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Oxford University London: All You Need To Know

Oxford University London

The University of Oxford is one of the most internationally renowned universities in the world. As of today, almost one-third of its student population comprises international citizens coming from over 150 countries. Oxford London University combines rich history and tradition with its outstanding global reputation for teaching, research and contributions to society. Through this blog – Oxford University London: All You Need To Know, you will learn everything you need to know about studying in London, especially at the University of Oxford. 

Why Study At Oxford? | Oxford University London: All You Need To Know

A World-Class University

Not to sound like a broken record but London Oxford University is regarded as one of the best universities in the world. As per the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021, Oxford London University was ranked the best university in the world for the fifth year running. This university also tops the list of subject rankings for social sciences, medicine and health, computer science and engineering and technology. Oxford’s medical and health teaching and research have been ranked best in the world for the eighth successive year.

Unrivalled Oxford Alumni

One of the many highlights of studying at Oxford London University is the fact that there are several opportunities to meet the university’s distinguished alumni. Benazir Bhutto (Former Prime Minister of Pakistan), Bill Clinton (Former US President), Albert Einstein (Nobel Prize-winning Physicist), Lewis Carroll (Writer), Adam Smith (Economist and Philosopher), Philip Pullman (author) among others were once students at Oxford University London. As a student at Oxford University, you will get many chances to rub shoulders with living legends and share these experiences with your friends and family.

Class Sizes Are Smaller

By studying at the University of Oxford, you can expect to receive more attention from your tutors, thanks to the smaller batch sizes. Oxford University in London was ranked sixth in the world for its faculty to student ratio. By comparison, Cambridge was only ninth.

A Melting Pot Of Culture

One of the most exciting reasons to study abroad is the opportunity to meet new people. You will come across people with varied experiences and backgrounds. Not only does the university draw students from all over the world, but the city of Oxford is one of the UK’s most culturally diverse cities. 

An Abundance Of Arts And Culture

University towns and arts and culture usually go hand in hand, and Oxford is no exception. There is a robust selection of museums for students to explore. One can find everything ranging from modern art to natural history to the weird and wonderful Pitt Rivers Museum, a collection of over 600,000 objects, manuscripts. and photographs from nearly every country in the world!

Qualifications | Oxford University London: All You Need To Know

Oxford University London: All You Need To Know

Next on our student guide to London is the Qualifications for getting into Oxford University in London. Oxford University is notorious for its high qualification standards. Students who wish to study here, must meet the qualification requirements of their course. A large majority of students who apply to Oxford London University take the A-levels but the university also accepts a whole range of other equivalent qualifications.

Specific Subject Requirements

In some subjects, especially sciences, students are required to have studied certain subjects to at least A-level standard. In case a student has studied an alternative course, the university would require evidence that the course covers the same content as A-level to the appropriate standard.

  • A-levels

Offers for students studying A-levels will range between A*A*A and AAA depending on the course. 

  • Access Courses

Some Access courses allow students to take one or two A-levels as part of the course.

  • Applied General qualifications (including BTECs)

A D grade (distinction) in an Applied General qualification would be considered equivalent to an A at A-level, and a D* in a BTEC National would be considered equivalent to an A* at A-level.

  • GCSEs
GCSE grades – England (historic) and Wales(current)Reformed GCSE grades – England (and some smallercohort subjects in Wales and Northern Ireland)GCSE grades – Northern Ireland

How To Apply | Oxford University London: All You Need To Know

The student population at the University of Oxford can be characterized by its exceptional academic ability and intellectual curiosity. Students come from all over the world and thus, bring with them, an amazing range of backgrounds and interests. This makes Oxford College one of the most diverse learning environments in the world. London Oxford University has etched its place in the history books for being one of the best educational institutions in the world. This is why the competition for places to study here is intense.

Here are the steps involved in applying to Oxford University in London – 

  • Choose a course and make sure that you have met or are on target to meet the admission requirements.
  • Explore the Oxford colleges and decide whether to express a college preference or make an open application on your UCAS form.
  • Look at the admissions timeline and note the deadlines.
  • Read the guide for applicants to learn about each stage of the admissions process.

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Best Student Accommodation Near Oxford University In London 

iQ Alice House


25 St Clement’s St, Cowley, Oxford OX4 1GG, United Kingdom.

Room Types 

  • Studio room

Accommodation Amenities

A communal area, a study area, 24/7 dedicated support, social events, an electronic key fob entry system, contents insurance, CCTV security, a laundry room, all-inclusive utility bills and WiFi.

Price Range 

£294 – £389/week

Between Towns Court


13 Between Towns Road Oxford OX4 3LX.

Room Types 

  • En-suite room
  • Studio room

Accommodation Amenities 

An electronic key fob entry system, 24/7 dedicated support, parcel receipt system, a lounge area, a garden, BBQ area, social events, a games room, vending machine, specially abled access, bike storage, all-inclusive utility bills, WiFi and a laundry room. 

Price Range 

£190 – £270/week

Slade Park


Slade Park Horspath Driftway Headington Oxford, OX3 7FJ.

Room Types

  • En-suite room
  • Studio room

Accommodation Amenities 

An electronic key fob entry system, a vending machine, 24×7 dedicated support, parcel receipt service, a communal area, a study area, contents insurance, social events, bike storage, a games room, CCTV security, all-inclusive utility bills and a laundry room. 

Price Range

£169 – £220/week


1. Is Oxford University in London expensive?

The cost of studying at Oxford University in London is about the same cost as studying at any other university in London. Most universities in London are expensive but if it matches your budget, it’s the perfect pick for you.

2. What are the fees of Oxford University London?

Studying at Oxford University in London costs around £9,250, annually. The cost can vary based on whether the applicant is an international or a domestic student.

3. Why is Oxford University famous?

Oxford is one of the top research universities in the world and has top-notch study and research facilities. They are renowned for the quality of their education and research. It is also one of the oldest universities in the UK and holds a prestigious name due to its deeply sown roots.

4. What subject is Oxford University famous for?

Oxford University is famous for subjects like classics and ancient history, anatomy and physics, anthropology, archaeology, pharmacy, modern languages, English languages and literature and geography.

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Oxford University London

Oxford University London: All You Need To Know

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