A List of 5 Best Roommate Bill-Splitting Apps Of 2022

Written by Aashna Dadiala

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June 8, 2021

Splitting the bill while sharing a living space with your roommates might be difficult. Do you split the bill equally or itemize everything for everyone? What is the appropriate amount for each person? Even more complicated is sharing big expenditures like rent, electricity, and keeping your flat supplied with toilet paper. Well, I’ve got some good news for you: there are a few roommate bill-splitting apps that will handle the math for you—and in some cases, even the communication. Choose from a variety of options and download them for around $1 apiece (a small price to pay for not having to ask your roommate for her share of the electricity every month). You can use these apps to easily split bills with friends

1. Splitwise: To Make Transfers Easier

This is the roommate bill-splitting apps If you routinely share expenditures with someone. This free software for iPhone and Android is great. From the past three shopping runs you made to the Friday happy hour that your roommate paid for, Splitwise keeps track of who owes who what. When you’re ready to pay, all it takes is a simple PayPal transfer to clear your bills.

You don’t have to bother your roommates because the app sends you reminder emails to assist you with your money management. Simply submit a cost and select who you’d want to share it with. The frequency with which you and your roommates settle the bill is up to you.

2. Billr: All-In-One Cost-Sharing And Itemization

If you have an iPhone and enjoy eating out with roommates, this 99-cent app is a must-have. Billr will figure out how much each person owes for their own entrees. (You don’t want to pay for someone else’s lobster when you’re eating a salad) and divide shared goods like appetisers and champagne. The programme will also calculate the tax and tip. This roommate bill-splitting apps even sends a text or email with a copy of the divided bill to the rest of the group.

t’s well-crafted  with an amazingly good design, making it one of the best bill-splitting apps

Out there! The software was designed by a group of talented students from Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. Even the name is easy to remember and distinguishes it from other applications, as it follows the typical app naming trend of deleting a vowel for no apparent reason.

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3. Divvy means “to snap and split” in English.

You don’t even need to input anything into your phone with Divvy on your iPhone. Simply take a photo of your receipt and drag each item to the person who will pay for it. Each person’s portion will be automatically taxed and tipped. It’s 99 cents to download it.

You may input your expenses in this roommate bill-splitting apps and pick whether to distribute your roommates’ expenses evenly or unevenly. It also doesn’t require internet connectivity to use – the app is fully functional without it.

You may quickly create a PDF and email it to your housemates if you want to keep track of your debts!

4. Venmo To Remind Your Friends That They Owe You

 Have you ever paid for a collective birthday present or trip with the intention of having everyone repay you later? With this free software that allows you to send money requests at any moment, you can remind your pals who owes who what. You may also repay your buddies if they make a request.

Alternatively, these genius apps for splitting bills with roommates may retain money in your Venmo account and pay it to your roommate – the $10 your buddy bought you for dinner last week may go toward your energy bill rather than disappearing into your bank account.

This roommate bill-splitting app is a free software that allows anyone with the app to send money to anybody else. This implies that this bill-splitting software isn’t only for roommates — it’s also a fantastic way to repay friends and family.

5.IOU, Bill-Sharing App For Roommates 

IOU is one of the great bill splitting apps that keeps track of all your roommate debts. You may post costs, divide them evenly among your housemates, and issue reminders to each other.

You may also construct a payment plan for large purchases or add recurring IOUs for monthly invoices. If your roommate, for example, damages your TV and doesn’t have the money to pay you back right away, you may make six-month instalment payments.

It’s simple to keep track of everything using this roommate bill-splitting app and you’ll have a historical record of your debts. There will be no more squabbling about whether or not your roommate has paid you for cleaning supplies or toilet paper.

Final Thoughts

Sharing an apartment with roommates may be a lot of fun unless there are financial concerns. Fortunately, you may avoid financial problems by utilising bill-splitting software with your roommate.

Whether you’re paying rent, groceries, or a restaurant bill, bill-splitting apps for roommates make it simple to keep track of spending and fairly divide them Hence, I hope you found this list useful. Go ahead and save lots of money!

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What are the best roommate bill-splitting apps of 2022?

Splitwise, BillSplitter, and IOU are a few of the top 2022 roommate bill-splitting apps. These apps offer a practical and simple solution for roommates to divide bills and expenses.

How do bill-splitting apps work?

Typically, users of bill-splitting apps applications may input their spending and invoices, allocate them to particular roommates, and the apps will compute and distribute payments automatically. Additionally, some apps enable the setting of shared charges and personalised payment plans.

Are bill-splitting apps free to use?

Although the majority of bill-splitting apps are free to use, some can offer paid premium features or subscriptions.

Are these apps available on both iOS and Android?

Both iOS and Android devices can use the majority of these apps, although it’s best to check the app store first before downloading.

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