How Should You Compare Colleges : The Best Way?

Written by Muskan Behune

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November 12, 2020

Choosing where to pursue your higher education is a life-changing decision. You’re suggested to apply to several Universities but making a final choice amongst them can be challenging.

Receiving acceptance letters from Universities is an achievement and a proud moment. But as soon as you receive those letters, the real work begins. To make the best decision for yourself, it’s important to do the necessary homework and analyze the biggest influences in your evaluation, such as the University ranking, tuition fees, work opportunities, etc

It is always better to have a clear picture of the college you are planning to study in and a plethora of choices can be confusing. If you look at every option in detail, you’ll get an idea of whether a specific college aligns with your goals. Hence, it is crucial to perform a detailed comparison to evade any confusion and to prepare for the best.

If you’re not sure how to compare colleges, the points mentioned below can benefit you through the process:

Take A Tour

Always schedule a tour with the university’s admission department so that they allow you to see the campus and you get a chance to interact with current students and ask questions to staff regarding what to expect.

With the help of this tour, you can get an idea of what the school is like, about the classes, dorms, and what kind of activities are available on-campus. Touring also can give you insight into how you would adapt to the environment. There’s a huge difference between attending a college in the city versus a college in the outskirts. Several students have determined preferences for and against either option, so taking a tour for yourself can help you decide.

Comparison Of Colleges By University Ranking 

While starting to compare colleges, you should go for the one which fares better on an academic scale. The university’s websites are a great place to start. Try to get as much information you can about the universities and check the popular global rankings, such as QS Rankings, US News, Times Higher Education, Forbes, etc. Popular review sites such as Quora also provide you with honest reviews from alumni and industry experts. The school prestige could have a big impact on your career so you should not be careless in the process.


The tuition fee of the University is a major factor you need to consider to compare colleges. Check if you can afford the fees or you’ll need to take help from any other sources such as education loans, scholarships. Also, accommodation costs, living costs, insurance costs, the minimum amount to be maintained in the bank, etc are some points that need to be taken into consideration.

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Compare Colleges By Major

Placement is one of the most important criteria to compare colleges. While understanding how to compare colleges by major, consider important factors such as the university’s average placement package, placement percentage, recruiting companies, placement for each department, and placement assistance quality.

Especially if you’re looking to limit the debt you are in, you need to check what work options are available while you are studying. Some colleges may have limited on-campus opportunities, such as work-study programs but they may come with fierce competition. On the other hand, some colleges provide work for every student who wants a part-time job.

Location Of The College 

The location of a university where it is established is as important as anything else. Also, the cultural environment and touristic factor play a major role. Another crucial factor associated with the university’s location is industry proximity. That really makes the whole progression from college to job easier.

Teacher-Student Ratio 

The number of seats available in the University, as well as the number of professors and teaching staff, plays a huge role. The teacher-student ratio is something to be kept in mind. The higher the ratio, the more the level of the personal attention of the teacher and participation from the student.

Infrastructure And Facilities 

Healthcare facilities available on campus, access to police and safety, basic amenities, the supply of goods, make a difference while choosing your college. The recreational facilities on campus, such as different sports, gymnasium, and nearby getaways can also be considered while assessing a college.

Housing Options

Make sure you understand all of the housing options available on and off-campus. Some schools have luxurious apartments or even townhomes, whereas some provide dorms. You can also look for off-campus student accommodation options at a reasonable price. Check UniAcco for the best student accommodation options.

Comparison Of Colleges Based On Research And Alumni 

A university’s research capacity is defined by numerous factors, such as the number of laboratories in the University, experience of the faculty, available equipment, research achievements over the years, published papers, and patents. Good alumni, while some of them are prominent personalities who have made a mark in their respective fields, is also a positive indication while choosing your college.

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