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How To Get Part Time Jobs In Paris?

part time jobs in paris

Looking for jobs in Paris? The attraction of the French capital is too much to ignore those who dream of living in one of the world’s most famous capitals. Paris has a glamorous backdrop, beautiful cityscape, and fine-dining. There’s something to do during your spare time in Paris, and it’s easy to find part-time jobs in Paris.

This guide will clarify the possibilities for expats searching for employment in Paris, along with valuable advice on where to apply for part time Paris student jobs.

Part Time Jobs In Paris

In-Demand Paris Jobs For Expats In The City

Not knowing enough French doesn’t have to be a challenge, though, to find a part time job in Paris. There are many ways around the language issue. Better still, there are possibilities for expats in Paris to target English-speaking positions that fit nicely for those new to France and the language. 


For someone who is still studying French, becoming a nanny or au pair is still a nice choice, while you may have learned the basics. Paris is home to several households who need someone to take care of their kids and do housework. Parents who wish to learn English from their kids are more likely to recruit native speakers. Due to visa problems, EU residents appear to have a benefit over non-EU citizens, but no qualification is needed, only child care expertise. Men are often seldom employed as au pairs, too.

English Teacher

An English instructor or teaching your native language is one of the more apparent career choices in Paris. Teachers of the English language in France are in extremely high demand, and fluent speakers now have an edge over other native French speakers. It is quite difficult, however, getting a job in Paris to teach in a public school system, especially as a foreigner, so look for private language schools or agencies. In general, the pay per hour is fine, just make sure that you bear in mind the time spent planning for classes and travel.

Tour Guide

A tour guide is another of the English-speaking part time Paris student jobs who, in addition to English skills and an outstanding memory for dates and titles, does not have a lot of requirements. Paris is an immense visitor attraction, with many arriving from English-speaking nations. Certified tour guides still exist, so to secure a position, you should research on your own and use the experience. Be sure you are comfortable with parties of up to 20 individuals being treated, often more. Proficiency is indeed a major bonus in every other language.


Bartending or hotel work in Paris prevail as everything else falls. The lives of many expats who wanted a career and had bad French were saved by these employers. For those that aren’t decent French speakers, it is one of the best work to obtain. Many young Parisians even visit bars and restaurants, and some are delighted to have the ability to learn their English when drinking and relaxing.

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Applying For Paris Part-Time Jobs

In Paris, there are certain English-speaking positions that are ideal for expats. For eg, as there has been an increase of British people migrating to France due to economic problems and increasing house prices in the UK, there is a need for English-speaking real estate agents. In reality, in France, there are English real estate agents helping British expats find a home in Paris, and they are trying to recruit native speakers. Leggett Immobilier is one instance of such an organization.

Hospitality work for English speakers is still a reasonable option owing to the touristic aspect of Paris. In Paris, hotel positions are more popular for tourists during the high season, and you will have to have some sort of French as well as some experience (though that depends on the position). Since Paris is such a big place, there are plenty of different hotels and also hostels and other forms of accommodation that need English-speaking workers and are willing, in certain instances, to employ people without much experience.

IT employment in Paris is not that hard to locate, just as in every other big area. Since English is a huge part of the IT community, it can be a great advantage to be an expat, particularly one with IT experience. There are several big businesses located in Paris, such as Lacoste and Dailymotion, even though the work isn’t for an organization that just does IT. These forms of enterprises also search for specialist workers and are typically accessible to employing international nationals with English language expertise, the language of modern industry.

For expats, imaginative freelancing is still an alternative. Native English speakers will also find jobs in English for French businesses searching for marketing material. Other freelance capabilities that come in handy are writing and interpreting.

The Planning Of A French CV And Interview Advice

In France, resumés, or CVs, as they are labeled outside the US, are a little different. In terms of length, it shouldn’t be more than two to three pages for senior roles, and no more than one page for everyone else.

Cover letters on high quality paper must be handwritten with ink. This is because your handwriting can be stared at by several French firms to analyze your personality.

You should know that French businesses in Paris sometimes make you go through up to four different interviews until you get to the interview stage. Prepare yourself for each one by studying the business and work so that you have a few questions at the end to ask the interviewers. Along with your talent, your attitude would be evaluated, and you may be challenged to handwrite something.

Dress is rather official, and it would also be the sound of the interview. There won’t be small talk and joking, and aim to keep from it as it will be perceived as unprofessional instead of pleasant. Use monsieur and madam to greet the interviewer. Through shaking hands, you can salute them. Wait right after you are prompted to calm down and be alert for inquiries concerning your marital status and other personal stuff, such as whether you plan to have kids in the immediate future.

Networking For Part Time Jobs In Paris

It could take more time than in your home town to find a position in an area you are experienced in, even though you have specific skills and experience. Constructing a network of connections in your preferred sector is one of the easiest ways to getting a job in Paris.

Paris is a major city and in the culture there, corporations are very involved. Finding networking activities and showcases to visit where you can create friends would be no challenge. 


1. What are some common part-time jobs for students in Paris?

Working as a sales assistant at a store, waiter/waitress, barista, receptionist, tutoring, and internships are all common part-time professions for students in Paris.

2. Are there any specific requirements for students to work part-time in Paris?

In order to work part-time in France, international students may need to get a work permit. Additionally, students may be required to submit confirmation of enrollment and language competency to future employers.

3. How can I find part-time jobs in Paris as a student?

Begin by searching online recruitment sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, or Apec. Furthermore, several universities in Paris provide job seeking tools for their students, such as career centres.

4. What is the average pay for part-time jobs in Paris for students?

Part-time job earnings in Paris vary based on the type of job and the company. However, as of 2021, the minimum wage in France is €10.15 per hour.

5. Are there any part-time jobs that are specifically catering to international students?

Yes, certain international student-focused organisations and businesses may provide part-time work opportunities to overseas students. Language schools, study abroad programmes, and global student associations are a few examples.

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part time jobs in paris

How To Get Part Time Jobs In Paris?

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