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Melbourne Travel Tips You Cannot Miss Out On

Melbourne Travel Tips

Planning your itinerary is pretty easy actually these days. The online assets are so many and so good that you could almost visit any city virtually right at your home on your laptop. They tell you which places to visit, in which order to visit, the must-do things, etc. What’s not so easily available on the internet is a guide that explains the fine details. One that tells you when to go, what to pack, how to tour and other things. To provide this very exact information for the city Melbourne, I have compiled this guide for you. Let’s run through this short and sweet guide on ‘Melbourne Travel Tips’ that will equip you with all the minute details.

Before getting started I just thought talking a bit about the city is a must, isn’t it? So, Melbourne is a big small town. No, it’s not an oxymoron. I say that because this city has all that a metropolitan city should have but with a countryside feel. It has award-winning cuisines, vibrant neighbourhoods, an endless list of things to do but with a laid-back pace. Melbourne’s natural landscape is worth visiting. Also, can you guess how many capital titles this city holds? One? Two? No. Three is the answer! Melbourne is the bar capital, cultural capital and sports capital of Australia. (There are chances I missed a few more because this city has so much to offer. If that’s the case please let me know in the comment section below.) With that much being said, can you resist not heading towards the city? Well, I definitely can’t. Without further ado let’s check some of the most essential Melbourne travel tips. 

Must-Know Melbourne Travel Tips

Here’s the list of travel tips that will help you surf the city in a more informed manner.

Pack For All The ‘Four Seasons’

The first tip has to be in the context of weather. It isn’t strange to encounter all the four seasons – summer, winter, fall and spring – in Melbourne in one day. You know what they say here in this city? ‘You don’t like the weather, wait an hour’. So you get the gist, right? The temperate climate of Melbourne is extremely delicate. In a word, it is – unpredictable. In summers you may find yourself amidst a 40-degree heatwave however, it may equally be a cold high of fourteen with an opportunity of showers. Whereas in winters it could be cold and raining but you may also get sunny days just following them. 

The general pattern is that summer continues here from December to February, fall from March to May, winter from June to August and spring from September to November. While packing, do ensure that you pack a raincoat, layers and boots to keep yourself comfortable in all weathers. Always have an umbrella in your bag. 

Complimentary Tip: If you like to fit in with the nearby design patterns then make it a point to incorporate dark attire in your bag. Thank me later for these incredible Melbourne travel tips. (wink)

Best Months To Visit: March to  May and September to November are regarded as the best months to visit the city. These months feature moderate climate, lower airfare and lesser tourists. 

If you are not able to align your visit with these preferable months then at least make certain that you land in the city at the time of some festival. Melbourne hosts festivals devoted to food and wine, comedy, film, art and dance throughout the year. Midsumma in January, Open House Melbourne in July, Film Festival in August are a few that you shouldn’t miss. 

Myki And Free Tram Can Drastically Reduce Your Travelling Expenses

Myki is a reloadable credit card-sized contactless smart card ticketing system used for electronic payment of fares on most public transport services in Melbourne. It will go easy on your pocket. You’ll be able to purchase a Myki card at machines and a few booths at any train station. However, do note that you can’t purchase them on the tram or bus. After you purchase a Myki, make a choice from ‘Myki money’ or ‘Myki pass’. In ‘Myki Money’ your fare will be deducted each time. Whereas, ‘Myki Pass’ is a set quantity of cash for a specific number of days of unlimited travel.

Another crucial one of all Melbourne travel tips is making the most of the City Circle free tram service in the CBD. The tram system is the largest of its kind providing a fun and exciting means of transport. The city also has an intensive transport system of trains, buses, and taxis. If you seek comfort at all times then metered taxis would be a convenient choice. 

If possible, go on a stroll. A walking tour is the best way to explore history, discover hidden gems and get the lay of the land. 

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Get Off The Main Street

The laneways and alleys of the city have been converted into an amazing colourful playground by street artists. Explore these jaw-dropping arts on the walls of the street when you get free time. You might also crash into some great bars on the lesser taken roads. Most cafes are clustered together throughout trendy neighbourhoods like South Yarra-Prahran, St Kilda and Fitzroy.

Flip-up At Lunch But Cherish The Nightlife As Well

The majority of establishments in the city raise their prices at night. Melbourne is a city that takes brunch very seriously. So, if you want to save some money then consider having your largest meal of the day at lunch. 

Although the city has a lot to offer at night, some places do shut down at 1 AM or by 3 AM. If you have specific bars, restaurants in mind then do check their latest schedule and manage your time accordingly. Time management is also one amongst other crucial Melbourne travel tips while touring the city that no one else will tell you. 

Minimize The Expenditure On Accommodation

To avoid letting the tour eat into your budget do some research before booking your hotels. Do not book the stay immediately. You also have the option of working part-time and getting a place to stay in return, if you are willing to go that distance. Book your tours as a package and you’ll save a lot.

Do Grab A Cup Of Coffee

When in Australia you just cannot miss out on the coffee here. Try an Australian coffee, a flat white coffee speciality that’s similar to a latte but with more espresso and less milk. Popular coffee shops include Brother Baba Budan and Café Andiamo in the central business district and Two Birds One Stone Cafe in South Yarra-Prahran.

Witness The Special Melburnian Beaches

Another important one amongst all Melbourne travel tips is still remaining yet. Make sure you witness the beaches in this city. They don’t have waves. That’s right, you get to experience how the pool feels in an ocean. I hope these tips prove handy to you. 

Bonus Fun Fact: Reportedly, Flinders Street Station was actually intended for Mumbai and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai was meant for Melbourne, but the plans from the same firm were accidentally switched, resulting in a Gothic style station in India and an East-Indian inspired station in Melbourne.

We bet even if you were an Indian reader – or to be specific a Mumbaikar – still, you wouldn’t be aware of this fact. That’s how informative all our blogs at Unicreds are. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog on ‘Melbourne Travel Tips’. Do check out our other blogs as well if you wish to read more travel blogs. 

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Melbourne Travel Tips

Melbourne Travel Tips You Cannot Miss Out On

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