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What Is The Process of WES Evaluation?

What Is The Process of WES Evaluation?

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May 9, 2021

If you are planning to study in the US or Canada then you will have to provide your GPA scores according to the American standards. This is where your scores have to be converted. Plus it needs to be done by an authorised body with the knowledge of the American calculations. It is this junction where you will have to seek the help of the World Education Services (WES) for credit evaluation. But, what is the process of WES evaluation? Let’s understand it in detail. 

What is WES Evaluation?

WES is one of the world’s largest credential evaluation services that makes it easier for educational institutions and employers in the US and Canada to understand the applicant’s academic abilities. With this evaluation, you can pursue further education or look for a job in these countries. It is among the oldest evaluation services and is also a founding member of NACES (National Association of Credential Services).

The WES credential evaluation process involves reviews from both documentation and education system specialists. The document collection, authentication, evaluation, analysis, and quality control standards of WES lead to more accurate evaluation reports.

About WES Credential Evaluation

A  WES credential evaluation is a comparison of your academic accomplishments to the standards in the U.S. or Canada. This report helps institutions like schools, employers, licensing boards, or immigration authorities better understand your educational background.

About WES Credential Evaluation

A Report from the WES evaluation process identifies and describes your credentials. It verifies that your credentials are authentic. At times, it may include your Grade Point Average (GPA) equivalency. Additionally, it also includes an evaluation of the authenticity of your documents. 

How To Begin The WES Evaluation Process? 

The following steps should be followed to begin the WES evaluation process.

Step 1 – Apply to WES on the website and get a reference number. 

Step 2 – Arrange all the required documents and get them delivered to the WES by your college along with the full payment in a sealed envelope. There exists an option for electronically transferring your documents but these are available only in selected countries. WES does not accept the documents sent by the students, agents or any other person. Make sure your educational institution is the only one sending the documents.  Once the documents have been received by the WES, your evaluation will begin. 

It usually takes 7 business days after receiving the document to generate a report for you. If additional research or verification is required in your case then the time taken may exceed.

If the question – what is the process of WES evaluation? – is at the back of your mind then hold on, the answer is just below. 

How Much Does The WES Evaluation Cost?

A WES Course-by-Course evaluation costs $160 while a Document-by-Document evaluation costs $100. If you want rush service or express delivery then the total charge will go up. 

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What Is The Process of WES Evaluation?

The WES credit evaluation process involves four basic steps. Each of the steps are explained below. 

Step 1 – Document Imaging 

In the first step, evaluators ensure that WES has received all required documents in the manner specified for that country and credential. When the documents arrive at WES, documentation specialists review each individual page and scan it into the system. 

Step 2 – Document Review and Authentication

In this stage, document examiners compare the scanned images to the physical documents received to make sure that the file is complete and submitted in the manner specified by WES. This step also ensures that the documents are authentic and issued by a duly recognised institution. After reviewing, they determine whether the documents should be accepted or not.

All you Need to Know About WES Evaluation

Step 3 – Analysis and Equivalency Assessment

The next phase of WES credit evaluation involves document analysis and evaluation. A team of analysts with country-specific knowledge handles this operation. They review the authenticated documents for accuracy and completeness.

The analysts will decide on the next steps and update your account accordingly. If the evaluators determine that all the required documents have been received in the manner specified by WES and that they are authentic and complete, they will queue the file for evaluation and issue an estimated date of completion. Analysts will then evaluate the documents and assess their equivalency in terms of Canadian or U.S. education.

How to Begin the WES Evaluation Process

Step 4 – Evaluation Report Production

In the fourth and final step, the evaluator issues the credential evaluation report. This final phase also involves quality control. Specialists review the report draft and make any necessary changes. Then, they send the report for printing and mailing or electronic delivery. 

Each step is essential in creating an accurate and high-value report. We hope now you have the answer to your question: what is the process of WES evaluation? 

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What Are The Types of WES Evaluation? | All You Need To Know About WES Evaluation

There are three types of evaluations offered by WES:

  1. Document-by-Document: This evaluation contains the description of your academic credentials and other important information. It also provides the US/Canada equivalent for every credential. 
  2. Course-by-Course: In addition to all the information covered above this evaluation also lists all the post-secondary subjects and their corresponding value according to the US/Canada grade equivalents. 
  3. CPA Evaluation: This evaluation is useful for the applicants of Certified Public Accountant exams.

Hope this guide helped you in understanding the WES credit evaluation process completely. If you need any more information feel free to comment below. 

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