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60+ Most Common Slang Words Used Everyday

60+ Most Common Slang Words Used Everyday

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Slang words are a critical aspect of English speech. In a broad range of informal contexts, slang is full of eccentric sayings and colloquialisms that are helpful. You may want to brush up on your command of the most common slang words used everyday, whether you are a novice or an experienced English speaker, as common slang words are often used in daily life! 

Slang refers to informal words in vocabulary that are usually not found in a dictionary. Many of these buzz terms have several definitions, but in order to use them properly, you would have to pay particular attention to the context of a discussion. This makes it a smart idea before using them for strangers to practice the English slang terms for colleagues. The benefits of knowing slangs is not just using those slangs for everyday student life but also connecting to people on a personal, intimate level as they bring about informality in our interactions

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With just a manual, you can not learn the most common slang words used every day. The trick to having these slang terms and phrases sound normal is listening to native speakers and picking up on social signals. To have a deeper idea, you should even listen to how these terms are used in music, films, and television. Don’t hesitate to mimic what you are saying. Use these everyday slang as a regular part of your vocabulary.

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You can get one step closer to feeling like a native by memorizing certain most common slang words used everyday

  • What’s up? – Hey, what are you up to? This word is at the very top of the list of famous slangs in english.
  • I feel you – I understand and empathize with you. For Example- “I feel you. That was really unfair.”
  • I get it – I understand. For example- “I get it now! Thank you for explaining.”
  • Same here – I agree.
  • My bad – My mistake. For example- “My bad! I didn’t mean to do that.”
  • Oh my God! – Used to describe excitement or surprise. For example- “Oh my God! You surprised me!”
  • You bet – Certainly, you’re welcome.
  • No worries – That’s alright. For example- “No worries about the mess. I’ll sort this out.”
  • No biggie – It’s not a problem.
  • No big deal – Nothing really serious.
  • No sweat – Not to worry.
  • No problem – It’s okay.
  • Laid back – Relaxed or calm. For example- “This weekend was very laid back.”
  • Chill – Very Relaxed. This word is a part of pop culture, regularly featuring in everyday slang of many. 
  • Sweet – Fantastic.
  • Cool – Great.
  • Lame – The opposite of cool or fantastic. For example- “What you have said is so lame.”
  • Bomb – Really good. For example- “That sandwich was a bomb.”
  • Bummer – A disappointment. For Example- “That’s such a bummer. I’m sorry that happened.”
  • Shady – Questionable or suspicious. For example- “I saw a shady guy in my neighborhood last night.”
  • Hot – Attractive. For example- “He/she is very hot.”
  • Beat – Tired. For example- “I was so beat after that soccer game.”
  • Sick – Awesome. For example- “Those shoes are sick!”
  • Epic – Grand or awesome. For example- “That was an epic party last night.”
  • Ripped – Very physically fit. For example- “Tom is ripped!”
  • Cheesy – Silly. For example- “The romantic comedy we watched was very cheesy.”
  • Corny – Sentimental
  • Flakey – Indecisive. For example- “John is so flakey. He never shows up when he says he will.”
  • It sucked – It was bad/poor quality. For example- “That movie sucked.” This word is in fact among the most common used slang words everyday to describe displeasure among millennials! 
  • Hang out – To spend time with others. For example- “Would you like to hang out with us?”
  • I’m down – I’m able to join. Eg. “I’m down for ping pong.”
  • I’m game – I’m Interested. – It is one of the most common slang words used everyday in the UK!
  • I’m in – Let’s do this.
  • A blast – A very fun event. For example- “Last night was a blast!”
  • Show up – Arrive at an event. For example- “I can’t show up until 7.”
  • Flick – A movie. For example- “Want to see a flick on Friday?”
  • Grub – Food. For example- “Want to get some grub tonight?”
  • Wasted – Intoxicated. For example- “She was wasted last night.” It is one of the most common slang words used everyday in all parts of the world especially when it comes to drinking!
  • Booze – Alcohol. For example- “Will they have booze at the party?”
  • Pig out – To eat a lot. For example- “I pigged out last night at McDonald’s.”
  • Crash – To fall asleep quickly. For example- “After all those hours of studying I crashed.”
  • Lighten up – Relax. For example “Lighten up! It was by accident.”
  • Screw up – To make a mistake. For example – “I’m Sorry I screwed up this time.”
  • Goof – A mistake.
  • Score – To get something desirable. For example- “I scored the best seats in the stadium!”
  • Wrap up – To finish something. For example- “Let’s wrap up in five minutes.”
  • Ace – Pass a test with great scores. For example- “I think I’m going to ace the exam.”
  • Cram – To study hard before an exam. For example- “Sorry I can’t go out. I need to cram tonight.” If you ask a student what his/her most used slang words are, they will definitely list this one.
  • Bail – To leave abruptly. For example- “I’m sorry I had to bail last night.”
  • Ditch – To skip an event. For example- “I’m planning to ditch class tomorrow to go visit the beach.”
  • Busted – Caught doing something wrong. For example- “I got busted for turning in homework late.”
  • Freebie – Something that is free. For example- “The little mug was a freebie.”
  • Lemon – A bad purchase. For example- “That phone case was a lemon.”
  • Shades – Sunglasses. Eg. “I am not able to find my shades.”
  • Shotgun – The front seat of a car. Eg. “Can I sit shotgun?”
  • In no time – Very soon. For example- “We’ll have our homework done in no time.”
  • Buck – One dollar. For example- “It only costs a buck.”
  • Rip-off – A purchase that was very expensive. For example- “That phone case was a rip-off.”

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Bear in mind that the most common slang words used everyday will change based on the area you are in. Some slang terms, for example, are more widely found in rural regions than in inner cities. Not sure the ones in your region to use? Only spend some time with the locals to figure out what kind of slang they are using.Bear in mind that most common English slang words used everyday are used for informal discussions, but in a formal setting, you won’t want to use these. In famous TV and film, you can hear lots of slang, but odds are you’ll be acquainted with several of these terms already.  While there may be a few crossover phrases, by and large, the countries have their own unique sets of most common slang phrases for everyday life.


1. What are the most popular slang words?

According to a poll, the top slang words for 2022 are “ghosted” and “salty.” Yet “bae”? Not really.

2. What are the top 10 slang words of 2022?

The top 10 slang words of 2022 are Cheugy (means basic), Rent free (Can’t stop thinking about someone? They live in your mind “Rent free”), Vibe check, Main character, Caught in 4k, Understood the assignment, Bussin, The blueprint, are some of the top slang words of 2022. 

3. What are popular slang words right now?

Some of the latest 2023 slang words getting famous slowly are On Fleek, Buggin’, Trippin’, Illin’, Word., Poppin’, and Bomb.

4. What are Gen Z slang words?

Gen Z slang words are some English terms used by generation Z (1996-current) that mean something else originally but are said differently and look “cool”!

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60+ Most Common Slang Words Used Everyday

60+ Most Common Slang Words Used Everyday

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