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Important Tips On Outstanding Scholarship Application Writing

Outstanding Scholarship Application Writing

The application process for scholarships is very similar to the application process for a college. Both of them involve filling out initial forms, gathering letters of recommendation and writing one or more essays. However, in the case of scholarships, your goal is to win and secure one and not just get accepted into a college like hundreds of other students, so your approach here should differ. In this article, I’ll help you with all the important pointers you need for outstanding scholarship application writing.

Writing An Outstanding Scholarship Application

Following are the crucial aspects you need to take care of while writing an application in order to maximise your chances of grabbing a scholarship.

1. Stitch An Exceptional Essay | Writing A Winning Scholarship Essay

The majority of scholarship organisations ask you to submit an essay about yourself and your career plans. This is your chance to communicate directly with the scholarship committee and present yourself in the best light. 

How to Write a Scholarship Application Cover Letter

The essay is essentially the heart of outstanding scholarship application writing, hence you need to write an essay that moves the judges/readers. You can start by narrating a story or painting a picture that captures the attention of the readers. After you are done with this intense moment of your story or the main plot, rewind if you need to give some backstory. Also, do mention the core values that are important for you so that the reader readily establishes who you are and what matters to you. Relating these values in your essays and providing instances acts as icing on the cake. 

While you are trying your best to express yourself, don’t forget to bind in the core values of the scholarship organisation as well. It demonstrates that you have done your homework regarding the background and mission statement of the organisation. If there’s one thing that attracts a judge/recruiter the most then it is your sound knowledge of the institution’s background. So make sure you score well in this aspect. 

By following these scholarship essay tips, as well as tailoring your essay for each application, you can boost your chances of winning a scholarship. If you want to read in-depth about this topic then consider reading: Top 10 Tips For Writing A Winning Scholarship Essay.

If you are wondering how to write a scholarship application cover letter, then here’s the answer. Your cover letter should: 

  • Highlight your strengths: Why do your strengths make you a good match for the scholarship? 
  • Express what your plans are for the future: How will this particular scholarship help get you there? 
  • Convey a clear structure: Your cover letter should flow in a clear and concise manner. 

2. Collect Impressive And Impactful Letters of Recommendation

Just like a college application, you will be asked to submit more than one letter of recommendation for scholarships as well. LORs are an integral part of outstanding scholarship application writing. You can source these LORs from a teacher, an advisor, a principal or a supervisor. You need to strategically consider the right people whose LOR will have the maximum impact. For example, if you are applying for a STEM scholarship, you should ask your higher-level math teacher to write a letter of recommendation and mention your strong math skills.

Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay

Also, do hand over your recent resume or activity list when you request them to write a LOR. It will help them accurately craft the letter to suit your purpose. Taking care of the above pointers will help you get a more personalised and detailed letter that will provide insights into who you are as an individual. 

Don’t forget to read: The Importance of a Letter of Recommendation You Didn’t Know About

3. Cautiously Fill Out The Application Form | Outstanding Scholarship Application Writing

The first step of all scholarship applications would be filling out various forms with your personal information. Although this is fairly straightforward, it’s important to look it over closely. Ensure your information is accurate and up to date. Read all the instructions carefully because you don’t want to get rejected on a technicality. 

Proofread all the information you provide and also have a fresh set of eyes scan the application – preferably parents. Check that the application form is free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

4. Request Your Transcripts Early

If the scholarship you are applying for takes academic merit into consideration, you will need to send your transcripts. In such a scenario it is essential that you request your transcripts early. 

Your school counselor will be most likely helping hundreds of students, all of whom will be juggling their own scholarship and college admissions deadlines. Hence, let your counselor know about your deadlines at least a few weeks in advance and follow up with them to ensure everything gets there in time. Transcripts are a critical part of outstanding scholarship application writing.

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5. Put Together A Strong Resume | Outstanding Scholarship Application Writing

Irrespective of whether the scholarship application requires a resume, it might be helpful to create one. Your resume could highlight any awards, internships, leadership positions, or other experiences and accomplishments that you want to draw attention to.

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Writing an Outstanding Scholarship Application

There are two benefits of submitting a resume when the committee allows you to submit additional documents of your choice. First, it acts as a piece of great supplemental information. Second, it is highly likely that your resume will impress the committee as it shows you are committed to going the extra mile.

6. Collect Your Financial Aid Information Ahead of Time

Finally, many organisations take financial needs into account when awarding scholarship money. As a result, it will be helpful for you to collect your family’s financial information or submit a copy of your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)/Student Aid Index

Lastly, if the scholarship is primarily awarded based on need, remember to highlight how this award money would help ease the financial pressure and help you achieve your goals in the application.

These were some of the crucial tips on outstanding scholarship application writing. Alternatively, you can also search for scholarships on UniScholarz. Visit: Study Abroad Scholarships UniScholarz, and choose from a gamut of over 1,000+ scholarships.

Good luck and may you grab the best scholarship for yourself!

Thank you for reading this blog ‘Important Tips On Outstanding Scholarship Application Writing’. If you enjoyed reading this blog and would like to continue reading more about scholarships then do check out our following blogs.

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Outstanding Scholarship Application Writing

Important Tips On Outstanding Scholarship Application Writing

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