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5 Best Countries to Study MS In Computer Science Abroad

MS In Computer Science

When it comes to international work experience, having a Master’s degree from an international institution, particularly a reputable institution, is extremely valuable. Each country has distinct advantages. Master’s degree programmes in computer science that provide training in one or more areas, give students an opportunity for advanced careers and better incomes.

Amongst all the students in India who take the opportunity to study abroad, the majority of science and engineering students are eager to pursue MS in Computer Science at some of the top schools abroad. Every year, many Indian students apply for higher education abroad and, as it is clear, many are looking for the best universities for MS in computer science. In this guide, we will list down the 5 Best Countries to Study MS in Computer Science abroad.

Why Pursue MS in Computer Science Abroad?

Well, there are reasons for everything! From why to why not, it is important to know why in the first place you should opt for a master’s degree in CS before even deciding whether you want to do it overseas or not. Here are the reasons you should definitely consider-

  • One of the major reasons for pursuing an MS in Computer Science abroad is that it can provide the foundation of an individual’s career in technology research and development. 
  • Employment in the computer science industry can usually be found in the IT sector of a company, a government agency, or a non-profit entity. An MS in Computer Science abroad offers the applicants competitive advantages.
  • Making the big decision to study for an MS in another country also helps students stand out when it comes to finding work after graduation. It will demonstrate to employers that students can adapt to a variety of situations and will provide them with a unique global perspective.
  • It comes as no surprise that computer science is one of the courses offered at universities worldwide. There are numerous job opportunities available after graduation as the world around us becomes more computerised.
  • More than 850 full-time work openings in Google currently list a Master’s degree as a recommended certification. Facebook is another aspirational landing place for master’s degree holders.

Which Country Is Best To Study MS In Computer Science For Indian Students?

The world’s top destinations for pursuing a career in computer science through a Master’s degree include Switzerland, Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany, Singapore, Sweden, and Denmark. These progressive nations are at the forefront of technological advancements and offer excellent opportunities for growth. Aspiring professionals can expect competitive median salaries, making these countries ideal for launching a successful career in the field of computer science.

Best Countries To Study MS in Computer Science Abroad

What are the best countries to study MS in Computer Science abroad? Here is a list of the top countries and their most renowned universities with their fees.


The United States has long been a preferred study destination for thousands of students across the globe. Some of the world’s best universities are located in the United States. Many well-known universities include Harvard University, MIT Cambridge, Caltech (California Institute of Technology), Columbia University, and Yale University.

The United States is the best country for international students to pursue an MS in computer science since colleges in the US provide academic quality, flexible curricula, and comprehensive support programmes for international students.

The average cost of staying in the United States while seeking an MS degree ranges from $12,000 to $15,000 per year. MS in major cities such as New York or Chicago, where annual expenses could vary from $17,000 to $18,000. Below is the list of some top US universities along with their fee structure for MS in Computer Science abroad.

Top MS Universities for Computer Science Abroad – USA MS in Computer Science Abroad Fee
Harvard University$36,000 – $39,000
Stanford University$38,000 – $40,000
Massachusetts Institute of Technology$42,000 – $44,000
California State University$28,000 – $32,000
Southern Illinois University$26,000 – $30,000
University of Illinois, Chicago$30,000-$32,959
Auburn University$28,000-$30,000
University of Massachusetts, Lowell$25,000 – $28,000
George Mason University$25,000-$27,000
Oregon State University$18,644


The master’s courses available in the United Kingdom are not only shorter but also more intensive than those available in other countries. As a result, students can graduate sooner without compromising their quality of education. This saves students time and money that they would spend on tuition and living expenses. According to the Times Higher Education World Rankings, the United Kingdom has the second-highest number of universities in the top 100.

Universities in the United Kingdom that offer MS programmes include the University of Salford, the University of Glasgow, the University of Birmingham, the University of Oxford, and the University of Nottingham. With universities dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries, the United Kingdom has a long educational history. The tuition fees can range from £10,000 to £38,000 depending on the university.

