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Top Business Schools in US

top business schools in the us

In a world of thousands of entrepreneurs, you need to have a proper education if you wish to stand out. The United States of America has the highest number of globally prestigious institutions and over the years they have done an incredible job in turning their names into big brands. The MBA programme is one of the most professional degrees obtained from these institutions. They say ‘ An MBA in the US usually has a happy ending ‘, and we couldn’t agree more. Here are the Top Business schools in the US we’ve come across which are excelling in their methods and education.

University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton wing at the University of Pennsylvania consists of several departments in which you might find interest – accounting, e-commerce, entrepreneurship and various courses. Plus,  you have both the options of Full time as well as Part-time courses, depending on your availability.


One of the most popular universities in the US for good reasons. The Graduate business school is also highly efficient, providing several departments which will surely brush up your business skills in the best manner. However, the university only offers a full-time course but this doesn’t stop the student from having a Job at graduation.

Harvard University

There is no other university which makes a better ring in the ear than Harvard. Getting into Harvard might require a lot of studying but in the end, it’s all WORTH IT when you have a good job in hand, almost 80% of its students are already employed at the time of Graduation. They permit you to properly learn the art of business, considering that this school focuses mainly on experience and case methods rather than theory. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Looking to be a tech expert and a business expert at the same time? Well MIT is the one-stop solution for you then, This university provides concentrations and departments related to economics, entrepreneurship and various fields. Also, the variety of courses that spread on an international basis makes them a popular choice among non-U-S citizens. From LIbraries to business clubs, you name it they have it. 

Northwestern University 

Founded in 1980, Northwestern University introduced a one-year MBA program for the first time ever. It has a vibrant community of staff, faculty, students and alumni who shape the practice of business and organizations around the globe. The MBA is a blend of theory and practice, Taught in a dynamic research and learning environment.

University of Chicago(Booth)

Founded more than a century ago, the University of Chicago ( Booth) offers an MBA programme in four formats Full-time MBA, Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and Global Executive MBA, The Booth school offers these concentrations and departments – accounting, Business analytics, consulting, e-commerce, economics, entrepreneurship, ethics, finance, human resources management and much more. At graduation, 88.70 per cent of graduates of the full-time program are employed.

Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School is among the top 10 global business schools, according to the U.S. and World reports. The university has an excellent graduate employment rate of 94 per cent. The programmes at CBS are well designed and they are majorly known for their Finance and Consulting departments. The university has a huge Alumni network and the school places well at all the top investment banks and other finance roles.

Berkeley Haas

Berkeley’s Haas School of  Business is at the forefront of diversity, both through its connections to a very progressive host university, UC Berkeley and through its own initiatives, like appointing a Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer. Its Bay area location allows excellent placement within the tech industry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Yale University

Yale School of Management has a lot to cater for students with diverse academics, as the university offers a broad spectrum of departments and concentrations. The university has been gaining experience for more than 3 centuries and providing it to the students in a very helpful way. The students of the university are well recognised for their good appreciation all over the MNCs.

University of Washington

The university is positively known for Sir George Washington from where this university got his name in 1853. The university invites international students to study across 1500 courses in 90 fields of study  The university exhibits an acceptance rate of 16 per cent, indicating a not-so-easy selection procedure. The colourful campus consists of a gymnasium, athletic centre, library and various other state-of-the-art facilities.

Now that you know about the Top B schools in the US, It’s time to choose one and get started finally.

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1. Is a business degree worth it in the US?

A business degree can increase job prospects, create advancement opportunities, and increase your salary and lifetime income.

2. What business major is most in demand?

  • Finance.
  • Accounting.
  • Business administration/management.
  • Logistics/supply chain.
  • Management information systems.
  • Marketing.

3. Which Business major gets paid the most?

The highest-paying business majors include marketing, finance, and international business.

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top business schools in the us

Top Business Schools in US

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