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Student Health Insurance In France: Insure Your Journey

student health insurance france

International students studying in France must have health insurance, which can be either public or private. Many qualify for student health insurance in France, based on factors like age, origin, and programme duration. 

Health care in France is free for international students. Students receive medical reimbursements via social security number. Additional complimentary insurance, known as ‘mutuelle’, is available. Non-European international students are covered by the general healthcare scheme.

France is ranked 25th in global healthcare systems. According to the World Health Organisation, France boasts the world’s top healthcare system. The country features an integrated network of public and private services, including doctors, hospitals, and specialists.
In this blog, let us explore the importance of student health insurance in France and the best picks.

Eligibility Requirements For Student Health Insurance In France

The following criteria must be satisfied to qualify for health insurance in France for international students:

Health Insurance Obligation: All international students in France must have health insurance, either public or private.

Access to Complete Care: International students are eligible for France’s universal healthcare, based on factors like age, origin, and programme duration.

Eligibility Requirements: To qualify for France’s national health insurance, students must meet these criteria:

  •    Age under 28 by October 1st of the current academic year.
  •    Enrollment in a degree programme lasting 4 months or more.
  •    Non-European Union or nonSwiss nationality.

Minimum Insurance for Non-EU Students: Non European students require insurance that covers stays under 90 days. For Schengen visas, coverage valid in France must be at least €37,500.

Documents Required For Student Health Insurance In France

To ensure a smooth process of obtaining health insurance coverage as a student in France, please gather and organise the following documents:

  • Initial Required Documents:

1. Passport or ID Card: A valid identification document for verification purposes.

2. Residence Permit/Student Visa: Proof of your legal status in France as a student.

Note: These initial documents are essential to obtain a provisional social security number. If you plan to stay in France for over one year, the additional documents listed below will also become mandatory.

  • Additional Required Documents:

1. Birth Certificate: Provide a complete copy of your birth certificate or an extract containing your parents’ information. If unavailable, a document issued by a consulate may be accepted.

2. RIB/IBAN (Bank Details): Furnish your RIB (Relevé d’Identité Bancaire) or IBAN (International Bank Account Number) details. This information is crucial for the reimbursement of your healthcare expenses.

Note: Opening a French bank account is recommended to facilitate healthcare expense reimbursements.

  • Further Information:

1. Profile Update: You will have the opportunity to upload these documents to your profile at a later stage once you have acquired them.

2. Country of Origin: Depending on your country of origin, additional documentation might be requested to complete your health insurance application.

Please ensure that you have all the necessary documents prepared and organised to simplify the process of obtaining international student health insurance France.

How To Obtain Social Security For Student Health Insurance In France

1. Access the International Student Registration Website

Visit the dedicated website for international students to initiate the registration process. Provide the required information and personal details in the provided form. One crucial detail to include is the commencement date of your eligibility for French health insurance. This date should correspond to your arrival in France.

2. Submission of Supporting Documents

Upload the necessary supporting documents, which typically include a copy of your passport or ID card, student visa, school certificate, and RIB/IBAN details.

3. Form Validation and Provisional Social Security Number

Once you have completed and verified the information on the form, you will receive a provisional social security number. This step allows you to proceed with further documentation. Make sure to store this number for future reference.

4. Download and Upload Social Security Certificate

Download your social security certificate from the provided platform. Subsequently, upload this certificate to the Virtual Campus on your File under the “Social Security” section. This document is crucial for your complete registration at KEDGE.

5. Utilise Temporary Health Insurance Certificate

While awaiting the issuance of your permanent medical coverage number, you can use the temporary health insurance certificate. This interim document provides you with medical coverage during this waiting period.

6. Application for Carte Vitale (Social Security Card)

Upon receiving your definitive medical coverage number, you are eligible to apply for your personal Carte Vitale, which functions as your social security card. This card is a fundamental component of the French healthcare system and should be carried at all times.

7. Declaration of General Practitioner

During your initial medical consultation in France, ensure that you declare your chosen general practitioner. This step is essential for effective coordination of your healthcare needs within the French system.

8. Complementary Health Insurance

Recognise that French social security may not cover all healthcare expenses. To bridge this gap, consider obtaining complementary health insurance that includes civil liability coverage. Numerous insurance providers cater to students in France, such as MGEN, LMDE, SMERRA, and SMENO, among others.

9. Arrive with Temporary Insurance Coverage

Before embarking on the administrative procedures, it’s advisable to possess valid temporary insurance coverage that safeguards you in case of emergencies. This precaution ensures your protection as you navigate the registration process.

Importance Of France Health Insurance For International Students

International students pursuing education in France are required to possess medical insurance to manage their healthcare expenses. 

1.  Coverage Discrepancies in Private Medical Insurance: Although the French government extends nearly cost-free medical care, a significant number of private medical insurance plans fall short of fully covering essential visits to healthcare providers.

