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MS In The US: Costs, Scholarships, & Loans

MS In The US

Right now, the United States of America is the world’s top research destination. Students worldwide flock to it in enormous numbers because of its high academic quality to pursue their higher education and earn globally recognized degrees. However, it is known that the costs of education are high in the US. So, let’s have a look at the cost of doing MS in the US.

University Fees For Students

If you’re here wondering “How much does it cost to do MS in the US?”, you should know that it differs from college to college, depending on the type of college you choose to study in the USA. Although the average fees that one has to spend without monetary assistance are relatively high, there are many funding sources, making studying American universities affordable.

Tuition Fees In Public Colleges

As stated, university fees are different for various universities and rely on the courses students choose to follow. However, the college tuition fees range on average from USD 5000 to 50000 per year, and this may increase for some courses such as MBA, medical, law, etc. The average tuition fees for a two-year course in public universities is USD 3520, while for a four-year course, it is USD 9650 (in-state) and USD 24930 (out of state).

Fees For Tuition At Other Types Of Schools

The average college tuition fee depends on the institution’s type, and the course one pursues (public or private). Even for public universities, as already described, the average will go up steeply if the course’s length doubles. For instance, for a four-year course, private non-profit colleges can charge USD 33480.

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Cost Of Master’s Degree For Foreign Students

The average tuition fees for MS in the US will cost anywhere from USD 20,000-35,000 depending on the course and universities. Business courses, such as an MBA in the USA and a medical course in the USA, can be more costly than that. Many international students opt for STEM courses that comprise courses in the fields of science and technology when talking about Masters in the USA.

MS in the US


A very critical part of a student’s plan to study in the USA is scholarships. The fees that most American universities cost may not be affordable. So here is a list of scholarships in the United States for students for graduate and undergraduate courses. 

Loan For Foreign Students

A practical way to fund your expenses for the period you are going to study abroad is the Foreign Students Loan. If your scholarship and financial assistance and family funds are depleted, and there is still a void in funds that needs to be proven, the way to go is a foreign student loan. Not only can it help you close the gap, but it will provide you with the luxury of extended payments and low-interest rates.

Advantages Of Education Loans

Loans are a great way of financing your education abroad. Since they are meant for learners, they are very versatile when it comes to repayment of the loan. The amounts are huge enough to pay for your programs, but the repayment is made over an extended period. Compared to other kinds of loans, the interest rates are also low. Options such as redemption after graduation are also accessible. 

Student Visa Fee

There are two fees for United States students:

  • Fee SEVIS
  • Fee for a Visa Application (MRV Fee)

Living Expenses In The US

The expense of living for international students in the USA depends on the student’s position to stay. For instance, the cost of living can be very high in states like Washington, California, and the areas around New York. This is focused on the premise that students would live in shared housing, live outside of campus, and live modestly.

Housing Expenses In The US

There are three kinds of housing options available for international students’ on-campus accommodation: off-campus accommodation and host family accommodation. The student stays on the university campus, in a student room or student apartment in the first instance. One hires a private or shared apartment in off-campus accommodation outside the campus. It costs less. Finally, living with a family may be more expensive than living off-campus, but it helps to get acquainted with America’s culture.

Fooding Charges

Students are not meant to live luxuriously. America provides individuals with all sorts of choices. For just thirteen dollars, students have the choice of getting meals in cheap restaurants. In a mid-range restaurant, a three-course lunch for two people costs fifty dollars.

Transportation Costs

Students usually reside either on campus or just outside it. Transportation, therefore, is not a significant problem. They take advantage of the public transit system, which includes buses, taxis, and trains. Also, vehicle rental facilities are open. Often, students use carpools to travel from one venue to another.

Extra Expenses And Savings

America is full of alternatives and temptations that can incur additional expenses. So one has to be vigilant. Moreover, health care is an additional burden. There are also expenses related to the purchasing of books, stationery, etc. By eating in cheap restaurants, one can save on food expenses. Pool cars can be used for travel, and all books can be borrowed from the libraries.

So if you choose to graduate from an American university or pursue MS in the US or some other postgraduate program, you can be completely assured that you will receive a top-quality education and in English.

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MS In The US

MS In The US: Costs, Scholarships, & Loans

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