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University Of Cambridge Fees: Loans, Tuition Fees, And Fee Status.

university of cambridge fees

This historic institution, founded in 1209, has left its mark on history as a beacon of knowledge and intellectual achievement. Cambridge has a spectacular 800-year-old tradition, and its graduates include famous scientists, Nobel laureates, literary geniuses, and political leaders. But, among its intellectual excellence, there may be a single concern on your mind: what about the University of Cambridge fees?

In this article, we will cover the specifics of the cost of attending this venerable school. The University Of Cambridge has 31 independent colleges and more than 100 academic departments, and provides a diverse range of courses in various subjects, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

The University Of Cambridge Fees

Regardless of the university you apply to, the expense of pursuing higher education includes much more than simply tuition fees. Tuition rates differ greatly depending on whether you are a resident or an overseas student.

Tuition Fees For Home Students

  • University Of Cambridge Fees(Undergraduate)

For home students starting their first undergraduate degree in 2023, the yearly tuition fees will be £9,250. The tuition charge set by the government for 2024-25 has yet to be determined. Before applying or accepting an offer from the institution, you should check the university website for the most up-to-date tuition cost information.

  • University Of Cambridge Fees(Postgraduate)
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine£ 9,387
MPhil in Strategy, Marketing and Operations£ 13,797
PhD in Theology and Religious StudiesPhD in Spanish£ 9,387£ 9,387

You can find an entire list on the University Of Cambridge’s official website. 

University Of Cambridge Fees For International Students

Because of the high level of competitiveness for admission, undergraduate applicants must score about 95% on board examinations. Estimating annual university costs is difficult since the cost of attendance varies by course. Tuition at the University of Cambridge ranges from 24,507 to 63,990 GBP (24.98 to 65.24 lakhs INR). On average, University of Cambridge graduates earn 45,000 GBP (45.87 lakhs INR) a year. The University of Cambridge assures that its students are placed in internationally top firms such as AstraZeneca, NHS, Illumina, Tesco, and many others. 

  • The University Of Cambridge Undergraduate Tuition And Fees

Tuition fees for overseas students vary depending on the course (see table below). Please keep in mind:

GroupCourses Tuition fees
1Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic; Archaeology; Asian and Middle Eastern Studies; Classics; Economics; Education; English; History; History and Modern Languages; History and Politics; History of Art; Human, Social, and Political Sciences£24,507
3Architecture; Geography; Music£32,064
4Chemical Engineering; Computer Science; Engineering; Management Studies; Manufacturing Engineering; Natural Sciences; Psychological and Behavioural Sciences£37,293
5Medical and Veterinary Science (including for this purpose the Second M.B. and Second Vet. M.B. Examinations)£63,990
  • Postgraduate Fees
PhD in Social Anthropology£ 28,401
MPhil in Sociology (The Sociology of Media and Culture)£ 32,859
PhD in Slavonic Studies£ 28,401
PhD in Surgery£ 35,673

You can find all the other courses listed with fees on the University Of Cambridge’s official website. 

Fee status for EU, EEA, And Swiss Students

According to Brexit, the fee structure for EU, EEA, and Swiss students has been changed to International/overseas students. Your fee status is determined by your country, residence, and length of stay. Based on the information you provide, the University determines your fee status.  Because your fee status affects the amount of fees you are charged as well as the type of financial help available to you, you must be accurately classified. 

All students who do not have a Home fee status will be designated as international/overseas.

If you have any doubts about your fee status, please visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website. The UK Government and UCAS have also issued further guidelines to students starting their studies post-October 2021.

If you have Home status, you are most likely to 

  1. You are a British or Irish person who has resided in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands for three years prior to the start of your course
  2. You live in the United Kingdom, you are the spouse, civil partner, or child of a British national, and you have lived in the United Kingdom for three full years prior to the first day of your course

How Much Does It Cost To Study At Cambridge University?

Here’s a breakdown of the costs to consider the fees at Cambridge University

  • University Of Cambridge Fees:

Tuition costs differ depending on your level of study (undergraduate, postgraduate, and so on).

Fees may also vary based on whether you are a local (UK) or overseas student.

Undergraduates in the UK/EU may pay between £9,250 and £11,100 per year, while overseas students may spend between £24,507 to £63,990.

Courses 1st Year fees
M.Phil£33,220- £47,940
BA£26836- £35110
MS£25841- £43057
LLM£31099- £48291
  • Accommodation:

The cost of living can vary greatly based on the type of accommodation, college, and location.

The University Of Cambridge has a variety of housing options, including shared dormitories and individual rooms with varied amenities. You can also check UniAcco for further assistance and guidance. 

  • Living Expenses:

Consider meals, transportation, social events, and personal things as costs. The cost of living might vary depending on your lifestyle and spending patterns.

Navigating Financial Support and Aid

Scholarships: Cambridge University provides a variety of scholarships based on academic success, topic concentration, and other factors. These can greatly reduce financial obligations, but the conditions vary, therefore study is required.

External Scholarships:  These scholarships are available from outside organisations. Despite the fact that they are not linked with the institution, they can nonetheless help ease financial constraints based on country, subject, or need.

Student Loans: For many students, student loans are essential to their financial picture. Student loans, in collaboration with organisations such as Unicreds, can give the financial assistance required to meet various expenditures while studying. Unicreds, for example, provides flexible repayment plans and affordable interest rates, guaranteeing that financial problems do not impede your educational path.


How much is the University of Cambridge application fee?

For Lent Term 2023 or Easter Term 2023, you must pay a £75 application fee before submitting your application.

What are the Cambridge University fees in Indian rupees?

Including the tuition fee, college fee, and living cost it will cost you around 41.69 – 77.31 lakhs

How can I apply for Cambridge University from India?

You can use the UCAS portal for undergraduate admissions, the UCAS portal must be used. 

Is Cambridge Public or private?

The University of Cambridge, founded in 1209, is a college public research university.

What is Cambridge famous for?

With plenty of greenery and gorgeous historic buildings as far as the eye can view, it’s a favourite weekend destination for both Brits and visitors.

What are the Cambridge exams?

KET – elementary level (A2), PET – intermediate level (B1), First Certificate – upper, intermediate level (B2), CAE – advanced level (C1), CPE – proficient level (C2), Linguaskill – all levels.

Is IELTS compulsory for Cambridge?

If you intend to pursue a master’s degree in the United Kingdom, the needed IELTS score at Cambridge University is 7.0 to 7.5. 

Which are the best programmes to study at Cambridge?

Artificial Intelligence, Arts and Humanities, Biology and Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology, Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems are some of the best to study at Cambridge. 

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university of cambridge fees

University Of Cambridge Fees: Loans, Tuition Fees, And Fee Status.