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A Comprehensive Guide On Total Cost Of Studying In Australia

Cost Of Studying In Australia

You’ve picked a perfect destination if you’ve chosen to study abroad in Australia. Whether you’re going to explore the Great Barrier Reef, find yourself fascinated with Indigenous Australian history and culture, or you’re loving relaxing on the beach. Australia has something for everyone and you’re sure to have an amazing experience. However, you might have found yourself questioning how much this experience will cost you and what will be the total Cost of Studying in Australia.

The first thing you need to check is your institutional expenses that consist of the tuition, room, and application fees. After you’re done figuring these expenses, you can start looking into other things that are food, transportation, entertainment, and travel. A lot of these expenses may vary from person to person, but this blog will guide you to get an understanding of what you should expect to pay for certain items and occurrences.

Cost of Studying in Australia

Cost Of Study In Australia: Tuition fee

Wondering how much does university cost in Australia? Your expense on tuition depends a lot on the type of qualification and the university you are admitted to. For example, medical degrees cost substantially more than degrees in other fields of education. We can consider that the average tuition fees at one of Australia’s higher education Universities range between AUD 20,000 and AUD 30,000 a year.

Most commonly, courses in fields like humanities, arts, and education are comparatively cheaper, while subjects such as medicine and engineering are likely to be more costly. If you wish to pursue a postgraduate degree, the tuition fee is typically higher, and the costs may vary depending on the program. If you’re trying to bring down your educational expenses, it is best to apply for various available scholarships.

Cost Of Study In Australia – Accommodation

To answer your “How much does university cost in Australia?” Most of the renowned universities in Australia offer on-campus accommodation facilities with all the required amenities for international students. You can also go for off-campus accommodation that is private student accommodation available near your universities wherein you can share rooms with other students or can take a room for yourself. Check UniAcco to get the perfect student accommodation at cheap prices near your University. There are also options to stay with a local Australian family who are very welcoming and make you feel comfortable in no time. Also, take note that rent for all these accommodations varies from city to city.

Cost of Studying in Australia

Cost Of Your Student Visa

The first step in the journey of your study abroad is to obtain a valid student visa that comes with its own cost which is approx AUD 620. The complete visa application process takes time so it is advised to start it as soon as you receive the admit from your University.

Living Expenses In Australia For Students

Other than the tuition fees and accommodation costs that are included in the Cost of Studying in Australia, you’ll need to keep a little money aside for your other living expenses in Australia for students such as grocery shopping, social activities, entertainment, and emergencies. While living in a foreign country as a student, it is advised to keep proper track of your expenses so that you do not overspend. Many other things that come under living expenses are shopping, weekend getaways, exploring the exploring, eating out, etc.

Mandatory Health Support & Insurance

It is compulsory for all students travelling to Australia for their education to get medically insured before the commencement of their study abroad program. The average cost for medical insurance ranges around AUD 500 a year. Getting the right Overseas Student Health Cover is an important part of your study abroad journey.

Costs To Move Around

Unless your University provides a shuttle service to-and-fro from your accommodation, you’ll need to look for available public transport in your city and it is another major aspect of the Cost of Studying in Australia.

You can always make use of regional trains, buses, and trams for travelling between your accommodation to University. A short ride on a bus or train can cost you around AUD 3. There are also options of getting a weekly student pass starting from AUD 20 or a monthly pass for around AUD 80. Student discounts are easily available in all the states and territories. If you want to travel between different cities, you can avail any of the transport options such as Long-distance bus, Rail or flights.

Cost of Studying in Australia

Taxes While Working In Australia

Apart from how much cost to study in Australia, students are not allowed to work without obtaining their Tax File Number (TFN). After acquiring the number, you are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during academic sessions and full-time during your holidays. If you opt for working along with your studies, your earned income will be taxable. 

The exchange rate fluctuations may also influence your budgeting. It is suggested to look for a part-time job while you are completing your studies in Australia or try to seek scholarships in the universities you’re applying to. This will help you a lot to lower your cost of studying abroad in Australia to a great extent. 

We hope this blog on how much cost to study in Australia and its various aspects help you gain the right insights.

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Cost Of Studying In Australia

A Comprehensive Guide On Total Cost Of Studying In Australia

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