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Total Cost of Studying in Japan

Total Cost of Studying in Japan

How much does studying in Japan cost? If you are interested in studying in Japan, then how much it is going to cost is one of the most important things to know. To guarantee that you have everything covered, this guide breaks down the cost of studying in Japan, cost of every aspect of university life in Japan. 

Tuition fees | Cost of education in Japan

In Japan, tuition fees, cost of university are actually relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to those in the US and the UK. International student fees are relatively low, and there are a variety of financial aid grants that students can apply for.

For instance, for undergraduates, fees at the high ranking University of Tokyo start at 485,900 yen (£3,520). A 248,500 yen (£1,800) entry fee is also available. Do not assume, however, that higher tuition rates would be paid by more prestigious colleges, as certain lesser-known institutions are known to charge higher. Kyoto University, another prestigious university, charges a much higher fee of 535,800 yen (£3,900). Students will also have to pay an admission cost of college in Japan, which will normally be about 282,000 yen (£2,000).

Cost of college in Japan varies from university to university, so be sure to review the rates at the individual universities you are interested in.

Costs of accommodation

Many colleges have dormitory housing for university students. On-campus accommodation in Japan is seperate from Japan university tuition fees. Applications are handled twice a year, and accommodation is usually within two to three train stops of the campus when it is not necessarily on campus. It is important to note, though, that not all students will remain here, so ensure that you know the other choices.

University-supported student housing costs about 11,900 yens (£87) a month for a single bed, plus water and power bills. The rates for a double or a family room increase likewise.

The monthly rental fee is 58,500 yen per month (£424) for private accommodation. This is the rough cost but based on the average housing costs in each area, but it can differ.

If you stay in private accommodation so chances are there won’t be utility costs in your monthly rental. The expense of utilities is approximately 10,000 yen a month (€72); power is approximately 4,000; gas is for 3,000 yen, and water is for 2,000 yen.

Flat sharing is not so common in Japan, so you may end up paying the entire rental price yourself.

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Other essential student costs

Apart from Japan university tuition fees, transportation will be one of the other biggest cost of studying in japan for international students. It is well known that public transport is modern and effective in Japan, but it is also very costly. It is possible to buy a JR Rail pass for seven, 14, or 21 days. For 21 days, the JR Rail pass will set you back 58,118.30 yen (£428) but allows unrestricted travel on all JR national trains in Japan, including Narita Express and Shinkansen bullet trains.

If you are in a bigger city with a strong metro system, such as Tokyo or Osaka, you may end up using this as your primary mode of transportation. For a single journey, tickets are about 100-200 yen (£0.73).

Buses are often fairly affordable in Japan and are often the safest way to get around the city since they are more likely to travel all around.


Japan is known for its healthy, inexpensive food and street food, so make sure you take full advantage of it. A meal out may cost an average of 1000 yen (£7.24), but if you are able to spend the money, there are more premium options, of course.

A gym membership is a somewhat more expensive cost in Japan. It appears to cost about ¥600 a day, but if you choose, you can pay monthly. A monthly subscription, which is around £47, could amount to anything like 6,500 yen a month.

Japan’s average movie ticket starts at 1,800 yen (£13), although on some days of the month and around certain events, there are chances to purchase discounted tickets.

What is the available financial support to cover Japan college Cost?

The Japanese government is focused on attracting more foreign students to study in the country and has developed a variety of scholarships to provide international students with financial assistance as a result. You will be able to afford Japan college cost with these scholarships.

The Japanese Government Scholarship is one such scholarship; it allows applicants to provide their university or nearby Japanese embassy with a recommendation. These scholarships are eligible for students around the university continuum who are studying.

The Global 30 Project, which gives students more opportunities for learning in English and provides financial assistance and visa advice, is another government initiative.

There are also a variety of websites, such as Japan study support and JASSO’s Gateway to Study, that can provide more information about the scholarships that are available.

What financial assistance is provided by individual universities and how you can qualify for it is also worth finding out.

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Total Cost of Studying in Japan

Total Cost of Studying in Japan

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