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Things You Can Do To Pay Your Rent On Time

Things You Can Do To Pay Your Rent On Time

Checking into your very own student accommodation is a big step for you. Just think about it. You’ve applied to multiple universities, taken numerous tests, written hundreds of essays and now you’ve got your own place in a whole new country! If that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is! 

Having your own living space comes with a host of different responsibilities. However, there’s no responsibility more important than paying your rent on time. Because, if you miss several rent payments, you might just be homeless in a whole new country. Sounds scary, right? Well, if you follow these tips on paying your rent on time, then you will be able to enjoy your sweet student accommodation until you graduate! 

Things You Can Do To Pay Your Rent On Time

Set Up Automatic Payments Online

The best way to ensure you’re always paying your rent on time is by removing the human error factor. There are many property management companies that will allow you to set up automatic online payments. Through this process, your rent is automatically directed from your bank account to the designated payment account. 

This system guarantees you pay your rent on time, without the need for repeated reminders. We recommend that you set the transfer date a few days before your rent is due, as it may require some processing time.

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Ask Management To Auto Deduct Payments

A great alternative to setting up an auto-pay system is this. You can coordinate with your landlord/property manager to keep your credit card or debit card information on file. With your permission, they can deduct your rent payments automatically every month, thus taking the responsibility out of your hands and into theirs. Do enquire, however, if they have a secure method of running your card and storing the information. It’s also important to check your bank account regularly to ensure the landlord/property manager is taking the correct amount of money.

Manage Your Expenses Smartly

A little tact and organisation can go a long way in helping you make your rent payments on time. Making sure all your bills are paid off on priority is an excellent way to establish a sound financial foundation. In most cases, rent is one of the most substantial and regular expenses. If you create a system for taking care of your bills on time, you will be able to meet all your deadlines. 

Create Electronic Reminders 

Things You Can Do To Pay Your Rent On Time

Computers, mobile phones and tablets are helpful tools that will help you stay on top of your payments. Use a calendar or application of your choice to create a reminder or two for a few days before your rent is due. Ensure that the reminder pops up on your screen and has a sound associated with it. If you are someone who tends to ignore or forget notifications quickly, try setting up as many reminders as you need. You can also program the notification to pop up at times when you are most likely at your desk or near your company. 

Create Physical Reminders

Things You Can Do To Pay Your Rent On Time

While digital reminders are excellent tools, some people work better with physical notes. If you are one to write physical notes or maintain to-do lists, then use this system to pay your rent on time. Keeping a calendar on your wall with all the due dates marked can help you a lot. 

Ask Your Friends For Help

When all else fails, you can always count on your friends! You can ask your friends, family or roommates to remind you about your due date. You and your roommate can set up a ‘rent payment night’ each month so that you’ll never have to worry about delaying your rent payments. Your landlord/property manager may even be willing to send you monthly reminders by calling you or emailing you a couple of days before your rent is due. 

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Things You Can Do To Pay Your Rent On Time

Things You Can Do To Pay Your Rent On Time

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