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Cost Of Best Universities In The World For MBA

Cost Of Best Universities In The World For MBA

The cost of best universities in the world for MBA comes with unparalleled benefits – a huge career jump, a massive pay-check, major CV points, up-skilling and networking opportunities and much more. But to get here, you will need to invest a substantial amount of your time and $$$. The cost of world’s best colleges for MBA offer management education that is second to none. But what is the cost of an MBA at the best universities in the world? This article sheds light on how much money you will have to spend to pursue an MBA at the best universities in the world. 

It is worth mentioning that 60% of the world’s top-25 business schools charge in excess of  US $100,000, while only 4% of these institutes charge less than US $50,000 for a full-time MBA program. So, if you plan on enrolling at a top business school, make sure you have your finances in place. The best way to do this is to get a reliable education loan with a flexible repayment plan. UniCreds, is an education loan marketplace that does this and much more! With UniCreds, students can get education loans that cover the cost of tuition, accommodation, transportation, stationery and other expenses. Make sure you visit the UniCreds website today to find out the best education loan for yourself. 

Cost Of Top MBA Universities In World

1. Harvard Business School

The Cost Of MBA At The Best Universities In The World

Harvard Business School has been regarded as one of the best universities for MBA in the world for quite some time now. HBS offers a full-time, two-year, residential MBA program designed to prepare students for global leadership roles. In addition, HBS offers dual-degree options through other Harvard colleges, including Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Law School, Harvard Medical School, and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. The HBS MBA experience exposes students to real-life leadership challenges through interaction with a diverse community. To combat the high cost of education, Harvard University provides more than 50 percent of all its students with financial aid and 55 percent of undergraduates receive the Harvard Scholarship.

Country – USA

The Cost Of World’s Best Colleges For MBA is:

  • $111,102
  • Rs. 79.81 Lakhs

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2. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton

The University of Pennsylvania: Wharton offers students a 20-month, full-time MBA program. This includes a mandatory 3.5-month summer internship, that provides students with practical experience in their respective fields. In addition to a choice of over 19 majors and 200 electives, Wharton offers students a very wide range of dual-degree options that includes an MBA/JD, an MBA/MD, an MBA/M Arch (Architecture), an MBA/MS Veterinary Medicine, and much more. Unlike other top MBA universities, Wharton has a large entering class, with 863 recent enrolments, and an average 18% acceptance rate. 95% of post graduate students are known to be employed within 3 months of graduation, particularly in consulting and finance roles. Currently, the median salary is around $125,000 – one of the highest in the world. This makes it one of the best universities for MBA in the world.

Country – USA

Cost Of Best Universities In The World For MBA:

  • $114,896
  • Rs. 82.53 Lakhs

3. Stanford Graduate School of Business

The Cost Of MBA At The Best Universities In The World

Stanford Graduate School of Business needs no introduction. This business school has currently overtaking its Ivy League counterparts in the selectivity stakes with only a 7.1% acceptance rate making it the USA’s toughest business school to get into. Stanford GSB offers a two-year, full-time MBA, as well as a large range of dual-degree MBA programs. The programs are administered by Stanford GSB’s distinguished faculty that includes three Nobel Prize winners, two John Bates Clark Award winners and 15 members of the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences. First year students have to adhere to a core general management curriculum, whereas second year students have the option to customize their program with courses at other Stanford schools, electives, seminars, or a joint or dual degree. Elective courses include accounting, political economics, entrepreneurship, managerial economics, strategic management, finance, general management and marketing.

Country – USA

The Cost Of World’s Best Colleges For MBA is:

  • $115,917
  • Rs. 83.26 Lakhs


INSEAD specialises in an accelerated 10-month MBA program that promises to develop leaders and entrepreneurs who create value for their organisations and their communities. Classes are conducted on two campuses in Europe and Asia, and with over 90 different nationalities in the classroom. No other business school in the world offers as much multicultural experience as INSEAD. INSEAD’s 10-month MBA format has proven to be a highly successful model. Students appreciate the opportunity to gain their MBA degree in half the time, meaning a much lower overall cost and less foregone salary. The program begins with 14 MBA core courses, which provide students with a robust foundation of key management disciplines. In the second part, students can choose from over 75 different electives in a variety of academic areas. The cost of top MBA universities in the world such as this one may be on the higher side but there are many perks to it.

Country – France/Singapore

Cost Of Best Universities In The World For MBA:

  • $94,540
  • Rs. 67.71 Lakhs


CEIBS offers students a world-class, 18-month, full-time MBA program taught in English. This program prepares talented professionals for strong and successful careers. The CEIBS MBA program enhances a student’s ability to identify and utilise business opportunities, motivate people, solve complex business problems, and develop organisations. CEIBS is ranked 5th globally and 1st in Asia. One of the hallmark features of the CEIBS MBA program is their “China Depth, Global Breadth” motto. Basic Chinese language competency is mandatory for international students in order to improve their marketability in China’s dramatically growing economy. Those students who do not speak Chinese when applying for admission will be recommended to attend a Chinese language course in the summer before MBA classes begin. 

Country – China

Cost Of Top MBA Universities in The World

  • $62,219
  • Rs. 44.82 Lakhs

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Cost Of Best Universities In The World For MBA

Cost Of Best Universities In The World For MBA

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