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How to Get a CAS Letter for Studying in the UK?

How to Get a CAS Letter for Studying in the UK?

International students necessitate getting a General Student Visa (Tier 4) to study in the UK. However, you will not be given a student visa if you do not have a CAS letter. What is a letter of confirmation of acceptance for studies, and how to get a CAS letter for UK studies?

The CAS number is a reference number assigned by the university to a student. The CAS letter is an electronic record that the university will send to you with the email ID you use to process your application. The letter will consist of a CAS number.

Note- Please bear in mind that the university only funds your application. There is no reason to confuse this with financial sponsorship.

Why Do Visa Officials Want the CAS Number?

A CAS number acts as evidence that you have earned a university proposal. The official visa uses this number to confirm that you have been admitted to the United Kingdom University.

How to Get the Number for CAS?

It is an easy but lengthy procedure to get the CAS letter. To understand it better, the whole process can be separated into different phases.

When Does the University Provide the CAS Number?

It is necessary to explain a query before going into the details, and that is, whether students need to submit a request or apply on their own for the CAS letter. It depends on the college you are enrolled in. Applicants need not submit a request for a CAS number in this situation. Therefore, to understand their CAS operation, you need to search the university website where you are enrolling.

The university gives you the CAS number, or you submit a CAS number when

  • You have accepted the university’s offer.
  • You have made the deposit needed to finalize your university seat.
  • It is shorter than three months before the course you have applied for starts.

How Does the University Send CAS Numbers?

  • First of all, the university will send you an email about the ID you are using for entry.
  • You will be prompted in the email to log in to the connection provided.
  • The dashboard should provide an option that allows you to check your CAS statement once you log in. 
  • Your CAS statement will appear once you click on the link, which will list important information about your admission. You may be asked to fill in the statement in detail.
  • You will then be asked to check whether all the details in your CAS declaration is valid.
  • If the information presented in the CAS statement is inaccurate, send an email pointing out the errors and corrections to the admission authorities.
  • You will get an email again once you have checked and filled in the information and sent the statement.
  • The terminal CAS statement and the CAS number will be given in this email. 
  • While in the visa application, you need to enter the CAS number.

What is the Processing Time of the CAS Number?

After you confirm the statement’s information, universities typically take ten days to submit the CAS number. If within 20 days, you do not obtain your CAS number, you can send an email to the admission committee and bring the delay to their attention.

What is Included in the CAS Statement?

  • CAS Number 14-digit
  • Information about the sponsor, such as name, license number, address, etc.
  • Information about the student, such as name, gender, country of origin, place of birth, nationality, date of birth, passport, etc.
  • Details of the course, such as name, ID, qualification awarded, period and form (full or part-time),
  • SELT, ATAS, English language standard reached, test provider, etc. specifications
  • Accommodation information, such as accommodation provision, accommodation fees, etc.
  • Information on job placement

How to Apply for the Visa After Obtaining CAS Number?

You need to follow the steps given to get the General Student Visa after obtaining the Confirmation of Acceptance Studies Number:

  • Visit the UK website for visa immigration services and complete the tier-4 application process by correctly filling in all the essential information, including your CAS number.
  • Charge the premiums for health care and processing fees for immigration.
  • Book a biometric appointment to receive a biometric residence permit for any biometric application number
  • Attend the appointment for biometrics. At the moment of the appointment, you will have to send documentation. The CAS statement is not needed, but keep a printout of the CAS letter to be on the safe side.
  • You may or may not be required to attend the interview for reliability. If you’re asked to, please do so.
  • With their final decision, the home office will contact you, that is, whether your visa has been approved or not. Three weeks is the standard UK student visa processing time.

What is the CAS Number’s Validity Period?

The CAS number is only legitimate for one visa request. A CAS letter has an expiry date of six months.

If the Visa Application is Not Effective, What Happens to the CAS Number?

You will not use the old CAS number if your visa application is denied. For a new CAS number, you will have to apply. You may need to contact the university’s international student support team or admissions committee to tell them about your issue to get the new CAS number. 

In situations where you need to file a CAS letter, if you send a request after the deadline, the letter will be rejected. The request typically needs to be submitted at least 90 days before the start date of the course.

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How to Get a CAS Letter for Studying in the UK?

How to Get a CAS Letter for Studying in the UK?

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