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Top Secret: Things No One Told You About University Life

Things No One Told You About University Life

Why is it that as school students, we always looked forward to starting university, but once we enrolled at uni, we wished we could go back to school? We used to watch those beautiful movies in high school where the depiction of a university student’s life was all flowery and magical. We had preconceived notions about university life such as ‘love at first sight,’ endless partying, and dropping lectures whenever we pleased. Partly, some of it may be true. However, there will be several reality checks that you will face, and preparing for them before dealing with them would be ideal for you.

Here are some of the things no one told you about university life.

6 Things No One Told You About University Life

#1 Responsibilities Hit You Differently

With all the excitement of meeting new people and having fun at university, as well as the idea of all the studying you’ll be doing, it’s easy to forget that you’ll have to start looking after yourself. No more relying on your parents to prepare your meals, clean your dishes, or wash your clothes. So, if your kitchen experience prior to university was limited to burning a toast and if you haven’t the slightest idea how to use a washing machine, now is the time to learn! You’ll get the hang of it quickly, but it can be a bit of a cultural shock you will experience at first, so be prepared to take care of yourself.

#2 Netflix, Pizzas, & Naps

Most students believe that attending university entails being always occupied — lectures and classes during the day, and nonstop socialising in the evenings, right? This, however, is not always the case. Most courses, especially in the first year, will only include a few hours of lectures and lessons every day. And, while you’ll be spending a lot of time doing activities with your new pals, you’ll also have some free time. You could utilise this wisely and study more, but realistically, you’ll spend the majority of it catching up on sleep and binge-watching TV with pizzas replacing your popcorn tubs.

#3 You’re Running On A Budget

You’re not in your school days anymore where your lunch box was packed for you, and buying groceries at supermarkets was a fun activity. Even if students have a penchant for being broke, it can still come as a surprise when it occurs to you, especially when you secure a student loan in your bank account – plenty of money to have fun with, right? Unfortunately, once you’ve paid for your rent, utilities, food, and spent half of your loan on freshers’, you’ll realise this isn’t the case. So make sure you’re prepared — get a student card, download some budgeting apps, look for the cheapest groceries, and try not to spend too much money.

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#4 Hard-Work Is The Key To Success

Another thing that all students should expect, but which still surprises them, is how hard they will have to work when it comes to studying. And, while the first year of most courses will not count toward your degree, you must still pass. It’s a significant jump up from A-level, and if you don’t keep up with the reading and attend enough lessons, you’ll fall behind. After all, you’re there to work, and the more work you accomplish throughout the first year, the better prepared you’ll be when it comes to crunch time. So stay on top of things and you won’t miss out on any fun!

Things No One Told You About University Life

#5 Home-Sick Much?

Most students would laugh at the idea of being homesick before they join uni, and yet it turns out to be something that many students face. In fact, data suggests that more than half of students suffer homesickness at some time, so you’re not alone. Whether you miss your friends, family, your pet dog, or just those tiny home comforts (a good bed, a bath, etc.), being homesick is a normal yet unfamiliar and a new sensation for most students. So it’s important to keep in touch with your friends and family and to make plans to travel home for a weekend every now and again. This will help you overcome homesickness and be ready to go when you return to university.

#6 You’re In A Relationship With Caffeine

Coffee is a simple cure for a college student’s time crunch. Caffeine is a big part of students’ life on college campuses all around the world. It has become an integral element of the collegiate lifestyle, with all of the dates, deadlines, and responsibilities that students must meet. Caffeine is known for its energy-inducing qualities and has become a crutch for students battling to remain awake, as well as a redeeming factor for those attempting to beat the clock and stay ahead of the game.

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Things No One Told You About University Life

Top Secret: Things No One Told You About University Life

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