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Here Are The Top 8 Affordable Countries To Study Abroad

Affordable Countries To Study Abroad

Studying abroad is investing in your future that is going to pay professional and personal allowances for years to come. Nonetheless, the costs involved in studying abroad may be excessive for students who’ve already set a budget. 

So, which is the most affordable country, cheap countries to study abroad, cheap countries for international students you can look forward to studying abroad? 

Actually, it depends on a number of factors. Some of them can be, what continent is the country located on? What is the standard of living in the country?

Nevertheless, there are many inexpensive and affordable, cheap countries to study abroad you can choose from that have the power to provide you with an extraordinary experience while going easy on your pocket. 

affordable countries to study abroad

  1. Germany

Studying in Germany is unquestionably an excellent choice. Many public universities of Germany offer affordable and cheap study abroad programs and have also waived off the tuition fee for international students by reducing the expenses of learning. The universities are absolutely trustworthy as they provide you with an outstanding quality of education. Germany is well-known for its Engineering and Management options. Though, it is certainly the most reasonable country to study in Europe. Students just need to take care of their personal expenses such as food, stationery, transportation expenses, etc. 

  1. South Africa

Accommodation in South African universities is significantly affordable. Universities of South Africa offer inexpensive study abroad programs. There are distinct facilities students can find that might reduce their food and shelter expenses in the country. Notwithstanding, opting to live in the first-tier cities of South Africa might get a bit costly for students on a budget.

  1. Taiwan

An Asia-based country, Taiwan is quite convenient for studies and can be called an one of affordable countries to study abroad. Students can get accommodations at a very reasonable price and universities of the country also provide a moderately good quality of education. However, the only drawback that can be found in universities in Taiwan is that the education programs they provide are limited.

  1. Austria

The tuition fees in universities in Austria are fairly affordable for international students. Also, universities in the country provide students with a reliable source of education. The public transport and accommodation facilities in Austria are substantially low-priced. The educational institutes of the country are scrutinized among the most inexpensive options for international students. 

  1. Belgium

Belgium has several universities that provide education with quiet low tuition fees for international students. Though the programs taught in Belgium universities are in the English language yet Belgium needs students to be well versed with a supplementary language either German, French, or Dutch. You can anytime start learning any of these languages with the help of Duolingo. If students are able to manage, they can also opt for part-time jobs for incurring their food and personal expenses. 

  1. Russia

International students who have chosen to study in universities in Russia have exceptionally admired the education quality in the country. However, it is crucial for a student studying in Russia to be familiar with the Russian language as it will be beneficial for them to survive with good living and food, and traveling facilities. Though the universities in Russia provide education by charging a reasonable amount of tuition fees however the other expenses are a bit more compared to other countries. 

  1. Denmark

Denmark is appreciated as one of the safest places to live in the world with the lowest crime rate. Universities in Denmark provide a high quality of education to international students while charging considerably low tuition fees with various scholarship options as well. Also, Students studying in Denmark manage to accommodate themselves at a very low cost hence Denmark is considered as the best choice for studying abroad.

  1. Norway

The majority of Nordic countries are considered as affordable options to study for International students. The universities in Norway provide a very low cost or even free education for within EU based countries however, it is restricted to particular programs. The programs offered by the universities in Norway are in English, and many citizens of Norway are also well-versed with the English language. Compared to other countries, the living expense in Norway is, unfortunately, more than one might expect, though the food and other expenses are pretty workable.

Planning to study abroad in total is, of course, expensive but if managed with the utmost care it can be really affordable. To study and live in a country abroad, a student must be intensely conscious of their financial spending. Students can also find internships or part-time jobs that can cover their basic expenses of food and living. 

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Affordable Countries To Study Abroad

Here Are The Top 8 Affordable Countries To Study Abroad

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