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York University Scholarship in 2024: Eligibility & Requirements

coins stacked with books depicting scholarships in the world

York University has a solid scholarship programme that provides financial aid to students undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Although all the scholarship options cater for academic needs, the sources of funding and scholarship categories differ. There are several York University scholarships for international students. York University scholarships not only award students financial aid but also give them access to particular opportunities and events. Eligibility, requirements, and terms of scholarships differ, all of which you can find out in this article.

Overview On York University Scholarship
Categories:– Entrance scholarships
– Continuing student scholarships
– Emergency bursaries
– Undergraduate student bursaries
– Graduate student bursaries
Patrons:– Recognised and undisclosed volunteers
– Internal school programmes
– External financial aid programmes
– Canadian government
Eligibility:– All international students
– International students under specific programs (Arts, Health, Sciences)
Range:– Scholarships are awarded one-off, on the first year of study, or annually of amounts $1000 – $45,000 (Canadian Dollars)

Top York University Canada Scholarships For International Students

York University scholarships for international students are awarded to students who aren’t Canadian citizens or those with a Canada permanent resident card. These scholarships cover academic needs from tuition, access to academic equipment/resources, accommodation, etc. There are two major categories of York University Canada scholarships for international students: ones with a “no award application required” tag, which you are automatically considered for, and awards requiring applications, which you must complete and submit application forms.

York University Scholarships For International Students With No Application

These scholarships are for all international students regardless of their country of origin. They don’t require applications, so you automatically qualify for them, provided you are within the requirements. They are usually less than the scholarships you have to apply for and more of one-off deposits and not annual.

NameAmount (CAD)
York University Talent Entrance Scholarships$1,000
Lassonde Entrance Scholarships$2,000
Liberal Arts & Professional Studies International Student Entrance Scholarship$2,000
Faculty of Health International Student Entrance Scholarship of Excellence$2,000
Faculty of Science Entrance Scholarship$2,000

York University Scholarships for International Students Requiring An Application

After the students make it through the current York University acceptance rate, they are eligible for scholarships. These York University scholarships require an application to show interest and process them. Unlike the ones without application, these have a procedure and more requirements for qualifications. These scholarships are also offered annually and not one-off amounts. They are also subdivided into two major categories: direct and collective options. These are also some of the scholarships for Indian students in Canada

York University Scholarships With Direct Application

These options are often meant for a specific group, and a direct link is provided to apply for the scholarship. The financing body controls the rules and regulations for the scholarships, and they select whom to sponsor.

NameAmount (CAD)Deadline
Liberal Arts & Professional Studies International Undergraduate Leadership Scholarships$40,000($10,000 x 4 years)TBD
York Science Scholars Award$10,000 ($5,000 entrance scholarship plus $5,000 guaranteed summer research position after the first year of study)TBD
Glendon International Excellence Scholarship (10 students only)$40,000($10,000 x 4 years)Generally by April 1
Glendon International Scholarship$5,000 – $10,000Generally by April 1
The Annie Demirjian’77 Scholarship$5,000 – $10,000Generally by April 1

York University Scholarships On Collective Application

These scholarships are applied by completing and submitting York University’s International Student Scholarship & Award Application form. Upon submission, you qualify to be awarded either of the options, and it comes down to the perfect fit from considerations such as academic excellence and financial need. They all share similar requirements and deadlines. 

NameNo. awardedFrequencyAmount
President’s International Scholarship of Excellence20Annually $180,000 ($45,000 x 4 years)
Tentanda Via Award15Annually$120,000 ($30,000 x 4 years)
Global Leader of Tomorrow Award for International Students2Annually $80,000 ($20,000 x 4 years)
International Circle of Scholar’s Scholarship1First year of study$15,000
York University Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students5 – 10First year of study$5,000 – 10,000

*NB: Unlike the rest, you must select the exact option for the Tentanda Via Award on the application form to be considered. Other institutions such as EduCanada, Universities Canada, The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, and York Awards Search can offer other scholarships. 

