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Total Cost of Studying in Canada

Studying in Canada is very cheap compared to many countries. To pay tuition, you would possibly need between C$ 20,000 and C$ 30,000 annually. This range is merely an average and may vary depending on the organization and program you are enrolled in. The cost of accommodation, food, and other living costs may depend on your location and your own needs, but it is not an unusual estimate of C$ 15,000 annually. Here is the Total Cost of Studying in Canada.


When talking about the average cost of studying in Canada, international students’ tuition fees differ across provinces and services.

International Tuition Fees by Field of Study 


Undergraduate: $20,875

Graduate: $15,764

Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies

Undergraduate: $25,127

Graduate: $14,737


Undergraduate: $28,676

Graduate: $13,667

Social and behavioral sciences

Undergraduate: $27,647

Graduate: $15,032

Law, legal professions and studies

Undergraduate: $33,192

Graduate: $17,237

Business management and public administration

Undergraduate: $26,680

Graduate: $24,693

Physical and life sciences and technologies

Undergraduate: $31,536

Graduate: $15,421

Mathematics, computer and information sciences

Undergraduate: $33,012

Graduate: $16,647


Undergraduate: $33,703

Graduate: $19,301


Undergraduate: $26,457

Graduate: $23,992

Note that the expenses associated with university admission go beyond tuition fees. For things like books, living expenses, and housing, you must also budget.

Before you start, Citizenship and Immigration Canada mandates that you prove that you have sufficient money to meet your financial requirements while studying in Canada. So beginning to figure out your finances and looking at the possibilities of getting a grant to help support your education is crucial early on.

Financial budget not enough for your education? Submit the form on this page!

Visa for Students and Application Fees

You may need to receive a Canadian study permit, which acts as a student visa for the duration of your stay, to study in Canada. When your course or program lasts six months or less, you do not need a Canadian research permit. It costs CA $150 (~ US $114) to apply for a study permit.

Depending on the school and your country of birth, fees for universities in Canada can vary. For instance, the University of British Columbia fee CA$70.50 (~ US$ 53.40) for Canadian undergraduate students and CA$118.50 (~ US$ 89.70) for foreign students. If you are a foreign student from a developed world, you will be able to get this charge waived.


Your budget and cost of education in Canada also depends on the type of accommodation you choose for further education. Many universities offer students on-campus accommodation, some of them exclusively for overseas scholars. But acceptance at a Canadian school does not automatically mean that you can get a residential bed. Students must apply for on-campus housing separately, and the expense varies across institutions and depends, for example, on whether or not you want a private room or a meal plan.

Some international students chose to live in an apartment off-campus. In Canada, rent for a standard two-bedroom apartment averages $1,577 per month *, but varies depending on the city or neighborhood and accommodation type. As a renter, the extra monthly cost of study in Canada for Indian students will also need to be charged for services such as power, home phone, internet, and cable television, as well as personal expenses and insurance for the renter. In order to minimize their living expenses, some students share apartments or whole homes, or rent rooms in private houses, often even paying for the use of the kitchen.

Many colleges, both on and off-campus, may provide assistance in seeking accommodation and answer questions through their housing office or student services.

Transportation Services

Transportation is a major contributor to the Cost of Studying in Canada. You should be able to walk or ride to campus, depending on where you live. Many students choose public transportation, especially those in larger cities: buses, subways, commuter trains, or ferries. Usually, one-way public transit fares cost a few bucks, and monthly passes range from around $80 to $150, while student discounts are provided by many transit providers.

Insurance Coverage

In Canada, all foreign students must have health insurance, and the available medical coverage varies from province to province. Under their provincial health care programs, Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Saskatchewan support foreign students, but coverage usually depends on the duration of your stay.

Cost of living in Canada

Here are some examples of Canada’s average living costs:

  • Eating at a restaurant: CA$16 per person (~US$12)
  • Local Public Transport One-way ticket: CA$3 (~US$2.27)
  • A loaf of bread: CA$2.86 (~US$2.17)
  • Movie ticket: CA$13.50 (~US$10.22)
  • Monthly gym fee: CA$48.25 (~US$36.54)

If you don’t already have any, you can also prepare for additional expenses, such as warm winter clothes.

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Total Cost of Studying in Canada

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