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Free Personal Finance Course To Get Smarter With Money

Personal Finance Course

Many people begin to doubt if they are financially ready and capable of handling their money in times of economic volatility, such as the recent downturn caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Some people may be learning how to budget for the first time, particularly if they are concerned about losing their job. Others may be attempting to figure out how to protect their funds, investments, and other possessions.  Making these kinds of decisions necessitates some financial expertise. However, if you’re new to money management, it can be intimidating. Fortunately, there is a free personal finance course that addresses personal finance issues. 

It’s crucial to note that all these courses are not intended to replace expert financial advice. Before making any important financial decisions, it’s a good idea to consult a financial counsellor with any key queries.

“Future Rich” By Planancial

Barbara Ginty, a licenced financial planner and host of the “Future Rich” podcast, founded Planancial, an online resource for personal finance education. Planancial’s trademark lesson, “Future Rich,” consists of seven days of quick seven-minute videos accompanied by a workbook that emphasises the important concepts and tactics. Ginty, who began her career on Wall Street before becoming a CFP, teaches the course.

The session is intended to be a joyful learning experience in which you can work at your own speed. You have complete control over when and how you begin and end the course.

“Money Skills” By Mruniversity | Personal Finance Course

If you’re unsure about investing or deciding whether to rent or buy, the “Money Skills” course at MRUniversity can assist. Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, both professors of finance at George Mason University, lead this video class, which contains ten films and assignments. It does not require any prior knowledge, making it an excellent choice for novices.

Finance For Non-Finance Professionals

Rice University provides a five-week course aimed at anyone interested in learning more about stock markets, valuation, or corporate finance. The classes will lead you through all of the techniques and quantitation that finance experts use to evaluate investments, with a focus on how to make excellent spending decisions based on strong fiscal discipline.

“Introduction To Life Insurance And Retirement Savings” By Alison

This online course from Alison gives an overview of several forms of life insurance and retirement savings strategies, as the title suggests. You’ll learn to differentiate between whole and term life insurance, regular and Roth IRAs, and the tax consequences of various kinds of retirement savings in the video modules.

This course has over 6,000 students enrolled in it, earning it a 4.4 out of 5-star rating. Not only is it free, but it’s also quick: the entire process should take no more than one to two hours.

Financial Markets | Personal Finance Course

One of the free finance courses on our list is from Yale University which delves further into micro-and macroeconomic subjects as they pertain to financial markets. You’ll study the insurance, securities, and banking industries, as well as how they relate to recent events such as recessions, bubbles, the mortgage crisis, and regulatory concerns.

“My Financial Mountain: Understanding Your Path To A Solid Financial Foundation” By Skillshare

Anyone who wishes to study a practical approach to money management should take the “My Financial Mountain” course, which is available through the online learning platform Skillshare. It walks students through everything from debt management to budgeting to learning how credit works. Julio Lara, a qualified Skillshare teacher, leads the class, which comprises 13 courses lasting only a few minutes each.

Finance For Everyone: Smart Tools For Decision-Making

This University of Michigan course is a 6 week-long free personal finance course meant to help you grasp the fundamentals of finance so you can make informed financial decisions, such as whether to rent or buy a home, evaluate the vehicle, home, and student loans, or decide whether to attend college.

“Introduction To Managing Your Personal Finance Debts” By Alison

Alison’s “Introduction to Managing Your Personal Finance Debts” is one of the best personal finance courses that cover the fundamentals of budgeting and debt management. According to the course description, it will help you “get started down the road to lowering your obligations and eventually becoming debt-free.”

You’ll learn how to navigate a debt spreadsheet, prioritise your bills, and interact successfully with your debt issuers, such as credit card companies, as a student. Furthermore, the course is only around an hour long.

Financial Planning For Young Adults

This personal finance course on financial goal-setting, saving, borrowing, budgeting, credit, and investing comes from the online education platform Coursera. Although the final module on how to become a financial planner may not be of interest to everyone, the rest of the content covers all of the essentials. If you set out 5-7 hours each week for the course, it will take four weeks.

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Personal Finance Course

Free Personal Finance Course To Get Smarter With Money

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