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University Of East London Fees: Average Salary And Scholarship Grants

university of east london fees

Since its inception in 1898, the University Of East London, UEL, has been a pillar of excellent education, innovation, and diversity. The institution, located in the centre of London, symbolises cultural variety and intellectual brilliance. The University of East London is renowned for its diverse and inclusive community, offering a broad spectrum of courses. Understanding the fee structure is crucial for prospective students. The university understands the significance of making higher education accessible to all. This devotion is reflected in the University of East London fees.

Key Information – University of East London Fees
Institution OverviewEstablished in 1898, UEL is a leading London-based university known for diversity and innovation.
Course DiversityOffers approximately 130 courses across six schools, covering business, technology, arts, and more.
Tuition Fee Range (UK Students)Average tuition fees of £19,000 per year, significantly lower compared to other UK institutions.
Top Programmes and Annual Fees– B.Tech: £12.7K – £14.2K
– MPH: £15.2K
– LLM: £14.8K – £15.2K
– MFA: £14.3K
– MA: £13.7K – £15.2K.
Accommodation OptionsEconomical on-campus housing with shared, single-room, and studio flats; Off-campus housing choices.
Living Expenses (Monthly Estimate)Accommodation: £47.97K – £59.03K, Basic Utilities: £26.30K, Meals: £44.10K, Internet: £2.8K, Bus/Metro Transport: £7.64K – £22.96K.
Average Salary and ROI for GraduatesAverage salary for UEL graduates: €68,000 per year; Highest-paying degree: MBA with €68,000 average income.

University Of East London Fee & Courses 

The University of East London offers approximately 130 courses at various price points. Whether you choose to study business or technology, liberal arts or sciences, the University of East London has something for you. This is organised into six schools: the School of Architecture, Computing & Engineering, Arts & Creative Industries, Education & Communities, Health, Sport & Bioscience, Psychology, Royal Docks School of Business and Law. The average University of East London tuition fee in the United Kingdom is about 19L per year.

University Of East London fees might vary based on several criteria. In general, UEL is far less expensive than other UK institutions. This table consists of the University of East London fees and the courses: 


Other Expenses At University Of East London

On campus, the University of East London provides economical housing alternatives such as shared, single-room, and studio flats. Though living on campus is slightly more expensive, rent covers the majority of your utilities and expenses. Staying on campus allows you to conveniently participate in various activities, mingle, and enjoy on-campus resources.

If you wish to live away from the institution, you can choose off-campus housing. Your living expenses will vary according to your lifestyle. Your expenditures will be greatly reduced if you live in a shared flat.

You will, however, need to budget for groceries, transportation, and other expenses. The neighbourhood is well-known for its street art, with bright murals and graffiti decorating buildings, alleyways, and even entire streets. The well-known Brick Lane is a must-see, with its varied mix of antique stores, art galleries, and foreign food reflecting the area’s diverse populace. With its mediaeval grandeur and Crown Jewels, the Tower of London, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, provides a peek into England’s history. 

Along with University of East London Fees, here are some of the most common expenses you will have to look after. 


Average Salary & ROI Of studying At University Of East London

Students in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are eligible for work internships at the University of East London, with annual pay of around €68,000 on average. Graduates from Data, on the other hand, earn the highest average pay of €74,000 per year. The University of East London also provides research-level students with opportunities for on-campus teaching and research participation. These job openings may be discovered on the university’s common site, Career Zone, which is accessible to all students.

The University of East London offers high employment rates and a 3x return on most programmes. The MBA programme at UEL has the greatest ROI. Some of the top employers are NHS, Taylor Woodrow, Volker Fitzpatrick, Marks and Spencer, Diesel, Urban Outfitters, Canary Wharf Group, and ExCel London. The Salary will determine your investment in University Of East London Fees. An MBA is the highest-paying degree at the University of East London, with an average income of €68,000. 

DegreeAverage Salary (€)
Master of Finance51,000
Other Degree47,000
Masters of Arts46,000

Can You Work While Studying?

Before beginning any part-time job, work placement, internship, unpaid or voluntary work, ensure that your tier 4 (general) visa status allows you to work in the UK. Working too many hours may fatigue you and make you anxious, which will have a detrimental influence on your education. Students are permitted to work both on and off campus.

On-campus jobs include library assistants, bookshop clerks, university health centre trainers, tutors, and others. Off-campus jobs include, among other things, data entry, delivery services, and receptionist professions. The minimum hourly wage in the United Kingdom ranges from £534 to £1,055.

  • No of Permitted Hours: 20 Hours
  • Average Salary: ₹1.95 Lakh

Scholarship Grants

The University of East London offers scholarships and bursaries of GBP 2 million to international students studying in the UK. Its foreign scholarships range from 1,000 to 5,000 GBP for first-year tuition savings. Only students who have accepted offers for undergraduate and graduate school are eligible for this scholarship. Check this table for the information: 

Scholarship NameAmount
Undergraduate Scholarships and Bursaries
– Hardship BursaryUp to £3,000
– Young Independent Student BursaryUp to £1,500 per year of study
– Engagement BursaryUp to £3,000
– Dean ScholarshipUp to £13,500 over three years, as a cash award or tuition fee waiver
– Sports ScholarshipUp to £6,000 per year of study
– ELSEF ScholarshipsUp to £1,000 in the first year only
– UTC ScholarshipsUp to £1,500 in the first year only
– Helena Kennedy Foundation£2,250 over the duration of the course
Postgraduate Scholarships and Bursaries
– Asylum Seekers Postgraduate Scholarship100% tuition fee waiver
– Hardship BursaryUp to £3,000
– Alumni DiscountUp to 25% fee waiver
– Sports ScholarshipUp to £6,000 per year of study
– Postgraduate Scholarship50% discount on course fees
– Early Payment Discount5% discount on course fees
– AI & Data Science Scholarship£10,000 cash award
International Scholarships
– ScholarshipsRange between £1,000 and £5,000 off the first year’s tuition fees, course-dependent

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What is the fee of the University of East London?

The tuition fees for UK undergraduate students are £9,250 per year, while international undergraduate students starting in 2024 pay between £13,920 and £14,820 per year, depending on the school and program.

How much is the deposit for the University of East London?

The deposit for international students is typically a percentage of the first year’s tuition fees, and the exact amount should be confirmed with the university’s international student recruitment team.

How much are 1 year of university fees UK?

The average cost of 1 year of university fees in the UK varies, ranging from £9,250 for UK students to around £14,820-£14,920 for international students at UEL.

Which university has the lowest fee in London?

The university with the lowest fees in London may vary, and it’s advisable to research fees for each institution and consider eligibility for scholarships and bursaries.

Which university is the cheapest in the UK?

The cheapest university in the UK varies based on factors such as residency status, program, and financial support availability. Students should explore fees and funding options at different universities.

Is London expensive for university?

London is generally considered an expensive city for university students due to higher living costs, including accommodation, transport, and other expenses. However, actual costs can vary based on individual circumstances and lifestyle choices.

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university of east london fees

University Of East London Fees: Average Salary And Scholarship Grants

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