2. Advancements for Student Medical Coverage: On a positive note, a promising development has taken place for students studying in France. They can now avail medical attention and supply-related expenses, which will be accommodated through their designated social security numbers.

3. Enhanced Reimbursement through Supplemental Health Plans: Students are provided with the opportunity to enrol in supplemental health plans. These plans are available through different avenues, including general or student mutual insurers, established insurance companies, and even banking institutions.

4. Holistic Approach of Student Group Health Plans: The role of student group health plans goes beyond merely covering medical costs. 

5. Promoting Health Practices and Preventive Measures: These student group plans contribute to the promotion of proactive health practices and preventive measures.

What does Student Health Insurance In France cover?

1. Emergency Care: Accessible throughout major cities and towns in France, the emergency ambulance service is an integral part of the public healthcare system. This includes Accident and Emergency (A&E) services.

2. Doctor Visits: In the state healthcare system, a visit to a doctor comes with a fee of €25. However, healthcare insurance helps cover these medical care costs by providing reimbursement.

3. Pharmaceuticals: When purchasing prescribed medications from a pharmacy, you are only responsible for the portion of the cost that isn’t covered by the state. This eliminates the need to pay the entire amount upfront and then apply for partial reimbursement.

4. Specialist Care: Although specialist fees might be higher than those of general practitioners, they still adhere to the national standard for public healthcare. To avail of reimbursement for these expenses, your general practitioner needs to refer you to the specialist.

5. Dental Services: Basic dental checkups fall under the coverage of the French public healthcare system. However, dental care carries its own set of fees and reimbursement rates. Comparable to other specialised care, general dental services follow a similar reimbursement process.

Top 5 Student Health Insurance In France

1. IMG International Student Health Insurance:

IMGlobal offers specialised insurance for students and ex-pats, with three student-focused plans. The “Student Health Advantage” plan covers various needs, including mental health and COVID-19. “Student Health Advantage Platinum” offers double coverage.


  •  Tailored plans for students
  •  Coverage for mental health, COVID-19, and more
  •  Wide network of healthcare providers
  •  24/7 customer service


  •  1year waiting period for preexisting conditions on some plans

2. Cigna Global Student Health Insurance:

Cigna Global provides plans for international students, offering coverage worldwide. Plans include Silver, Gold, and Platinum options with customization.


  •  Quick claims response
  •  Extensive network of hospitals and doctors
  •  Flexible payment options
  •  24/7 assistance


  •  The basic plan lacks prenatal care coverage
  •  No coverage for outpatient consultations with specialists

3. Now Health International:

Now Health offers customizable plans for expatriates, including exchange students. Their customer service is a standout feature, and plans are adaptable to individual needs.


  •  Clear information and customer service
  •  Coverage in 190+ countries
  •  Customizable plans
  •  Some plans cover maternity routines


  •  Some procedures operate on a reimbursement system
  •  12month waiting period for routine maternity coverage

4. Foyer Global Health:

Foyer Global Health offers plans tailored to various needs, including international students. Plans vary from basic to comprehensive, with different levels of coverage.


  •  Coverage for consultations, surgeries, and dental treatments
  •  24-hour customer service and medical support
  •  Evacuation and repatriation services


  •  The basic plan lacks prenatal and postnatal care coverage

5. StudentSecure Insurance by HCCMIS:

HCCMIS provides coverage for students, including different plan levels. They offer Elite, Select, Budget, and Smart plans, each with unique benefits and coverage options.


  •  Emergency dental care coverage
  •  Budget-friendly options
  •  Savings plan for upfront payment


  •  No coverage for pre-existing conditions in the Smart plan
  •  Waiting periods for preexisting conditions in all plans
  •  Limited coverage for vaccinations and maternity care in certain plans


To sum it up, getting international student insurance in France is not just a rule to follow, it’s a smart move for a safe and successful study adventure. Even though France has great healthcare, unexpected health issues or travel problems can pop up. So, before you start this exciting chapter, make sure you have got your insurance in place. It is your ticket to a worry-free and rewarding journey.


1. Do students need health insurance in France?

International students in France must have health insurance, which can be either public or private, and they can access the country’s universal healthcare system.

2. Is there free health insurance in France?

 In France, many healthcare services are free, and public insurance typically covers 70% of medical expenses.

3. What does student health insurance in France cover?

Private Student Health insurance in France provides protection, especially in countries without free healthcare or if you prefer private healthcare. It usually covers your health, travel, and accommodation expenses.

4. How much does health coverage cost in France?

In France, the typical monthly cost of health insurance for an individual is around 40 EUR (45 USD). However, the price can vary based on the coverage level, with stronger policies costing more.

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student health insurance france

Student Health Insurance In France: Insure Your Journey

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