardized test scores (TOEFL, IELTS). 
  • Isaac Bashevis Singer Scholarship 

The Isaac Bashevis Singer Scholarship was established to honour the Nobel Prize-winning author and lecturer Isaac Bashevis Singer.  

Summary CoverageRequirements 
For undergraduate degrees. The total tuition fees are covered. To get selected for the Isaac Bashevis Singer Scholarship, you need to exhibit an excellent academic record in your high school. 
A minimum of 3.0 GPA. 
  • Ronald A. Hammond Scholarship 

The Ronald A. Hammond Scholarship was established in honour of the University of Miami’s first director of minority affairs. It is one of the premier scholarships available at the university. 

Summary CoverageRequirements 
This scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated excellent high school academic records and intend to continue high research at the graduate level. 
The total tuition fee of students for an undergraduate program of 4 years. A Hammond Scholar is required to complete a full-time undergraduate program for a minimum of 24 credit hours each academic year, consisting of a minimum of 12 credit hours during each spring and semester. 

Other Merit Scholarships at the University of Miami for International students

  • President’s Scholarship 

President’s Scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement. These students typically take rigorous coursework, achieve top grades, and rank highly among our pool of applicants. The President’s Scholarship award goes up to $28,000 annually. 

  • Canes Achievement Award 

The Canes Achievement Award is one of the scholarships available to domestic and international students at the University of Miami. This merit-based grant is awarded to students with outstanding academic accomplishments in high school or preceding university courses.

The Canes Achievement Award is a renewable scholarship that offers $16,000 annually. Students must meet these academic standards and submit a complete application for admission by the deadline. The scholarship application is incorporated in the admission application, and there is no separate Canes Achievement Award application process.

Why Study at the University of Miami?

Academic Flexibility and Diversity 

More than 19000 students from all over the world are pursuing their education at the esteemed University of Miami. The university has 12 schools and colleges, with approximately 350 programs and majors serving graduate and undergraduate students. The university provides students with academic flexibility to design their educational path.

Financial Aid 

The University of Miami is committed to making quality education accessible to all. With this aim, they roll out various need and merit-based financial options, like grants and scholarships. The financial aid office works closely with students to help them find the necessary resources to fund their education.

  • State-of-the-art Research Facilities

The University of Miami is a private research university. The university is open to helping and supporting students who wish to pursue research programs in every way possible. The university spends $413 million annually on research programs and has many research centres across campus to help students.

How To Apply for Scholarships at the University of Miami? 

Suppose you want to apply for the scholarships for the University of Miami. In that case, it is necessary to know that anyone who applies to UM is considered for a merit scholarship. There is no separate application for the same; you have to fill out a standard application form.  Moreover, if you wish to be considered for need-based financial aid, you must submit the CSS Profile and other documents. 

No separate application is required for merit scholarships, which are provided based on a candidate’s application. University of Miami Scholarships will be provided to students at the time of their admission decision alongside financial aid .

However, to be eligible for the Premier scholarships that cover the entire cost of attendance, first-year students must apply by November 1st, selecting either the Early Decision I or Early Action admission plan. Students will be notified of any scholarships or financial aid they have been awarded at their admission decision.

Below is a list of a few key documents you need to submit along with your common application to avail of the University of Miami scholarship

  • Official high school transcripts 
  • English proficiency test score 
  • IELTS with a minimum band of 6.5
  • TOEFL with a minimum score of 80
  • 650 score on SAT 
  • A score of 27 or higher on the ACT
  • Letter of Recommendation 
  • You must submit an International Financial Certification Form when applying for admission to UM as a first-year international student. After you have filed your application, you can access this form via the Applicant Portal.


The University of Miami scholarships are intended to recognise and promote academic success while providing financial aid to needy students. Numerous scholarships are offered to students, ranging from merit-based rewards to need-based grants.

Every student at the University of Miami deserves the opportunity to pursue their aspirations and achieve their goals. We are devoted to making higher education accessible and affordable to all through our comprehensive scholarship programme. So, what are you holding out for? Start researching your choices today to open the door to a world of opportunity with the University of Miami Scholarships


1. Can you get a full scholarship to the University of Miami?

Yes, it is possible to get a full scholarship to the University of Miami. The university offers a number of merit-based and need-based scholarships to students, including the Stamps Scholarship, the Jenkins Scholarship, and the Presidential Fellows Program Scholarship. These scholarships can cover the full cost of attendance, including tuition, fees, housing, and meals.

2. Does University of Miami give full scholarships to international students?

Yes, the University of Miami offers full scholarships to international students. International students are eligible for the same merit-based and need-based scholarships as domestic students.

3. What GPA do you need to get a scholarship to University of Miami?

The GPA requirement for scholarships at the University of Miami varies depending on the scholarship. However, most scholarships require a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

4. Is the University of Miami Bachelors scholarship 2023 24 in the US fully funded?

The University of Miami Bachelors scholarship 2023-24 in the US is not fully funded. It covers the cost of tuition and fees, but does not cover the cost of housing, meals, or other expenses.

5. Is it hard to get a scholarship from University of Miami?

The University of Miami is a competitive university, and scholarships can be difficult to obtain. However, there are a number of things that students can do to improve their chances of receiving a scholarship, such as having a strong academic record, being involved in extracurricular activities, and writing a compelling scholarship essay.

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University of Miami Scholarships

The University of Miami Scholarships: A Complete Guide 

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