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Top 12 Industries That Let You Work From Anywhere

Industries That Let You Work From Anywhere

WFH is quite a common acronym now, isn’t it? The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives and affected all the activities we engage in. The breadwinning activity – work – is no exception either. This pandemic forced us to work remotely and it also changed the way corporate companies think. More and more companies have started to realise that they actually don’t need a large workforce. Also, these businesses have accepted the fact that running an office — owning the property/ paying the rent, paying water and electricity bills — carve out a good portion of their profits. Hence, we are steadily walking towards a freelancer economy and the number of industries that let you work from anywhere are on a never-decreasing rise. 

While most of the industries that let you work from home are new, some are an exception. Many of these industries have existed for decades but they are adapting to the change to ensure their survival. Are you curious to discover these industries with the most work-from-home jobs? I won’t keep you waiting for long but there is one bonus tip for you in this article that you should know in the beginning. Towards the end of the article, you will find a list of companies switching to long-term remote work. Hence stay tuned till the last word and don’t miss out on anything. 

Top 12 Industries That Let You Work From Anywhere

Following is the list of industries that let you work from home. 

Computer and Information Technology

Long before working from home was an actual thing, the tech industry embraced remote work. This industry continues to offer a lot of online work opportunities and it didn’t slow hiring in 2020. 

The information technology industry casts a wide net when it comes to occupations, but all of them require serious computer skills. Entry-level postings call for customer support know-how and experience working with computers, whereas more advanced positions might require a bachelor’s in computer science or even a master’s degree.

The year 2020 has already forced companies to develop a completely virtual workspace using the latest technologies. This has dramatically increased the available options for you. So, if you know about computers, you can even search for jobs internationally. Knowing how to code will be icing on the cake.

Common job titles: Full Stack Engineer, Information Technology Specialist, Solutions Architect, Systems Engineer, Systems Administrator, Technical Support, and Quality Analyst.

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Sales | Industries That Let You Work From Anywhere

Are you someone who gets really excited while pitching a product or an idea? Sales may be the best career for you in this case. 

These days, most sales are made on the phone, by email, or online — channels that do not require you to catch a train or flight and wait for years to get an appointment with the client. Hence, it is ranked very high amongst industries that let you work from home.     

Sales and marketing are some of those fields where experience often trumps education, so don’t fret if you skipped college. At the same time do remember that working in sales is demanding, requiring a serious amount of commitment, drive and motivation. If you have these pearls along with soft skills such as assertiveness and influential leadership then you’re all set to rock. 

Common job titles: Business Development, Marketing Manager, Account Executive and  Lead Generation Associate.

Teaching And Education

While we have so far talked about jobs and professional life, we must not forget that even education pedagogy has changed. We have witnessed a shift from classroom teaching to online learning. At present, there is an acute shortage of qualified teachers/professionals that can adapt to this new method of teaching and impart quality education. Thus, if you have a background in education or if you possess expertise in a particular field then you can enter this industry swiftly. If you do not wish to pursue this profession full-time then you could go for part-time tutoring or providing course content for a marketplace like Udemy.

Common job titles: Teacher, Instructor, Coach, Tutor, Faculty and Curriculum Developer.

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These were some of the top industries that let you work from home. Other popular industries include: 

  1. Medical and Health
  2. Customer Service
  3. Administrative Work
  4. Accounting and Finance
  5. Consulting
  6. Mortgage and Real Estate
  7. Writing
  8. HR and Recruiting
  9. E-commerce

Companies That Hire For Work-From-Anywhere Jobs

As I assured you at the beginning, I will also provide you with a list of amazing companies that let you work from anywhere. Here they are:

  1. GitLab: An open-source platform for code collaboration that helps users move from an idea to a product more quickly.
  2. Welocalize: A translation service that specialises in e-learning content, product manuals, web content and more.
  3. Wikimedia Foundation: A nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual content.
  4. Toptal: A labour marketplace that connects freelancers with startup organizations and companies in Silicon Valley.
  5. Zapier: A web-application automation platform that connects web apps, automating tedious tasks to create more efficient processes.
  6. Elastic.co: A search company that helps people leverage the power of search to “explore and analyze their data differently”.
  7. Percona: A computer software company that streamlines open-source database efficiencies and provides training, support and consulting services.
  8. Coalition Technologies: A web design and digital marketing agency that helps clients meet their online business needs.
  9. Achieve Test Prep: An academic support organisation that offers test preparation and consulting services to the college-bound demographic.
  10. X-Team: An IT company that provides best-in-class, on-demand developers for brands looking to scale their business.
  11. Ulatus: One of the world’s largest language service providers, this company provides translation services in Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Indian, Korean and Portuguese.
  12. Day Translations: A translation service that aims to break down cultural barriers through tailored translation, localisation and interpretation services for individuals and companies.
  13. Fastly: An internet company with a content delivery network that helps online businesses supply the best experience for their customers
  14. Mattermost: A messaging software that improves internal collaboration and brings team communication into one place, making it searchable and accessible anywhere
  15. Protocol Labs: A software company that creates systems and tools to address technical web challenges and optimize the user experience.

So, these were the companies that hire for work-from-anywhere jobs. With this, we come to the end of this blog. Hope you found this article insightful. 

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Thank you for reading this blog on ‘Top 12 Industries That Let You Work From Anywhere’. If you enjoyed reading this blog and would like to continue reading more about jobs then the following blogs may interest you.

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Industries That Let You Work From Anywhere

Top 12 Industries That Let You Work From Anywhere