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October 20, 2020

What’s a good GMAT score? According to B-school admissions officials, hopefuls who compete for slots in selective graduate business programs should recognize that a stellar score on the Graduate Management Admission Exam would increase their acceptance chances. Although most business schools use a comprehensive evaluation process, the test score plays an important role. A good GMAT score is a predictor. To determine whether someone is prepared for B-school academically. So it is taken very seriously by admission committees.

The GMAT score is an entrance exam for business schools that lasts almost 3 1/2 hours and contains the following four components:

  • An evaluation of analytical writing, which measures critical thinking and skills in communication.
  • An integrated portion of reasoning illustrates how well students can evaluate information and interpret information displayed in different formats.
  • A section of quantitative reasoning determines if students have strong mathematical skills and numerical literacy.
  • A portion of verbal reasoning tests reading comprehension abilities, editing abilities, and whether written arguments will make sense to others.

Test-takers, starting with the quantitative, verbal, or writing section, have the freedom to choose how they begin the exam.

The GMAT is specifically designed to test the skills most important to business school. It’s an applied reasoning test and not just about knowing things; it’s about what you can do with your knowledge and how you can thoughtfully apply that during business school. It relates more closely to what business people do regularly.

What Are the Standard GMAT Test Scores?

Five scores, including section scores for analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning, plus a total score based on results on the verbal and quantitative sections, should be expected by GMAT test takers who complete the test. On the analytical writing evaluation, scores range from 0 to 6, measured in half-point increments, and range from 1 to 8 on the integrated reasoning section. Which has eight possible scores, all of which are entire numbers. There is a minimum score of 0 and a maximum score of 60 in both the quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning categories, but scores below six and above 51 are rare. The total scores range from a low of 200 to a GMAT maximum score of 800 and are recorded at intervals of 10 points.

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What Is A Good GMAT Score?

A GMAT score between 650 and 690 is decent and, MBA experts say a score of 700 or higher is fantastic.

A score ranging from a minimum of 200 to a maximum of 800 can be obtained from GMAT test-takers, a perfect score. MBA hopefuls are encouraged by admission experts to set their target GMAT total score based on the average score approved by their programs of interest. A B-school applicant’s target should be to get a perfect GMAT score that is so high that admissions officers have no questions about academic preparedness.

So if you are essentially in the 700s, if you can put that number out there, you are no longer a concern in terms of the GMAT score. If you can get 710 or 720, it’s the magic number, you’re as good in the class as anyone else. A GMAT perfect score of 800 can counterbalance any weaknesses in a business school application’s non-score portions. Assisting students who want to attend a highly selective school.

GMAT maximum scores that hit stellar records can be expected in the top 10 schools, but lower-ranked schools do not usually need exceptional scores.

In the top 20 business graduate programs, scores of 650 and above will usually qualify someone for consideration. But any score in the 600s may be enough for a top 50 program. 

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You can get a lower score and still get into a top school if anything else you have is excellent. But if you have a weakness somewhere, you have to have a good GMAT. MBA admissions specialists advise that it is difficult without an outstanding GMAT score to gain admission to a top 10 business school in the U.S.

Almost any student thinks of 700 as the basis for a ‘good’ GMAT perfect score at a top-tier school.

In addition to the GMAT ranking, a candidate’s undergraduate GPA, career trajectory, and extracurricular participation are assessed. Gender, demographics, and the vocation of a candidate often come into play. In general, however, applicants for business schools should see what a business school’s average or median GMAT score is. And then try to reach that amount to show the admissions committee that they can withstand the discipline of the MBA curriculum.

The GMAT problem is, even if you smash it and knock it out of the park on the way to a score of 800, it’s so brutally tricky; you’re still going to think you’re not doing well because it’s computer-adaptive. The first couple of questions, of course, are the answer. You’ve got to get the right ones. Otherwise, your path goes down, and you’re never going to get back to a good score. So you have to start strong, and you have to retain faith as you go through it.

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