Other Income Options

While scholarships are the go-to solution for many students seeking financial aid for their academic journey at York University, the university also offers other options. Students can consider these options, and even though they won’t provide as much funds as scholarships, they come in handy for specific expenses to navigate the cost of living in Canada.

Work/Study Programmes

These programmes were established to allow students to develop professional skills and use them to contribute to the university on a payment basis. They are only eligible for undergraduate students, so it doesn’t apply to students looking for York University Master’s scholarships. They are offered under three programmes:

  • General work/study provide students with a wide range of employment opportunities for supporting roles to develop relevant and valuable skills and gather ample work experience required for the highest-paid jobs in Canada.
  • Leadership, Engagement and Ambassadorship ProgramLEAP engages students in roles within the university (programmes, colleges, and faculties) to enhance the overall student experience.
  • Research at York RAY supports the research culture at the university by providing paid opportunities for students to participate in research projects.

Emergency Bursary

This financial aid is available for students experiencing emergency or unexpected financial crisis/need caused by unforeseen circumstances. Unlike scholarships, it doesn’t cover tuition fees but assists in covering unexpected expenses. The main reasons to get such funding include being a victim of a phishing scheme or scam, risk of insecure housing or access to food, and natural disasters at home that cause a significant change in the financial situation.

Eligibility Of York University Canada Scholarships For International Students 

You must meet certain requirements to qualify for the various scholarships and bursary options for such intakes in Canada. This is non-negotiable for all funding options from undergraduate to York University PhD scholarships. It is meant to segment the various funds and cover as many groups as possible.

Name Eligibility
Glendon International Excellence Scholarship– Must be admitted to Glendon with top academic standing (80% and above or equivalent in your curriculum’s grading system)
– Must demonstrate leadership through excellence in sports/arts or community service
Glendon International Scholarship– Must be admitted to Glendon with top academic standing (75% and above or equivalent in your curriculum’s grading system)
– Great leadership potential or demonstrating financial need
The Annie Demirjian’77 Scholarship– Must be admitted to Glendon with top academic standing (85% and above or equivalent in your curriculum’s grading system)
– Great leadership potential or demonstrating financial need
– Special consideration for francophone students
-President’s International Scholarship of Excellence
-Tentanda Via Award
-Global Leader of Tomorrow Award for International Students
-International Circle of Scholar’s Scholarship
-York University Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students
– A 9-digit York reference number
– A Study Permit to study in Canada
– Must have applied to an undergraduate programme beginning in Fall 2024
– Should be directly from high school (not more than two years after completion)
– An impressive academic record with a minimum “A” average or equivalent
– One letter of recommendation or additional supporting documents
Work/Study Programmes– Valid study permit for the employment period
– Full-time undergraduate student
– Must meet the specific skills and experience requirements set by the sponsoring department
Emergency Bursary– Must be an active student in the current academic semester under an undergraduate or graduate programme
– A complete Student Financial Profile
Should first exhaust all the other financial options

Course-Wise Segregation Of York University Scholarships

York University offers multiple scholarship options, and some of them are biased toward specific colleges or faculties. These scholarships are established to enhance such faculties’ performance and the need to complete research or projects. Although there are shared standard academic qualifications, they often have specific capabilities only the faculties can disclose when the scholarship is offered.

Name Eligibility
York University Talent Entrance ScholarshipsSchool of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design applicants
Lassonde Entrance ScholarshipsLassonde School of Engineering applicants
Liberal Arts & Professional Studies International Student Entrance ScholarshipLiberal Arts & Professional Studies applicants
Faculty of Health International Student Entrance Scholarship of ExcellenceFaculty of Health applicants
Faculty of Science Entrance ScholarshipFaculty of Science applicants
Liberal Arts & Professional Studies International Undergraduate Leadership ScholarshipsLiberal Arts & Professional Studies applicants
York Science Scholars AwardFaculty of Science applicants

Why Study With York University Scholarships?

