Top 20 Best Money Saving Apps

May 19, 2021

Top 20 Best Money Saving Apps

Those days are far behind when apps were treated as distractions. Today apps are clearly a lifeline. You have apps for every imaginable thing. Whether you wish to listen to music, stream movies or have food, you have apps for all of it. While many apps tend to spoil you a bit by providing luxury at your fingertips, some can even help you in a constructive way. Yes, I am talking about  the best money-saving apps. Saving money has always been a good thing. This habit lets you invest the money in better things that yield much more value in the long run. Or maybe you could just keep them aside for unforeseen situations. Either way, you must develop this habit as soon as possible. For the tech-savvy out there, various apps that help you save money.

I have previously written how you can earn money through various platforms. Do check them out so that you know how to have money before you begin to save them. There are many websites that claim to recommend you certain apps to save money. But in reality, all they do is promote certain brands in return for money. This blog isn’t similar to any of those websites. I’ll be providing you with a list of absolutely genuine and trustable money saving apps- this list has been carefully curated keeping in mind the necessities of young students and mid-career professionals who look forward to saving for the future. 

Best Money Saving Apps

The following list of apps that help you save money is in no particular order or ranking. Read the description of each app in order to know what’s the best in them. You could then see which app out of all the other money-saving apps aligns best with your needs and choose to go forward with it.  List of the top money saving apps-


Available for: iOS

If you thought you could never be able to save (given the context of your income and expenditures) then this app deserves a chance. It will help you spot the money you didn’t know you had. This free iOS app analyses your income and spending habits. Then it goes on to calculate how much money you can safely save each day without breaking your budget. However, do note that this app won’t automatically make the transfer for you. You’ll have to open the app and make the transfer if you are willing to save on a particular day. If you opt to save then the funds will be transferred from your linked account to an FDIC-insured Joy savings account. 

Tip Yourself |Best Money Saving Apps

Available for: iOS and Android

Tip Yourself is an app that lets you save for your dream vacation while simultaneously helping you stay consistent about your personal goals. You just have to set a positive work target and reward yourself when you achieve or accomplish the target. For example, you could set targets such as going to the gym on Tuesday, avoiding junk food on Wednesday or calling your parents thrice a week. You can also share these tips on the social feed and let your friends know about the goals you accomplished. Isn’t it amazing? Hence, it is regarded as one of the best money-saving apps. It is also one of the best money saving apps for android.


Available for: iOS and Android

If you have always been trying to save for emergencies but were unable to do so then this app would be the perfect fit for you out of all the other apps to help save money. This mobile banking app offers an automatic savings account, which allows you to start saving money without thinking about it. It is one of the top money saving apps. It sets aside 10 percent of every paycheck you deposit into Chime. Think about it. If you don’t have the balance to spend on trivial stuff, how will you afford them? This is a perfect way to save money fast. It is one of the best money saving apps for android.

Qapital |Best Money Saving Apps

Available for: iOS and Android

Saving for a bike may take years if you aren’t serious about it. But it is achievable if you are constantly reminded that you need a bike and on top of it, why you need a bike. This is where Qapital comes in. It is one of the best money-saving apps. With this app, you can set customizable autosave rules for just about anything. This way you can save money simply with the actions you take living your life. It has another feature that is based on the round-up rule. Every time you make a transaction, the app will round up the expenditure value and automatically transfer the difference to your designated goal account. So every time you pay for something, you have a part of it going towards your bike. You can then withdraw the entire amount once it is achieved. This is one of the best savings app available. If you are interested in investing then do read our blog on: Tips For Students Interested In Investing

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Available for: iOS and Android

This little powerhouse app allows you to keep track of your financial activity from all your accounts: checking, savings, retirement—you name it! Each transaction is automatically recorded and categorized. The app makes note of your spending patterns and creates a budget. Additionally, on the iPad, Mint generates graphs to give you visual representations. It is an awesome way to keep a check on your overall financial health and enables you to spot potential problems.

BillTracker |Best Money Saving Apps

Available for: iOS

If you always tend to forget the due dates and end up paying additional charges then this app would be your knight in shining armour. It reminds you of all the pending bills and highlights the due dates on a calendar. This is why it is a highly recommended app out of all the other money-saving apps to keep a track of bills.

You Need A Budget

Available for: iOS and Android

YNAB is an app that helps you create an easy-to-use budget interface that teaches you more about the value of money. The software operates by four simple rules: 1) Give every dollar a job, 2) Save for a rainy day, 3) Roll with the punches, and 4) Live on last month’s income. As a result, you’ll learn to prioritize certain expenses, find more ways to save more money for emergencies, handle unexpected costs, and live within your means. 


Available for: Android

This app is a way to actually make money while you spend time on the sofa in front of the television. It lets you check in to a show that you are watching and then earn points for watching it.


Available for: iOS and Android

This app rounds up your purchases on the credit and debit cards you link to the app. The difference is automatically transferred to an Acorns account. It works similar to Qapital. The key differentiating point here is that the account is a part of Acorns’ investing platform. Your savings are then invested in exchange-traded funds. You get to choose whether to invest in conservative or aggressive funds based on what you feel comfortable doing. College students get to use Acorns for free for up to four years. Everyone else has to pay a monthly fee if your account is under $5,000 or a percentage fee on anything above that amount in your account.

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Available for: iOS

This is nothing extraordinary but it does help you save exclusively for your children. The app lets you open dedicated savings account for your child. You could make a rule to deposit $20 each month. Also, you could invite your relatives to deposit money on occasions such as birthdays and festivals.

These were some of the most amazing money-saving apps with interesting features. Apart from these apps, there are also some apps that are pretty basic. They will definitely help you save money and are easy to understand. Those apps are listed below:

  • Simple 
  • Starling
  • Monzo 
  • Clarity Money
  • Digit
  • Rize
  • Chip 
  • Curve
  • Idealo
  • Vouchercloud

Hope you found this list useful. Go ahead and save lots of money!

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