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Intakes In Canada – The Fall & Winter Intake 2024

Intakes In Canada

Canada has been one of the most popular places for students to study abroad. Due to the enormous demand for Canadian degrees and the country’s widespread appeal as a study abroad location, its higher education institutions admit international students through three different admission intakes in Canada, each year. As the entry is only permitted for a limited time, usually several months, prospective students should apply as soon as they know which program they want to enroll in. The three intakes available in Canada are fall, winter, and summer. You must be aware of the application dates as the entrance standards differ from university to university and the window of opportunity for admission is typically small. Hence it is essential for you to become familiar with the admissions process as soon as possible. If you’re having trouble deciding which Canada intake is best for you, read this blog to find out more about the available intakes in Canada, and the deadlines.  

Popular Intakes In Canada 2024

As was already noted, there are three main forms of admissions available at Canadian universities.

  • September or Fall intake in Canada
  • January or winter intake 
  • May or summer intake

The fall intake in Canada is the one that international applicants choose the most frequently out of these. It is also in the fall intake that students are most likely to be accepted into Canadian universities. The winter intake is the next best choice for students who missed the fall intake. Also while applying, you must keep in mind that not all courses are available for the summer intake.

Let’s now examine the application deadlines for each intake.

Major Intakes In CanadaProgram TypeAdmission Deadline
September or FallUndergrad and PostgradDecember – March
January or WinterUndergrad and PostgradSeptember – November
May or SummerDiplomaJanuary – February

Fall Intakes In Canada

The most preferred intake in Canada is the September or fall intake. The application period typically begins in December and runs through March of the following year. In this intake, the majority of elite universities provide spots for their most prestigious and well-liked courses. This intake has more universities with programs for international students than previous ones. The benefit of applying in the fall intake is that you will remain 4-5 months ahead of the applicants for the winter admission by enrolling in a program in this intake. Students from the fall intake have had a lot of exposure to off-campus employment possibilities and internships. You should submit your application at least one month in advance after checking the deadlines for the university you intend to attend. The deadlines for September intake typically fall between December and March. 

Top Universities For September Intakes In Canada

Winter Intakes In Canada

The second most popular semester for university admissions in Canada is January or the winter intake. The professional options, scholarships, and internship offers are essentially the same as the September intake despite the institutes offering fewer programs. However, not all programs are open for the January 2023 admission deadline, and there are much fewer seats available overall for the winter intake in Canada than there are for the fall intake. Since there are fewer candidates, there is less competition, which some students view as a benefit. If you missed the fall deadline, the January intake in Canada 2023 is still the best alternative. The deadlines for January intake typically fall between September and November. However, each university will set its date and for information on application deadlines for the January 2023 intake in Canada, keep an eye on the university’s official website. Admissions are made on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Top Universities For January Intakes In Canada

Spring Intakes In Canada

The third and final intake session of the academic year in Canadian universities is the spring/summer intake. The May intake in Canada 2023 is only offered at a small number of institutions and for a small number of programs, the bulk of which are short-term courses, diplomas, or certificates. Before the deadline for May intake in Canada, students who are awaiting results or have personal obligations can apply. Due to the extremely low candidate pool, there are typically more seats available. One of the best things about the spring intake, after a tough winter, is its nice climate. The May intake deadline in most situations is from January through February for applying. However, the dates could vary from one institute to the other. 

Top Universities For May Intakes In Canada


1. How many intakes are available in Canada?

Three intakes are available in Canada: fall, winter, and summer.

2. What is the intake time in Canada?

The intake time in Canada varies depending on the institution and the program. However, most intakes start in September (fall), January (winter), and May (summer).

3. What are the 4 intakes in Canada?

There are only three intakes in Canada: fall, winter, and summer.

4. How do I check my intake availability in Canada?

To check your intake availability in Canada, you can contact the institution or program you are interested in.

5. Can I apply for two intakes in Canada?

Yes, you can apply for two intakes in Canada. However, you will need to meet the eligibility requirements for each intake.

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Intakes In Canada

Intakes In Canada – The Fall & Winter Intake 2024

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