Attending York University with a scholarship offers financial assistance and avenues for both academic and personal growth. Check more reasons in the image here: 


How To Apply?

To seek scholarships at York University in Canada, adhere to these guidelines:

  • Explore scholarship options: Navigate to York University’s scholarship portal to discover the array of financial aids available for international students. It’s crucial to understand any specific eligibility requirements outlined for each scholarship.
  • Note application deadlines: Be mindful of the application timelines. As an illustration, the deadline for the York University International Student Scholarships is set for February 1, 2023.
  • Fill out the application: Access the designated application form either through the university’s official site or the scholarship portal. Ensure you provide precise details regarding your academic accomplishments, financial status, and other pertinent information.
  • Provide essential documentation: Compile essential paperwork, including academic records, evidence of financial need, and any other materials specified in the scholarship guidelines. Ensure your submission includes all the requisite documents.
  • Await feedback: Post-application, await feedback from the scholarship committee. Notifications regarding your application status may arrive via email or an invitation to a recognition event.

Documents Required

York University in Canada has a structured application process for its scholarships, necessitating various essential documents to assess applicants’ qualifications and eligibility. Below is a table outlining the typical documents and information required for the application:

Document TypeDescription
Educational CertificatesAcademic transcripts or certificates showcasing academic accomplishments.
Curriculum Vitae (CV)Detailed document highlighting educational background, work experience, and achievements.
Statement of InterestWritten statement detailing academic goals, personal aspirations, and reasons for seeking the scholarship.
Recommendation LetterEndorsement from teachers, professors, or relevant individuals validating academic capabilities.
Health HistoryMay be required for specific scholarships, necessitating a medical examination or health history.
PassportCopy or proof of identification, such as a passport.
English Proficiency CertificateEvidence of English language skills, like IELTS or TOEFL scores, for non-native English speakers.
Reference LettersAdditional letters supporting academic achievements and abilities.
TranscriptsOfficial academic records from all previously attended post-secondary institutions.
International Student ApplicationCompletion of the online International Student Scholarship & Award Application form with a 9-digit York reference number, typically received within 5 business days post-application.

Getting a scholarship not only improves a student’s way of life but is also one of the positive factors for Canada student visa process. Scholarships improve a student’s resume value by multifold. Thus, a scholarship will also be the reason a student lands some of the highest paid jobs in Canada. Thus, apply now!


  1. How Do You Qualify for the York University Entrance Scholarship?

There are various York University entrance scholarships, each with unique qualifications. However, the standard qualifications include applying straight from high school and showing academic excellence and leadership potential. There are also typical requirements, such as undergoing a successful visa process.

  1. How Competitive Are York University Scholarships?

All York University scholarships are competitive; some are offered to a specific number of individuals, and others to particular faculties. It all comes down to how qualified you are for the various options.

  1. What Types of Scholarships Are Available at York University?

There are various types of scholarships, from undergraduate scholarships to York University master’s scholarships to York University PhD scholarships. However, they are segmented into two major categories: ones that need applications and those that don’t.

  1. Can Students Apply for Multiple Scholarships at York University?

Yes, you can apply to multiple scholarships for those that require a York University’s International Student Scholarship & Award Application form. However, you can only get one.

  1. Are There Scholarships Available for Current Students or Only for New Applicants?

There are scholarship options for current students. Furthermore, new students have to showcase the potential to facilitate the annual renewal of some scholarships.

  1. How Does York University Assess Financial Need for Need-Based Scholarships?

There has to be proof that you cannot pay for your fees, be it bank statements or your parent’s/guardian’s employment history. A letter of recommendation or supporting documents can also come in handy. 

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coins stacked with books depicting scholarships in the world

York University Scholarship in 2024: Eligibility & Requirements

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