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Total Cost of Studying in Ireland

Cost of Studying in Ireland

Studying abroad for several people can be an expensive affair, but thankfully, if you are choosing Ireland as your study destination, it is a place where quality education is accessible at rates lower than many other countries that are preferred by students. As a student, it makes for a very desirable place to study, with numberless growth opportunities.  

Prior to shifting to Ireland for your higher studies, you might have visions of exploring the country and enjoying new places. You’ll apparently have thoughts of another green object as well that are your dollars which will be spent.

As we already mentioned, Ireland is a less expensive destination for students planning to study abroad compared to other English-speaking countries. Still, it’s smart to consider how much it will cost to study abroad in Ireland earlier rather than later to ensure that you budget accordingly. In this blog, we’ll break down some of the prices for you so you can get an idea of exactly how much it will cost in USD and how much to save up before you head to Ireland for your higher studies

Before you leave your country, make sure that you consider expenses like accommodation, food, health coverage, and traveling along with your tuition fee when calculating the expected cost of studying in Ireland. This will help you plan your budget more effectively.

Cost of Studying in Ireland

Cost of Studying in Ireland

Your expense on tuition fee will depend a lot on the type of course and University you go ahead with. To cover your tuition fees, you will need roughly between $11, 896 and $29,742 a year. 

It is very common that if you opt for courses in the field of humanities or arts, they are a little cheaper while opting for subjects such as medicine, engineering, business, and management are likely to be more expensive comparatively. If you are planning to study at a postgraduate level, the tuition fee is typically higher, and the costs may vary depending on the program and the University that you choose.

Cost of accommodation

Most of the Universities in Ireland offer on-campus residence facilities to international students so that they don’t need to look for accommodation outside the campus. If you don’t wish to live on-campus you can opt for off-campus accommodation wherein you can share apartments with other students from your country or from different countries. There are a lot of options available near top Universities. The cost of accommodation may range anywhere around $500 per month if you choose to stay alone. It will also depend on your location and time of the year. However, if you opt for staying on the campus, the cost may come around €300-600 per month including the food, utilities, etc.

For a shared room, the accommodation cost is somewhere around $475 per month and can go up to $1000 for a private room in a shared apartment depending on all the amenities that are provided.

Cost of your student visa 

To study in Ireland after receiving your admit from the University, the next step is to obtain a valid study visa and that comes with its own cost which is around $70. Obtaining a student visa is mandatory for studying in Ireland, without a valid visa you won’t be able to enter the country in case of any circumstances. It is advised to get all the required documents for the Visa Interview and go prepared for the same.

Cost of Studying in Ireland

Cost of living in Ireland

Other than the tuition fees and accommodation costs that are included in the Cost of Studying in Ireland, you’ll need to keep a little money aside for your other living expenses such as grocery shopping, social activities, entertainment, and emergencies. 

While living in a foreign country as a student, it is advised to keep proper track of your expenses so that you do not overspend. Many other things that come under living expenses are shopping, weekend getaways, exploring, eating out, etc. As an international student studying in Ireland, the monthly living cost that you are likely to incur will be around $600-$1,000.

Cost of Health Insurance

It is compulsory for every student traveling to Ireland to get medical insurance before the beginning of their program at any University in the Country. The average cost for medical insurance ranges between $595-$100 annually. Extensive health and support services are readily available for all International students in Ireland. 

Cost to move around in the country

It is great if your University provides a traveling service from your accommodation to the college then you don’t need to rely on the available public transport. If you need to use public transport, you can take regional trains, buses, or local taxi service. Transportation costs in Ireland shouldn’t cost you more than $160 on a monthly basis. It is a great idea to get a Student Travel Card for traveling around the city as they can reduce your costs by up to 40%. If you wish to travel between cities you can use any of the options such as long-distance bus, rail, and air.

Indian study visas are valid for a maximum of five years. There is a fee of between $13 and $118 depending on your citizenship. Your passport is what counts, not your country of residence. This fee is normally paid in USD. INR is not actually accepted in some countries. Increasingly, Indian consulates, embassies and visa centers prefer card payments.

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Cost of Studying in Ireland

Total Cost of Studying in Ireland

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