The list of some top of the top UK universities along with their fee structure for MS in Computer Science abroad is as follows-

List of Top Universities for Computer Science Abroad – UKMS in Computer Science Abroad Fee
University of Oxford£10,300 – £36,000
University of Birmingham£20,140 – £24,000
University of Nottingham£11,000 – £20,000
University of Glasgow£13,200 – £20,500
University of Salford£12,000 – £19,000
Birkbeck, University of London£13,000 – £15,000
Coventry University£14,000 – £16,000
Durham University£24,000 – £25,000
University of Birmingham£27,000 – £30,000
University of Manchester£22,000 – £25,000


Over the last few years, the number of international students enrolled in Canadian universities has steadily increased. The higher education sector in Canada is diverse, with universities varying in size, history, programme and specialisation portfolios. Canada has emerged as the ideal destination for international students seeking a master’s degree.

A Canadian degree or diploma is widely recognised around the world as being of the highest quality. Students get all of this for a surprisingly low cost, both in terms of education and living expenses. The University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, the University of Alberta, the University of Montreal, the University of Waterloo, and McGill University are among the best computer science universities in Canada.

The list of some top of the top universities in Canada along with their fee structure for MS in Computer Science abroad is as follows-

Name of the UniversityMS Computer Science Fee
University of TorontoCAD 16,000 – CAD 18,000
University of AlbertaCAD 18,000 – CAD 21,000
University of OttawaCAD 22,000 – CAD 25,000
Western UniversityCAD 20,000 – CAD 23,000
University of WindsorCAD 24,000 – CAD 28,000


German universities provide world-class education in subjects such as computing, engineering, applied sciences, technology, and related fields. Students must demonstrate their academic achievement with certificates, patents, and published works in order to be accepted. Students are allowed to stay in the country for 18 months after graduating in order to find a job that matches their qualifications. Listed below are some of the best universities for MS in Germany along with their tuition fees.

University MS Computer Science fee
The Technical University of BerlinNo tuition fees
The Braunschweig University of TechnologyNo tuition fee if completed in 6 months. A semester fee of  $394.26 needs to be paid
The University of Bayreuth$1000
The Technical University of MunichSemester fee need to be paid
The Dresden University of Technology$1000


Academics and employers around the world hold Australian university graduates in high regard. Degrees obtained in Australia are classified into three types: Professional Masters, Professional Development Masters, and Traditional Academic Masters. A Professional Development Master’s degree allows students to specialise in a specific field, whereas a Professional Master’s degree allows those with a general or non-professional undergraduate degree to gain skills and experience to practise in a specific field.

International students must meet the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s financial requirements in order to study in Australia. Listed below are some of the best universities for MS in Australia along with their fees.

UniversityMS Computer Science Fee 
The Queensland University of TechnologyAUD 28,000 – AUD 34,000
The University of Canberra AUD 32,000 – AUD 36,000
The University of Adelaide AUD 28,000 – AUD 30,000 
The University of SydneyAUD 30,000 – AUD 32,000
The University of Melbourne AUD 30,000 – AUD 32,000


1. Which country offers the best jobs for MS in Computer Science?

The best countries for MS in computer science careers are Switzerland, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Sweden, and Denmark. These nations are technologically advanced and constantly changing. They offer competitive median salaries to help employees launch their careers. After graduation, one can work as a data scientist, web developer, or in another similar position.

2. Which country offers the cheapest MS in computer science programmes?

Germany is the least expensive country for an MS in computer science. Tuition fees are waived at Germany’s public universities, and living expenses are lower than in other European countries. Administrative fees are the only costs associated with the university that students must pay.

3. What is the international entrance exam for an MS in computer science?

The GRE is the required entrance exam for international master’s programmes in computer science. Students who pass this graduate entrance exam have a better chance of getting into MS in CS programmes abroad. Foreign students must also be able to pass any of the English proficiency exams, including IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, CAE, and CPE.

4. How much time is required to complete MS in CS abroad?

MS in CS abroad can be completed in approximately 2 years. 

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MS In Computer Science

5 Best Countries to Study MS In Computer Science Abroad

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